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POSTED: Fri Sep 06, 2019 11:35 pm

1210 of 1200!! Got the word count I need, so I think we can end this here! :D Thanks!

A small circle of blood waxed like a red moon on the plain-color tunic that was half-tucked into Khael's pants. She would need to mend the tear later, though nothing could be done for the stain; perhaps it would pass into the hands of another desert-blooded Luperci who couldn't afford to be picky about the quality of their garments.

The trivial thought served its purpose of distracting her from the pain, for a moment -- though the warning sting urged her to retreat, the instinct of wounded scavengers who'd already taken too many risks. She pushed these thoughts aside with a snarl as her teeth snapped shut on empty air and Idrieus stepped backward.

The Paladin praised her, but Khael didn't waste time answering; she sprang forward and thrust the spear again, silent but intent in her vicious movements.

but between my soft hands they die.
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