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POSTED: Wed Sep 13, 2017 5:03 pm

The big coyote snarled and yowled, and Vesper trembled. She remained leaned slightly into him, for her own support as much as his, but stiffened when his red eyes turned to her. His demand was met with only a nod.

“I wouldn’t ever tell you otherwise,” she said. “He deserves far worse than death.”

How much worse had he done in the past, she wondered? So many monsters lay under her nose, and Izual had been perhaps one of the most blatant with his cruelty. Slinking around, stinking faintly of blood, he had been permitted to remain in Inferni because, in the past, his sins had never hurt a coyote. He was one of the many beasts Inferni treated as a tamed pet, aware of their brutal nature but using them as a tool in war, and she shouldn’t have been shocked to learn he’d bitten his masters.

She sighed, and licked the big cut over his eye, the one producing the most blood that she could see. The taste of copper made her nose wrinkle. “I just don’t want you killing yourself going after him. If we find him, we’ll bring him to you.”

Antioch would devise a suiting fate for the beast.

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