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POSTED: Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:37 pm

Salvia agreed, smiling. Had his request amused her or had it passed whatever test it was meant to be? He thought as much and beamed at the woman as he took her hand. It was perhaps a little weaker thanks to his lack of experience with such a gesture, and he knew that it could have been better. He let his hand fall, still pleased as pudding over the fact that he was given his adult rank with such a simple cueponi answer.

Did that mean he was clever or that the Boss was generous? He would likely never know and he was also not even remotely picky enough to start pulling threads apart. He felt good about it all, and that was all that mattered. To him, at least.

"I'll make sure they know," he answered with a bob of his head, in a manner that he sincerely hoped was respectful. He was still a new player to this game of politics in Salsola. Krios was not skilled in the methods the players employed, though he knew he was a more than willing participant in all of it. He would be something, that was for sure.

The newly made member of the Family turned on the stairs away from the porch, heading home with a decided spring to his step. His blooded family were going to be proud, but it had been what they expected of him. He met their expectations so that meant it was time to start exceeding them.

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