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So many packs had come and gone recently. First was Sapient, then they had learned of their long time enemy's disbandment, and now the watery lands to the north had been abandoned. Now was all the more reason to make sure that Salsola remained strong, and not just against those on the Outsider. The inner workings of the kingdom could be just as dangerous as what was going on outside of the borders.

One little slip up could start a butterfly effect from the inside.

Idrieus had padded along the borders, patrolling them as she got up that morning. No doubt the gray male who held her place would be sending out parties to see about Krokar's condition like he had done with Inferni. A small shread of her felt sorry for those who still might be wandering in the area. Salsola had faced many enemies in the time she had been living here, had been raised her, and now they were turning out to be no better than any of them.

Was she the only one who seemed to have some kind of sense of nobility? Strange considering those in the faction ranks and above were supposed to be nobles. Guess all that meant was being in a place of power, not being a noble person. It was starting to make her feel so out of place within her own tier.

How could she be the only one that seemed to think things though? Who thought with an open mind rather than just accepting what was told?

A soft sigh passed the dog woman's lips as she sat down along the base of the mountain range, watching the colored leaves fall from the trees. Winter was going to be here soon, and they were going to have to be ready for it.

Prompt: It's morning, and leaves are falling. Your character is thinking about pack hierarchy. Open for one. Dated for Nov 6th. +300 words.

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His path had led him to the old Inferni lands where the leaves had already turned and the remaining skulls that lined the territory were smashed and ill-begotten, a lesson that had surely come from pack's outside of coyote's control or loners who had long since noticed that the pack had either disbanded or left their territory. The lands, he found, had been picked clean of most resources and all he'd found for himself were remnant pelts that he had taken at a moment's notice for himself.

Winter's charm held very little ground for the Lykoi male and his war horse, Uly. They had spent two winters together and both had been harsh with a build up of snow and the betrayal of flesh and blood that had come with the absence of their old pack's hierarchy. Up here, he imagined the winters would be worse for they always seemed that way the farther north the duo went. This morning, when he had woken up and gathered his belongings, he could smell it's breath against the wind and feel it's sting against his nose and ears. The temperatures were falling fast and soon, this whole land would be coated white, washed in an abundance of frozen rain that would bring to their path the treacherous risk of injury and destabilization.

He rode on Uly's back, his gear and weapons firmly attached at Uly's saddlebags and the cloth that kept the horse from being rubbed into a chafed existence. In the middle of the night, he had stripped himself of his bear skull shield and the spiked collars he often wore around both his wrists and his neck as a form of protection against any creature who saw fit to injure him or take a bite from either of those locations. When morning came, it was like he had worn them anyway, the beginning signs of arthritis even at his young age. Now, once more, they were back in place but it made no difference since his arm and neck were sore.

Hunger pangs were consistent and the only meat he had left were the frozen remnants of a squirrel that he had cleaned and cooked the night before, leaving just enough for breakfast this morning on the off chance he found nothing between now and later. His path had led him into the rocky territory of a mountain's pass. It wasn't long before he had picked out a stranger's scent, feminine from the brush of oils and thistle that he couldn't have recognized even if he tried. With a brush of his foot against Uly's side, the horse followed its master's desire and sped it's stride in the direction of the stranger.

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