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She saw the look the girl threw to Chaska, but she really ought not have bothered to worry over the man. His loyalties were perhaps firmly in place, especially since his life after mercenary work was decidedly easier than it had been. Why not be loyal to such easy living?

No need to worry, but we find another time to discuss these things, if you wish, she said simply, a wave of the hand and the topic was wafted away without thought. Or so it seemed. It was her duty to cultivate the skills of her Courtiers, but it was in her own interests to truly nurture those that were far more valuable than others they had on hand. Ceridwen likely knew how valuable she could be for all that she was on the young side.

But there was time for such conversations. They were hardly under threat at that moment. Kalypso smiled back at the smirk, a little sharper than an easy-going smile ought to have been. Of course, I hardly expect anyone to get to work immediately. She did bob her head a little with a slight tilt to acquiese to the request for a tour. The tone was falsely happy, something the Reine did not miss, but did not point out. It did not matter. Let me show you where you can stay then, she added, turning toward the Hotel.

If I knew you were a sellout. A thief. Use me up - I would have never let you near me.

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