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The Boss' warning was always something that lingered in the back of his mind. If there were spirits that wandered their realm, then not all of them were going to be happy about being here. He knew that his Mom's spirit was part of some exception to that, but not even she was as innocent as some could be.

Pink gaze returned to the jackal woman, thinking over her question. A smile appeared as his ears turned forward, a small wag of his tail accompanying his words, "Mom usually comes to me in my dreams. We play around with each other, but sometimes she shows me things. She once showed me a place over tall mountains. There were decorated skulls on sticks." He paused and continued, "I had asked Uncle Julius before what they were, but Andrew helped to fill in the gaps. That was Mom's home, Inferni."

He didn't see any real desire to see the place, as Inferni no longer existed by Andrew's words, but at least she could show him things that she knew about.

His smile soon faded though, "But my dreams aren't always good. I've had nightmares too. Mom was there as well, but the place we were in was.. awful. The usual setting of my dreams are calm, fields and have many bright colors. There, it was so dark, jagged, and hot. There were flames there, and shadows of things and others I couldn't recognize."

"But I can say one thing, whatever they were, they were not friendly."

Even so, his sleep had been without nightmares for some time, so he shouldn't need to worry about getting any more of them.

The recounting of the events of that night seemed to have made the Emissary upset.. or well.. something other than what she had shown before. Much of the bad blood between his family and the jackal woman was kept under wraps, and made him wonder if that was more so directed at him, or his Dad for what he had done in the wake of his son's actions. Given the timing, he assumed the latter of those two.

Shaking his head gently, he offered his hands out to her, brushing along the fur so that she could see the skin underneath, "They have. Corrine and Apprentice Grievous helped tend to them since then. There's some color to the skin, but it's not really visible with my fur covering it."

Eden gave a nod to her statement, "They are very important. I can only imagine how hard it is for Dad to only be able to function with one. I wouldn't want that to happen to me or anyone else. I'm making sure I am more careful with what I do."

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Yikes! I dropped the ball on this one! Sorry about that! @___@ I’ll keep it archived with this post since it’s an older thread anyways. Thank you for the thread<333

It was interesting, the things his mother’s spirit had supposedly shown him. A non-believer, Kamari chalked it up to coincidence, or perhaps a memory from when he was very young. She wasn’t Coaxoch’s keeper, after all, and the one-armed male could have very well taken his children beyond the borders when his pups had been small and fragile. The news of it in total though made her wary. The Kingdom had not been kind to Inferni after their betrayal, and being a child of one of those coyotes meant that such could possibly be something to be exploited by those disloyal or an enemy to the Crown.

It was Eden’s continuation onto nightmares that put substance behind that wariness; the burning of the D’Neville Mansion. She knew that was likely what he spoke of. It had been the act that had forced Inferni’s surrender. There had been Luperci, horses, companion animals that had been locked in with the flames started by those “shadows.” One of them had been Kamari herself.

She might have laughed at his reception of those shadows had she not been keen on maintaining a neutral mask.

It was a dream, possibly a story told to him by Andrew when he had still been a servant of Helena. His own imagination could have easily taken care of the rest.

“Interesting,” she mused when he’d come to a natural end to his words. “At least, from the sounds of it, her spirit doesn’t seem like it’s out to hurt you.” It was the most she could offer in reply as someone who didn’t put much faith in the supernatural or religion.

When his hands were offered out for her to examine, her cornflower blue eyes dropped to them, observing that, indeed, the burns from the fire had healed. “This is very good to see,” she commented with a nod, satisfied. “Wounds are quite risky to have when we’re without a prominent, local healer.” Grievous and Corrine’s skills in medicine were good, but, it was no secret that the Kingdom had been without a honest healer in quite some time.

Kamari stood then, fixing her tunic as the subject returned to Coaxoch. “Yes, it would certainly be a difficult adjustment to make,” she said, agreeing with the idea in general, as she did not have any sympathy for the Ulrich that had sired Eden. With her clothes properly readjusted, her gaze found Eden once more and she offered him a small, polite smile.

“Now,” she took a breath, “I fear that I have overstayed my welcome for my impromptu visit. I must thank you for inviting me into you home and answering my curiosities. If you need any help, it’s not far away.” He was no longer miles away from the rest of the pack anymore. He would hardly need a howl, being perhaps little more than a short walk to the main road of the Ruins now.

With that, she waited only for his reaction to her departure before she made her way out of the tower and back out into the Ruins.

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