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POSTED: Sat Apr 27, 2019 12:18 pm

my heart was flawed, i knew my weakness

The evening had been set, the food prepared, and all things seemed festive enough, but a long pall of uncertainty had been cast over the gathering - and he wasn't the only one who had felt so.

At least it seemed as such - his yapping cry had gone up, to drag the others to their planned party, and slowly, the gathered shuffled in, alert, perturbed. Briarblack, ignorant to it all, was busy setting up the food - a nice selection, this time, and when Santiago had turned up with Calhoun, the golden Reverend set to helping Briarblack by setting out a crate of refreshments.

Santiago's eyes lingered on the man's back, and Nazario speculated on this, his fingers wringing over the frayed edge of the scarf he, Auger and Jackdaw had found, twisting and curling on a branch in the breeze. The fabric slid, slow and rough, over his knuckles, before he looped it round again, and his lips pressed into a thin line. Muttering in an aside to anyone that would listen, he addressed the bonfire with a gesture of his hand, and the monumental task to get it lit.

"Say," he finally started after a moment, tucking the scarf against the waistband at the side of his hip while he fetched his tinder. "Has anyone else found something... Strange, lately?"

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POSTED: Sat Apr 27, 2019 12:27 pm

And the stars will be your eyes, And the wind will be my hands

Calhoun had not wanted to talk for the rest of the day, ruminating on the snapped snare on the beach, and his brow had been a heavy set furrow for much of the afternoon. Cleaning fish had been a messy business, busier without a second pair of hands, and despite all the scrubbing of his hands in a stream couldn't rid the feeling of slime and fish-grease from his palms.

Their journey back to the set bonfire was slow-going, with Calhoun's gold eyes on the crate of bottles, clinking and clacking as they went, and Santiago's hands full of skewered lake fish, ready for roasting.

The mood had not lightened at their arrival, and the silvery coyote wet his lips at the revelation, Nazario was distracted himself, while the gathered had started with setting out their things. The Hustler started stabbing the ends of his skewers into the sands, propping with rocks as necessary.

"Depends what you think is strange, Rio," he stated, albeit a little flatly, as though trying to dismiss the suspicion that seemed oh so rampant these days. "We got fish, and some booze!"

No one seemed to share his strong-armed enthusiasm. He persisted.

"This uh, looks to be a shin-dig if I've ever seen one!"

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POSTED: Wed May 15, 2019 6:56 pm

Outside the dawn is breaking, But inside in the dark I'm aching to be free

Lyssa headed back towards the party after a lot of searching, but very little gathering. Lyssa examined the small collection of twigs and branches she had and held them tightly. They weren't able to do much gathering with all the investigating they had done. Lyssa thought of the disturbed bushes that had been covered over, and the unfamiliar scent. Her stomach twisted nervously. It was the first time she had felt unsafe since joining the Cartel.

Lyssa heard the loud yap of Nazario as she approached the party site. Guess it was time to start the gathering. The place had been decorated, and an abundance of food was set up on a table. A few canines mulled around, talking casually. Sheepishly, she placed her sad pile of wood next to the campfire. Hopefully the amount gathered between her, Evelyn, and Paninya would be enough.

Nazario and Santiago stood close to one another; Nazario looking concerned, and Santiago seemed to be enjoying himself with a drink. Nothing unusual here. Lyssa walked up to the two of them, and heard Santiago talking about how nice the party looked.

"Yes, it sure does look lovely," Lyssa said as she approached, "Though I've never been to a party before." She glanced around nervously. There were a lot of canines here that she wasn't familiar with yet. One-on-one, meeting new people was no problem, but in a large group.... it was a lot harder to know who to talk to. She might have had an easier time warming up to the party if her nerves weren't already frayed.

"Nazario, we found something peculiar while gathering wood this afternoon." She lowered her voice so as not to have everyone overhear them. "We found some old tracks that had been covered over, and non of use could identify who's scent it was." Lyssa wrung her hands, observing the others.

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