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We could probably wrap this up unless you have something else in mind? :O

Jealous? The word sat uncomfortably on her mind. Already, her drunk husband had admitted to loving her, a topic that she stubbornly chose to not acknowledge or delve into. So, the thought of him actually being jealous of what she and O’Riley had would have only meant admitting that there might have been some truth to Krios’ anger-filled words. Such was dangerous territory, and romance was not something she particularly cared to partake in with how messy and complicated it could be.

She was glad that O’Riley was taking her venting well, particularly given what had been accused of him—them. They were lucky in that it was only Krios and not another more vicious Salsolan who had come to such accusations. The Striker was not a man of gossip like some of the others were, and, given the topic at hand, had likely only let his thoughts slip from his tongue when they did because of the alcohol in his belly.

As spies of the Kingdom, it was better to have their personal lives and duties remain largely an enigma to others rather than at the center of wagging tongues.

Silence befell them for a time, and Kamari did her best to reign her emotions back in and under control once more. As good as it felt to talk to someone about the fight, already, she wondered if she should have kept her festering thoughts to herself. A better Emissary might have. O’Riley was one of few that she considered a trustworthy friend though.

Her sharp eyes fell onto the Ash herd. They were sleeping—understandably given the hour—and she made mental tally of the number of bodies she saw huddled within close proximity of one another. She turned her nose to the wind, sniffing eagerly for the smell of a predator, only to find nothing. The herd was safe for now, unbothered and without need of their protection for the time being.

It was almost a shame.

As they looped around, O’Riley’s voice caught her attention once more. Kamari’s eyes fell to her clenched hands, and she forced them to relax a bit. “Perhaps it would be better if you did,” she consented. Her cornflower blue eyes shifted down to his intimidating figure that parted the long grasses. “Though, I would ask that you not mention our being out here tonight.” She thought it went without saying, but, she felt it best to request it anyways. O’Riley was smart and crafty, and she had confidence that he would be able to handle the situation accordingly without further stoking Krios’ suspicions and jealousy.

Krios thinking that his wife had run into O’Riley’s arms after their heated fight—especially after accusing her of being more intimate than she let on with her superior—would have not boded well.

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