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Trading had been an interest to the dark boy, just as the knowledge that was held in the Paladin's library was. Guess in this regard, it helped that he had grown up at the Outpost to help him get the idea that this was something he could do. Besides, it didn't look like Wisteria or Aurelion either didn't have the slightest idea on how to handle trading, or didn't care much to try and learn the trade.

Maybe that was just the edge he would need to impress his mother. He would have to get over his brother one of these days, and this was just how he was going to do it. This was what was going to set him apart from the other two.

The Quartermaster was.. well for lack of a better term.. the master of the whole Merchant tier, something Sanguine had been interested to learn more about. It must have been a lot of work to have on her shoulders, but then again, the dog woman had he been helping out mentioned there was a time when she was the only member of the Shield tier. Times changed, and in time, she would get the help that she needed. Perhaps he might be one of the first to assist her with this.

Having shown the interest, the dark boy had been invited along on a trade agreement. This would be a teaching experience for him, but also a means to make a bargain with one of the Quartermaster's common contacts. There was another that was coming along with them. He had dark fur, much like the younger male, but he was far bigger and much bulkier. He must have been the muscle of the group. It was necessary for something like this, though he couldn't help but feel a little intimidated.

He was certainly a force that no one would want to mess with, at least if they were smart.

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Black hair against her pillow pleased her immensely. Even more, it slipping through her fingers. It could not last, they built a fantasy that was set upon a constant of being torn apart and stitched together. Instead the schedule of her changed to accommodate this deception. Her children grew and requited less supervision. Her children withered and died, and Helena was pleased again.

There were others that must be dealt with, and she could not ignore duty or neglect her roles. Helena balanced excellently these fragile pieces as she had always done, and carried on in much the same vein.

The three of them converged upon the arranged place, at the arranged time.

Her former wife's family was still of utmost interest. The connection there was well and fond in spite of the situation. For the other one and that family, they could sink into Fell and disappear all together for the measure of her caring. Her only regret was the time taken, this should have occurred sooner before damage done.

When Andrew had told her of suspicion she had laughed, unsurprised. Ill-cast were often drawn together.

These pieces of her trailing thoughts were shuffled away. Helena greeted both Sanguine and Shaamah, the latter first of course, for his higher station.

"We will be 'eading west a ways, zhis is where 'e will be meeting us." She directed to the fledgling trader and the guards man.

It was a last moment change, unannounced except for a letter arriving that morning.

Are you both ready?" She asked of the two, knowing her own affairs were in order.

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Shaamah had been unwavering with his own silence when they'd met. His usual armor was donned on his body, making the already hulking form more imposing. Tekko quietly jingled at his waist as he came to a stop, addressing Helena and Sanguine independently. After the small, aloof and formal introduction, he intently listening for his instruction from the woman that beckoned him for hire. The beast wasn't keen on the introduction of another into Helena's trade agreements, but when it came to the trader she spoke of? Shaamah knew the man well enough to know that Ezra was an honest trader, and that Helena needed the man for what he was worth.

Simple math.

The only unpredictable thing here was Sanguine.

He took it all in stride, however, as he followed closely behind the small group. It was likely too close for comfort for the new trader in training, but the Quartermaster was highly used to it. The closer Shaamah was, the better he could protect them and their goods, should they come home with any. Just because they knew the trader, and they trusted him, didn't mean that Shaamah was above eviscerating an honest man for a foolish mistake.

The party traveled West, as dictated by the lead of their little band, and the soldier's eyes wasn't so much so on them as much as they were out into the area around them. Shadows and movements of the breeze were to be wary of. The scents in the air and the instinct that slept within him spoke that they were no preceded by anyone. A glance aft ensured that they were not followed, at least, not closely enough to be seen.

With attention returned to the fore, and his quarry in his charge, he marched onward in their footsteps without so much as a peep or protest.

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Sanguine had been prompt with his arrival, catching sight the Quartermaster upon his approach. He was quick to offer her his respects with the bow of his head, and a greeting. It had been and honor to be able to work with her, and he was sure there would be a lot he could pick up from her when it came to this trip.

Green gaze shifted to the side as the figure of Shaamah began to appear before them. His tall and muscular build helped to shape him into the warrior that he was, and it was clear why he was being asked to come along. Between the two that would actually be handling the trading matters, it didn't seem like there was much in terms of combative skills between the two of them. If anything, between all the siblings, Wisteria was the closest on to have anything like that.

It would be wise for him to take up some teachings, if only to better understand how he would be able to protect himself, but that would come for another time. He lowered his head to the gray male before turning his attention back on Helena.

She explained that their destination would be to the west, and that would be where they would be meeting up with her contact. When she asked if they were ready, she didn't seem to get anything out of the larger male, but her little student was not about to leave her hanging, "Yes, I am ready."

The three of them traveled in relative silence, Sanguine using the time to figure out their surroundings as well as the path they were taking to meet up with this man. His gaze would often shift between his two companions, waiting to see if either one of them would speak. If only he were like Aurelion to some regard. He was so much like their father and could seem to be able to talk to anyone.

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