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POSTED: Fri Jan 31, 2020 12:31 am

For a moment she was all consuming, a towering pyre of majesty that forced all other light from the room. Morgana stood as a woman scorned, the flash of her eyes too sharp for Brocade to look into directly. He busied himself with soothing her, stroking the slope of her shoulder and murring softly to agree to the words she spoke.

”Of course I will.” Brocade helped her towards the bed, fluffing pillows and patting the area where she lay so that the blankets lay flat.

”Just relax. Lay back.” He kissed her forehead and headed back to the counter – pulling bundles of herbs that his would be wife had spent the early fall drying. They would make for a potent tea, one that would hopefully relax Morgana so that her fur didn’t stand up all over. He searched through messy drawers until he found clay mugs that had been traded for somewhere south – and he set them on the counter as the kettle began to bubble loudly behind him.

A haunch of rabbit came next, left over from a kill he had made before the snow had come down.

Brocade handled the kettle as if it was a weapon, carefully pouring the scalding water so that it sprayed away from him. The room was filled with the scent of green and roasted meat – and when he turned to present it to her it was on a makeshift tray. He grinned at her, flattening his ears to show his apology as he set it upon her lap.

”For you,” He knelt, finally taking a seat alongside where she lay so he could lean against their bed.

He sighed, resting his chin against his hand.

"Eat up buttercup."

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POSTED: Tue Feb 11, 2020 8:52 pm

He coddled her, and though she accepted it, her ire grew.

Did he think her so helpless? She must have looked it, lost in the storm and half-frozen. Poor Morgana, swept up in happenstance and caught up in the current. She imagined they must have all thought this about her – agreeing to become his bride, coming here when she had opportunity in Portland, all of it.

She took the offering and let out a long, exhausted sigh.

You're hopeless, sugar, Morgana quipped. She offered him a small, muted smile. It was not merely because she was tired.

The warm food and the tea helped to soothe her wrath. Brocade's doting attention did even more, and by the time her belly was full Morgana had convinced him to massage her feet. That was how she fell asleep, finally giving into the exhaustion that so eagerly sought to claim her.

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