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Avinalora felt that she should try to lend a hand to Skana since the woman saved her life. Offering advice and information was probably the best she could do. She wore clothes for many reasons, not just because of her fur. She had developed a sense of modesty and she liked to change her appearance. The vixen had accumulated her wardrobe from a combination of trading, scavenging, and from her sister who enjoyed making clothing and often used her elder sister as practice. She had heard that sometimes clothes didn't feel good against thick fur. And the Creo definietly had thick fur.

"Fitting in is crucial, but you don't have to wear all that much. A simple piece of clothing works." The fox maiden said. And then she added, "Making friends with a trader or seamstress helps a lot." The waif knew that there would be those sort in the humanized pack. Maybe she could see if Adrian could make something for the Sapien? She tilted her head as the woman mentioned dressing her brother would be hard. Jarix wasn't as humanized as he was when she had found him, but she had taught him a lot more. "You could be very persuasive." She suggested.

The winter wraith nodded in response to the wolf's comment. She had met many good people in Anathema and she didn't exactly understand why they were still considered a bad pack. People really didn't let got of grudges here, it seemed. In the village she had grown up in, the former members of a raiding party had been welcomed after they showed that they had changed. The healer guessed that it didn't happen here.

The she-wolf then mentioned Evangeline, whom she called "the princess". A small smirk played on the deer-fox's features. Evangeline was now the Angela of Anathema and several other members had been promoted to leadership, Nyx being one of them. She debated for a second whether she should tell her old pack mate. But, that former pack mate was also a former Anatheman which made her okay. The rest of the woman's speech spoke of a different time.

"Well, the princess is now the queen." The moon-washed medic said. And then she added, "And there are three sub-leaders now, Nyx, Levi, and Lucas." The hybrid said, not exactly remembering the other two guys that had been promoted. She didn't know if the woman would recognize one of the names that she was sure that she had misremembered so she added, "I don't exactly remember the second one, but he's a dark colored wolf with red markings."

And then the wolf medic glanced at the body before she spoke. The monochrome fox listened as she was cautioned not to trust blindly. She scoffed slightly but nodded. "Secret of life, never trust anyone fully." The jackal said.

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Skana hummed as she considered the jackal’s advice, nodding as she mentally tucked the information away for later reference. The only true piece of clothing she had was the poncho her brother had given her many moons ago; but, even then, it was usually only worn on very cold outings. Clothing had never really been much of her thing. For someone who enjoyed the freedom of shifting whenever she needed to, clothes just got in the way and slowed her down.

It being a social norm in Sapient made her a little more open to the idea, however. As well, with how civilized the pack was, she was sure that there was bound to be someone that could fit her with something she liked that could also be practical.

She smirked mischievously at Avinalora’s suggestion. “There’s very little that I think would persuade Vepar, but, I might be able to find a thing or two.” Namely, sic Sully or the children on his stubborn hide. Anything else, the male would have just walked away from. No amount of words or temptations could make the man do something he didn’t want to. But, put him in a situation he couldn’t escape from? That might work.

Her brows raised at the news that the monochrome female revealed. “She’s Angela now?” To think, the little girl she’d seen grow up in the castle was now the leader of Anathema? She felt a small feeling of pride bud in her chest at the knowledge. Evangeline had shown promise, and had come quite a ways from her puppy days. For her to be the pack’s leader meant that she had overcome her father and had proven herself worthy by her grandmother.

There was more news to be heard though, and Skana’s onyx ears flickered attentively as Avinalora listed familiar names. Her feeling of pride only grew at the mention of Nyx, the pack’s former captain of the combat ranks. The moment made her feel old knowing that the younger members had risen so far. “I’m sure the pack is in very good hands then,” she remarked, her tail wagging and her glacier eyes almost glassy with nostalgia.

“Lelouch?” It was the only canine that came to mind that was as Avinalora described. “Does he hang out with a brightly colored boy?” Bertolt, if she remembered the ex-New Dawner’s name correctly. The Amarok had been close to Kentaro and Amorette’s brood, just as Nyx had been, so, it would make sense if he were part of the leadership there. As for Lukos, the male had always been rather close and fond of the small, white female.

To the younger female’s scoff, Skana could offer nothing more but a small, sad smile. Blindly. Never trust anyone blindly,” she corrected softly. In her mind, there was a difference. For instance, she fully trusted her brother, but she was also aware that he was a Luperci, and, as anyone else, was prone to mistakes and shortcomings. If he made a rash decision, she wouldn’t just nod her head and agree. She hoped that Avinalora understood that.

Skana shook out her fur suddenly. “I best be getting back and washing this blood off before it starts to stain.” Her boys would be combing the woods for whoever had hurt the Creo matriarch if they saw her like she was. Her glacier eyes moved to Avinalora as she fixed her with a warm smile. “I wish you the best in Anathema, Avinalora, and hope that our paths cross again some day.” She glanced back to the dead wolf. “Perhaps for better reasons though,” she added with a dry chuckle.

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Avinalora hoped that her advice would help Skana in Sapient. She hoped that her friend would find a place there and rise, maybe become the leader that she could have been. It was the least she could do for her former pack mate and rescuer. She once again filed away a note to see if her sister had any extra garments for the Creo, though Adrian would do anything for someone in need, especially for a former pack mate.

The woman was surprised by the news of Evangeline's ascent to Angela. Maybe the two had met before the Lykoi's promotion. The fox maiden didn't know the new Angela personally, she really didn't know and Anatheman personally, but she hoped that the woman would be a good leader. The waif had gotten good vibes off the girl and she hoped that her gut feeling would hold out.

The Sapien agreed with the winter wraith. She trusted Nyx, it seemed. And the woman had shown promise as a leader. The man's name was revealed as Lelouch, though she liked Levi better. She faintly remembered the name, but didn't know anything about the bright-colored guy. But, the healer nodded.

The moon-washed medic shrugged as the silver wolf corrected her. They were the same to her, she never trusted blindly, and barely trusted anyone at all. She would have trusted her parents, but they abandoned her. Everybody left her. Jarix, Adree, her parents, everyone. Maybe that was why she didn't trust. Because her trust would be broken again and again.

The monochrome fox nodded as the Creo said farewell. She should get back and treat her wounds. She hoped that she would meet her again, even though their packs seemed so far apart. "Farewell." The jackal said and then she turned and began walking in the direction of her home, Anathema.

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