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Rocky cheered joyfully with a group of strangers before downing his third drink of the night. Or was it his fourth? He didn’t know. His bag was full of meat and trinkets he would gladly exchange for another taste of the oh-so-sweet liquor Biff produced. No matter how good the mutt was at holding his liquor, at dawn he would be wasted beyond self-restraint.

He and a small group of men engaged in a humorous talk about the stories behind their various scars. A raggedy old wolf told his tale between hiccups, an anecdote so clearly made-up it had everyone laughing with every exaggerated detail. “You telling me a bear chomped your ear? How the hell did you survive that?” Someone asked raising a sceptical brow. The old wolf went on trying to patch up the loopholes on his story until his voice began to trail off into a whisper and his head fell to the side. When someone checked if the man was still alive a loud snore escaped his maw.

After a new round of laughter and cheers came Rocky’s turn to share a story. ”One time I was with this crazy yote lass…” And so he went on about his encounter with a beautiful yet dangerous woman. Back during the Mictlán war she had come to him with words of peace and friendship, offering to bargain with her people in order to cease hostilities. Rocky had fallen for her good looks and kind words. He invited her a drink and they spent the afternoon together, light conversation leading to something more intimate. ”When she went down on me…” He lifted his trousers just enough for everyone to see a nasty scar that stretched up to his inner thigh. Yes, she had tried to bite his goodies off and he had noticed just in time to save his future children.
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The Bar was always full of curious people. Most of them were wolves, but there were a lot of mixed-breeds running around – dogs that looked too wild, or scruffy things with notable markings. She was getting used to the scene, and the way that people carried themselves and dressed. A lot of loners had taken to hanging around, most of who scavenged scraps to trade for booze. There was a lot of stuff brought in, some of which Roxy thought totally ridiculous. Biff set the prices, though, and sometimes she thought he let some people get away with spending less.

It might have been a ploy to keep them coming back. There were always people hanging about, after all.

Having finished up with her most recent piercing appointment, Roxy was hanging by the bar and waiting for a fresh drink. She had just gotten this when the nearby table's conversation reached her ears. The story sounded absurd, and when she turned (curious as to what the scar looked like) the big dog found a tawny mutt with a decent looking face. Too bad he sounded like a moron.

She get your goods, pal? Roxy teased.

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Many guffawed at his story while a couple others simply gawked at his scar. His own laughter lingered in the air until a feminine voice caught his attention. Her tone was mocking but he paid no mind. He suddenly straightened and wiped off a string of saliva that had slid down his chin at some point. No wonder a woman had almost bitten his thing off – he became an even bigger moron whenever the fairer sex was involved.

”Tried.” He corrected, suddenly worried she may believe he lacked man-bits. She was large and curvy, attractive in an untraditional way with her rebellious sense of fashion and unruly hair. From her features and accent he could tell she was somehow related to Biff. His relatives had started invading the place as of late. They were a colourful bunch, the Blackrust kin. ”I may still have children. The world is lucky.” His smile hinted at a joke, his smile growing as he turned to face her openly.

He held himself as proudly as the alcohol’s haze allowed him. ”Wanna tell me your name or mock me again?” His English had improved since he had started hanging at the Bar, drunken conversations serving him as practice to better master the language. ”I am Rocky by the way.” He had left the group at the table to join her at the counter. He leaned at the bar both to adopt a cool pose and to steady his wobbly body. It would be unwise for him to drink any more but he waved for another drink anyways, paying with a necklace and a bundle of meat for the re-fill.

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Oh, he was a few drinks deep – she could smell it, but he was swaying a little, and louder than he needed to be. She didn't mind that last part too much. Everyone was loud here, especially Roxy.

He left his group behind to come talk to her, which was promising. He wasn't all that bad looking either, she thought. Meaty and strong, with a boxy face. His stubby looking tail was cute too, like his little ears.

Whoa, what? She barked loudly. Haha no way, my name is Roxy! Hahaha, wow, Spud did you hear that? The bartender nodded and left a drink behind for both of them. There were some perks to being the owner's cousin, and besides that, Roxy was going to bring him all sorts of customers. A few more things and she'd have all the gear she needed. There was a lot left to do, like get a space set up and make the whole kit, but she was approaching completion.

There wasn't a huge rush of course, and Roxy didn't feel like she needed to go crazy over it. Partying was more fun, and piercing was an easy way to get cool stuff and still help get people in the bar. They had a nice little hub of activity here, she thought.

So what's your deal, Rocky? Where's that accent from, huh? You sure ain't one of these locals, she jerked her chin towards a pair of wolves at a nearby table, though didn't let her attention linger too long. Rocky was the most interesting thing she had seen all night.

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He wasn’t invasive in his approach. His smile was court and his eyes were warm, even in his drunkenness. Despite his brutish appearance Rocky was a respectful man… with females at least. He would flirt and he would try to impress but a ‘no’ was enough to cease his attempts. His mother had taught him this way and he would rather die than disappoint her.

Since Roxy didn’t seem bothered by his company he got comfortable in his spot, taking a sip from his refilled drink and smiling at the sweet burn. Mexico, far to the South. English ain’t my birth language.” His eyes followed her gesture and quickly returned to her face. ”And you, señorita?” One of his eyebrows rose as he leaned closer. ”If I guessed… You are a Blackrust, hm?” He said that almost as a compliment, he really liked the lot. Boisterous and rowdy dogs, like Rocky and his own gang back in the Malecón.

Another sip of his drink and the blur at the edge of his vision grew. His eyes wandered up to her ears where several pieces of metal caught his attention. ”What are those?” He inquired after a moment, barely controlling the slur of his voice. He had seen men and women with earrings and other types of piercings before but at the moment he could not remember well. He liked them on Roxy, they matched her personality. What would he look like with some on himself?

Occ: Translation – “lady”

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Boys didn't bother Roxy too much. She liked boys, absolutely, and thought they were all equally dumb when drunk. Still, Rocky was cute and he was friendly. His accent was terribly entertaining, and she liked the sound of his voice.

Sure am. Roxy Blackrust, she put a hand to her chest, then flipped her gigantic hair over her shoulder. You musta met Biff, huh? He's my cousin. This is his place, y'know. We're all from this big city south'a here, place called Boston – It came out sounding like Baw-stawn, and she took a drink with great gusto and let Rocky admire her piercings.

These? She touched one ear, then the other, and flashed her teeth in a grin. Body jewelry, my friend! A little pinch and there's a new look for you. I love this kinda stuff, it looks good. It's what I do too, I did a lot of these myself. You got any piercings? Roxy shifted in her seat, hoisting one muscular leg up to lean one arm onto the bartop sideways. Her drink was halfway gone by now, downed with the speed of someone whose tolerance for the watery stuff they usually served this late was quite high.

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The place she came from was one he had not visited nor heard of before. He would have wanted to remember the name for future reference but sadly it would be permanently erased from his memory like most of the events that were to take place that night. He shouldn’t have drunk as much as he had and certainly he shouldn’t have continued drinking more still. May the Holy Death spare his poor abused liver.

”Yeah, looks good.” He liked them just fine, not caring so much for their look as he did their potential as a statement of pain tolerance. Already his mind was wandering down a dangerous path… ”Got none. Maybe should get me one?” He wriggled his brows at her suggestively, a gesture he had picked from Biff after spending so much time at the Bar. He gave another gulp of his drink, the alcohol pushing him further down the path toward a positively stupid idea.

”Would they look good on me?” If she said 'yes' there would be no turning back. Roxy would have a new client in her hands simply because of his dumb desire to impress.

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Roxy was nice – but she was also always up for a laugh, and didn't feel too terribly awful for encouraging impulsive behavior. She loved that shit. It was the next best thing to playing a really solid set, because people were unpredictable and sometimes did crazy stuff. This guy seemed like he was just the sort of man who could do with some anarchy in his life.

Her yellow eyes glimmered with drunken delight. She finished off her drink quickly and licked her face clean. Roxy always liked finding new clients, especially ones with something to prove. They let her do all sorts of weird shit.

Heelllll yeah they would look good on you! She reached out to give him a playful push, then jerked her thumb towards the bar's back room. I can do it right now. Tell you what, Roxy grinned. I'll hook you up with the first one for free. If you think it hurts too much, it'll be like a lil' freebie, haha! She laughed, turning her head to show off the several piercings in her own ears again. I think more's always the way to go, because why do anything halfway, right?

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It was incredible how he didn’t think even for one second that getting a piercing to impress a chick while being drunk was a bad idea but he was never known for being the brightest bulb in the box. He finished his liquor in one last gulp and smiled dumbly at her.

He jumped to his feet, wobbly because of the booze. Only his big macho ego and the need to impress the lady kept him from falling at this point. ”Let’s do it then. I am no afraid of pain.” Free stuff was always good and he liked the challenge, more is better, he could agree on that. ”You right señorita. Let’s go.” He offered a hand in a gentleman’s gesture although little would it serve if she were to stumble, he would go down with her like a chopped log.

”So how long you been pocking people with sharp things?” He asked as they made their way to the lounge, a place he had never cared to look at since it was too far from the bar for his liking. He gave a good look to the intimate looking place and waited for Roxy to give him instruction on where to sit so she could start poking some holes in him.

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Roxy led her newest client into the backroom where she often crashed. Once she sat him down on one of their couches, she went about gathering her supplies. There was a grand collection of rings and bars and pieces of metal she had cleaned and shaped and made useful once more.

The most important part was the needle. She cleaned a big one for him and settled in to work.

Alright, here we go, Roxy teased, and set about doing as she had promised – piercing his ear cleanly and quickly. It was the easiest of all the piercings to do, especially on a dog with easy ears like this one.

She told him all about how good it looked, and showed it off in a chunk of glass busted off of something metal while she explained how he was supposed to keep it from getting infected. Roxy talked up her own skills. He was too drunk to know better, and she was delighted to take advantage of that to try some crazy things most people wouldn't let her do.

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