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His 'Do I?' received only a smile.

That he wielded a bow instead of a dagger might've shattered the illusion she had in her head, except that Brickface herself knew that a man skulking in the dark with a dagger was hardly the most accurate representation of an assassin. A sharpshooter on the field could be as useful as a dagger-wielding assassin, at picking out targets.

"Never did much with a bow, myself. Preferred a sling, 'cause it broke less." She shrugged. Brickface glanced over at Myrtle. "You still need to find the clay, don't'cha?"

Myrtle nodded.

"So," Brickface turned back, "Say, try gettin' salt or-- somethin' to carry stuff in. We need that more than anythin'. If you can't find it, we'll work somethin' out. It's goin' to take me time to fix up a dagger, and you'll need a proper handle for it."

"A sheath, too," Myrtle reminded her. "You keep stabbin' yourself, and I swear, you're going to die by your own knife one day."

Brickface grinned sheepishly. "I'm still workin' on that part of it." Turning, she offered Hosea a hand to shake. "We have a deal?"

She was pleased to have made his acquaintance; while she may not have a current need for an assassin, she liked the idea of knowing such a man, because one never knew what the future might hold. Maybe they'd fight side by side one day, and maybe an ally would be good to have in the future.

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A number of his own bows had been broken eventually, as he outgrew them or, in his early years, they were made cheaply, with the intent to just be tossed away and replaced. One or two may have been accidentally damaged before their time, but he was young.
The prize he had now was made of better wood, nicely crafted, and would hopefully last him some time before becoming defunct.

The Courtright perked up as he listened to the offer. "Hell, for a new blade I'll try'n get my hands on both for ya, if I can!" If this packmate was able to craft knives, Hosea was sure he could find somebody who could assist him in finding or fixing up some of his pelts for a satchel. The salt my be a little more difficult to gather, but the archer was certain he could get some in his possession somehow.

The pale dog's comment about Brickface stabbing herself, though without intention, caused the freckled mutt to tilt his head with a bit of concern. Hopefully she wouldn't meet such an unfortunate demise.

Happily, he grasped the crafter's hand for an shake, "You gotcher self a deal, Miss O'Malley!"
He was excited; it would be worth the small bit of trouble to have a new, sharp blade back in his hands. It wasn't his primary choice, of course, but it was still comforting to have. A bow was no match for somebody up close.
Hosea gave a nod in thanks, to both Brickface and her companion, "It'll be a pleasure workin' with y'all."

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