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POSTED: Tue Oct 30, 2018 6:03 pm

A grey, dim sky hung above Fiskebyn, as somber and cheerless as his own misery.

Percival ran the length of a tawny arm across his nose, wishing he could smell the rivers and the fish and the manure again. But all that was left was the pervasive stink of ash. Ash and loss and death.

Resting his head against the thick, warm neck of the brindled beast that lay next to him, Percy closed his eyes and tried to banish the memories from his mind. But there were still flames; there were still screams. In his heart, he could remember the coldness of fear; the whirlwind of confusion; the weight of grief. Those things hadn't yet left, though he found himself much too enervated these days to allow them as much attention as he had those first few days afterwards. They had dulled and become something to endure, rather to avoid, but they remained stubbornly in place.

Perhaps they always would.

Pim lowed mournfully and Percival opened his eyes to give the ox a reassuring pat, thinking that the animals, too, must feel as confused at their displacement as the rest of them did. But especially Pim, Percy thought. Among their fallen was Ilse, the ox's own constant companion. Her body had been found in the wreckage of Aster's Fields and it was thought that she had died helping to free the animals, though it was hard to say with certainty. With all the smoke and chaos and noise, it was hard to say with certainty where any of them were.

All Percival knew with any certainty at all was that Fiskebyn and Aster's Fields were blackened, useless husks and that neither his father nor his sister, Daisy, had returned to them.

What was in store of them next?

Rising to his feet, Percy rubbed Pim's nose then he turned to search for his mother while, behind him, the ox rose to his own cloven hooves and followed after the boy like a lost puppy.

OOC: Foredated to October 31st. Krokarans only, please! This will be the final group thread, wherein Krokar officially disbands. Anyone is welcome to suggest that the pack disbands, or you’re welcome to just have your character choose to depart on his/her own for something better.

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This was all too familiar. All too painful.

Inara sat at Sister Lake her back to the wreckage, she couldn't bare to look at it, not that it would make it any worse. The pain she felt inside was just as bad as that day with her own blood. Now she lost her adopted father, and Daisy. The younger Krokaran was a sister to her. She was sweet and always smiling unless she was fighting with Percival. Now both her and Milos were gone and Inara couldn't help but think the worst. They're dead.

She felt as though she wanted to shrink down and die, but Bramble and Percival were still alive and so was Eliza. Inara didn't talk too much to Eliza. The woman was intimidating to her, but she cared and Inara couldn't help but feel gratitude to the motherly figure. She was way more motherly than her real mother.

With a deep sigh, Inara slumped down into the sandy shore of the lake, and let her eyes go dull while she sat there with images that mirrored the tragedy she had not even 6 moons ago. She thought she was getting over that loss, however, this tragedy only served to resurface those emotions and fears. The young coydog now was feeling as though getting close to others only caused pain and being in a family brought too much vulnerability. Should she even stick around here? It was then more and more questions filled her head as she let herself be numb and dull to the world. Her own mind taking her far away to the dark crevices of her own mind.
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Derek walked slowly back to the spot where he and Alex had been camping within the pack limits. The short male was tired, and sore and his white fur looked grey from all the ash in the air. Blue orbs scanned the damage with a almost dull gaze as he made himself go to where he had been awoken earlier. In the time it took him to help free the animals, he knew of at least one death, and the smell of it was around him in the air. They had lost more than one canine today, and he imagined a few animals had fallen to the flames as well. For a moment he pondered whether that goose had died or not, then he saw the spot him and his brother had been staying in. His feet halted, and he felt like he was sinking as he stared at the charred remains almost like he couldn't believe what his own eyes were seeing. All their blankets had burned, including the quilt he had made around a year ago. A splotch of blue told him he had forgotten his jacket in his rush to help with the animals. The splotch of reddish orange was more disquieting, and the harsher truth that his mind didn't want to believe.

"Alex....?" his brother had not risen with him during the chaos. The energetic wolf had still been under blankets when Derek ran off. Whimpering entered his ears, and it took him a moment to realize it was coming from him. It couldn't be his brother, how would that even have happened?? Unless...unless his brother had been dead before the flames had even reached that spot...or maybe his brother had been trapped? Closing his eyes he put his hands to his eyes and felt himself fall to the ground. He curled up in a ball, trembling and mumbling denials to himself. Despite seeing what could be a body, and smelling the charred remains, his brother COULDN'T be dead. It couldn't be real, this whole situation HAD to be a dream! It had to just did.

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The land around them had turned dark and grey, even the sky overhead was grey and depressing. Hardly a breeze ruffled his fur as Ibycus and Sakoni plodded over the blackened ground of Aster's Fields towards what once was the Luperci metropolis of Fiskebyn. Only piles of grey ash and the occasional spire of partially burned logs marked where the barns and other buildings that they had called home were.

The mare followed Ibycus with her head hung low, both of their legs were covered up to their knees in the grey of ash and black of charcoal from walking through the ruins looking for anything that might have survived the fire or the remains of animals that were unable to escape the inferno. He saw others scattered about the complex, some with recovered critters, some without but all seemed to have the air of disbelief and sadness about them. Even the recovered animals were in various states of unhappiness and only made a little vocalization or none at all.

Like him, others had found some of the stock and without the stables to house them, had hung onto the animals until something could be built. The Italian wolfdog slowly worked their way closer to the others to find out if there was any new news about the missing and what the plans there were, if any, to rebuild or what was going to happen.

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OOC: Apologies for anything awful in all this, be it spelling or grammar. I've had a few nips the brew to sign off our wonderful pack. Thank you for everything, thank you for Krokar.


Aenan's eyes scoured the burned out piles of the homes and trees who had took root in between. Those that had not burned seemed to have curled away from the flames, their green branches most likely not to return to their true colors come spring. He hoped they'd still live, but chances were like many things on this day, they would slip away. Gone into wherever the dead go. Aenan's faith was an enigma to him. He wanted to believe that there was something greater than he, or anyone or anything he laid his eyes on, but he could never decided on what or who that could be. The world to him was beautiful, but strange all the same, and despite what had happened, he still saw beauty where most probably saw death and destruction, where most felt pain and confusion. He knew that the ash would lead to new growth, that most would carry on after the loss of others. Whether they became stronger or weaker from said losses would be up to them, however.

His eyes soon turned to his packmates, all huddled up in groups on the shores of Sister Lake, who had provided to them good water, and a great place to cool down during the summer. Her waters held little fish, but at least she was a source of sustenance and fun. Always there for the pack, her waves dancing and lapping against her shores. They were all together in dyads, triads, and more. Family and friends, but he stood separate. Not exactly alone, but not entirely included either. The man gave a knowing nod to no one in particular. Perhaps maybe to himself, as he came to the conclusion that he was not exactly welcome to the intrinsic groupings. It was how he had lived his life among his people, and in the end, if it were to be, felt fitting.

His gaze traveled to the lake itself. A bastion in the flames. Though they came close, fire could only hope to lick at sand and rock, and shied far too much to even be a danger around water. Sister lake was small, but she was clear and cold, much like the the lake that Aenan grew up on. Lake superior was like a sea in that you couldn't see what was on the other side of the water, but you could drink from her without getting sick or dying. Sister lake reminded him of the shores back home, it was some solace in his times of stress and inner turmoil. The man dared not smile, but gave a gentle nod to the waves, as if to thank them for their time spent with him.

Why did he feel like he was leaving? Krokar was his home. These huddled, grieving, ashen and darkened masses were his packmates. These folks were the closest thing to family, at least near him. Though he was not close, he felt a kinship to them, and felt like he owed them something. He slung his tattered pack off his shoulder and dug through it to find the plastic case, long since brittled by the sun an split by misuse and many drops. It was bound by some cordage, closed tightly. He pulled the case out and untied it, discarding the broken lid in the sand. "You all can have some!" He called out, looking at the Krokarans before him. "They're hooks made of glass, they're sharp and they work well." He gave a polite nod to them all, holding the box out and then placing it down in the sand. "Whatever you do, or wherever you go after this, you'll need food, right? Let me help you, please take some hooks." The hooks rested atop each other. Colored green and blue, clear and brown. All intermixed in the plastic box. Aenan looked at them, each crafted by his hand. "It's the least I could do for you all." The wolfdog offered.
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POSTED: Mon Nov 05, 2018 5:43 am

Everything was too quiet and too still. Charred and coated in ash, what had once been the heart of Krokar felt cold and lifeless, drained of the colour and vibrancy the pack had always exhibited. Liz couldn’t let that dullness seep into her bones the way it seemed to have covered everything else; she still had several youngsters to take care of – or would they be taking care of her now? Without Milos, without Daisy, it was hard to say.

And it was hard to say anything. There was little comfort the Cormier matriarch could offer her kin, those tied by blood and those tied by friendship. Eliza was not someone who was known for being quiet or contained – but now here she sat, unable to offer anything. Words just wouldn’t come to her – not without Milos there to coax them out.

This was everything Liz had always feared. Ever since her parents had died she’d been petrified of reaching the point where all her bluster and bravado would give way to the quiet. She had allowed herself to be quiet and vulnerable with Milos – she had allowed herself to be so many frightening and confusing things – but without him at her side Eliza was lost. Rudderless.

She gathered the strength to get to her feet and it made her head spin violently. Somewhere, someone was whimpering, and Eliza found herself gravitating toward the pitiful sound of mourning. Vaguely she was aware that she should be mourning, too – but there was enough stubbornness left in her to ignore that sensation.

The pale man was a newcomer to Krokar if memory served. How Eliza wished she could’ve chased him from the borders herself – better that than seeing anyone suffer this amount of loss. But then she thought of the last Luperci she’d ordered to leave their borders and her stomach lurched.

“Come away,” she coaxed, her voice cracking uncomfortably. “En’t nowt c’n be done.” Eliza was not prepared to stand and beg someone she barely knew so she turned and padded back to where Inara sat facing the lake. Cora sat with her and she turned big blue eyes to her Mother as she approached. Eliza avoided her youngest child’s gaze, looking out to the water as others moved behind them.

It was Aenan – kind, unassuming Aenan – who made her turn to face the remnants of Krokar. For a moment Eliza stood with crossed arms, auburn hair rippling in the breeze; for a moment she could’ve been the same fiery Navigator as before. She moved closer to look at the hooks. The sunlight glinting off their curves and edges made her head hurt but she grasped the wolfdog’s wrist for a moment of wordless gratitude and solidarity.

“En’t nowt c’n be done,” she repeated the words she’d muttered to Derek – but this time they were directed to the group. “Not withou’ a Cap’n.” Cora rose, nudging Inara before moving to her Mother’s side. Eliza closed her eyes. “Krokar en’t no firebird -” She grimaced, “- ‘n’ it en’t gon’ rise from the ashes this time.”


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A thousand thoughts were running through Norah's scattered mind, each clamoring for attention, no matter how ridiculous or inconsequential. Why did this happen? Now what were they supposed to do? Would they be able to come back from this? Would the stench of smoke ever leave her fur? How would their packmates know where to find them if they returned from Old Ironsides? Maybe they should send someone there to let them know what happened? But who?

Norah sat with her knees bent, staring at the ground where the others were gathering. Eliza's words brought forth a surge of anger, momentarily drowning out her swirling thoughts. Norah wanted to disagree with her. This was their home! How could they simply abandon it? Then her eyes went towards where the smoldering remains of Fiskebyn were and the words died on her tongue, taking the anger with them. No, Eliza was right. How could they rebuild when there was nothing to rebuild with?

Sure they could start from trees again, but winter would soon be upon them, which made building difficult. They definitely didn't have enough supplies now to support a whole pack through the winter. Norah's eyes went back to the ground and she let out a breath.

"What should we do now?" Norah asked. "I don't see how we can fix this, either." She didn't want to say the words, but without her mother here... and with Milos seemingly missing... "I guess that's it, then?" Her voice was barely more than a whisper.

POSTED: Tue Nov 20, 2018 9:23 pm

There was a terrible whimpering from the ruins of Fiskebyn and Percival followed the sound, despite the sorrow he felt coming from the notes of anguish. A white wolf, dusted in silvery ash, wept for someone he had lost and his mother encouraged him away. Standing at the edge of inclusion, the young wolfdog watched silently and found his eyes grow hot and wet. He wanted to run to his mother's side and press his body against hers until his trembling had subsided and he felt brave again.

But he felt too old for that now.

Instead, turning his eyes away, he shuffled off to Sister Lake and found his sisters. Looking at them, sudden and unyielding ache crawled across his heart and, with a twinge of regret and loss, Percival reminded himself that one among them was missing.

Daisy, in that last and briefest of exchanges, had told him she would find their father. And now, beyond anyone's imagination, both of them were gone.

Somehow, without him even realizing it, Percival's feet had carried him to Inara's somber side. He heard someone talking – a familiar voice that triggered a memory: Aenan ‐ but the youth could scarcely make sense of what was being said. Casting his nutmeg eyes across the cold, ashen beach of Sister Lake, Percy caught sight of his mother again and motioned for Inara and Cora. "Ma will know what to do," he said in a soft voice that sounded much too loud in his ears. "C'mon."

With Pim following after him all the while, silent and loyal, Percival dragged his feet to where Eliza stood. He caught sight of Aenan's offerings, deciding that he would partake of the kind man's gift after he had heard what his mother's plan was. Because somehow, despite the loss they had all severely suffered, the youth still believed there would always be time.

But for Krokar, it seemed that time had ended.

He listened, anxiety and fear growing bolder and darker in his heart. "But..." he murmured, his voice scarcely a whisper. Percival looked from his mother to his cousin – the thoughtful, level-headed one – with a growing sense of worry. "How come?" A sudden shiver climbed his back and he felt strangely, uncomfortably cold. "What's 'it?' There's nothin' 'it!' There's nothin'–" He stopped abruptly. There's nothing. There's nothing.

Percival's eyes dropped away from the faces of his mother, his cousin, his pack mates. There's nothing. They had nothing. No homes, no goods, no leadership. He swallowed and stepped nearer to where he thought Inara or Cora or someone was, seeking to borrow the solid support of someone else upon whom he could lean.

Because this felt as though it was the end of everything he had ever known.

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It had taken the large coydog a moment to realize there were steps on the beach coming her way, and her eyes came back into focus before she lifted her head and looked to see Percy coming her way. She remembered then how he helped Aenan pull her away from the burning house. Her ears swiveled back with embarrassment at the memory. She had acted like such a fool and he witnessed it. Had he heard her screaming that she wanted to die? She didn't know, but she wouldn't least not here around everyone.

Aenan then showed up and spoke and almost in sync she turned her head with Percival to look at the older male. And, even though she wanted to be alone, she followed Percy's lead to Eliza. She walked close next to Percy, as if she was gaining strength and comfort from his presence. She stopped and sat by his side as Eliza spoke, and she felt her eyes become glassy with sadness as she realized that once more she'd be without a home.

She pressed into him as he began to protest. She too felt the way Percival did, and she hoped her touch would somehow comfort him. Her forehead pressed into his leg when he said there's nothing. A whimper broke when he repeated it. A paw lifted to hold his calve to her her. Inara had nothing to say. The stress of all of this had left her mute at the moment. What could be said? She'd been through this before...this exact thing, and no words could be said. Nothing could be done to fix it.
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