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POSTED: Tue Oct 08, 2019 3:32 pm

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IC: The red woman stared bleakly into the flames, lost in thought alongside her new found confidant. They stayed in silence for a long moment, mulling over the words passed between them. Then heavy mood was uncomfortable to say the least, and despite everything they'd spoken about, made Zsorthia want to reach for the drink again to overcome that feeling. But she had the self control now to mind the urge.

Pulling her bloody, seeping arm away from her chest now, she looked down at the mess she'd made and sighed softly. What an idiot she was. Gently, with a single digit she began to pick at the dried rivulets of blood in an idle attempt to keep her mind busy, but then Clover's voice brought her back to the present moment. "But is this how you want to be recognized?" The Mercedes woman paused and looked up to the dog who had intervened in her self harm and ultimately sobered her up enough to make her think.

She didn't like thinking. She didn't like being sober. But despite that, she did like Clover. The woman was kind, and determined and understanding. Qualities that would get her far in the world. But Zsorthia, what did Zsorthia bring but being a drunkard, a tease and undisciplined? Even though the answer to such a question that Clover asked should have been a simple yes or no, Zsorthia sat there staring down at her bloodied arm, and found she didn't have one. ...What did she want to be recognized for?

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