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We’re the only ones who know

He had swung at her and her mother's training shone through like a beacon. That was the biggest reason why he always insisted on not using live weapons when learning new ones. There were skills that contradicted one another. Here he saw his daughter what would have given a very bad cut. He tittered as he saw it.

She, at least, realized her mistake and the man shook his head a little at her. "If you're going to do that move, don't grab the blade. Put it against your palm," he added, demonstrating with an open hand pressing against the width of the blade. He pushed out with his elbows, reinforcing the gesture. "Never grab the blade unless you really have nothing left to lose." He hoped Gaia never found herself in that sort of situation.

But the King laughed, nodding at the youth. Of course, he agreed. Silvano had agreed to teach her, and teach her he would.

He was tired but he kept at it, knowing that it would only benefit Gaia in the end.

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Now, I've learned it's better living in the moment. Enjoy youth, cause it doesn't last.

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