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The boys wriggled in her arms as Viper nipped and swiped at Pythius, and Lillith quickly found herself having enough of their shenanigans. She sent them down as Viper asked if they would be allowed to play with Azucena’s children, Yes, but speak English now loves, do not be rude. She said as they let them go onto the cold ground.

The coyote girl was quick to compliment the babes but sadly admitted she had no children. Lillith nodded; she was young, it was rare to see such young women to have pups; Lillith wondered if people though that of her. Most likely, there were other rumors about the sudden mother wafted around Salsola.

The silver and copper girl then asked Lillith if she knew of dyes and poisons and the red lady shifted her weight to stand contrapposto, I do know a little of dyes, as it is my job here to tan and sew. But of poisons, no, not much, though I do wish to learn, hence why I asked about your skills. Lillith then walked over to look at where Azucena had previously been digging. The Tradesman did not know a lot about herbs, only enough to get her by, and perhaps more than your average canine, but she still only recognized a few of the plants by name, Poisons interest me for my own work; I trap many different animals and poisoning them would keep their pelts more intact than traps and weapons to kill them. She turned her sharp, hazel eyes back to Azucena, Medicines would help too, it’s always good to have healing herbs on hand.


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Taste the Poison

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At the news of the woman not having puppies, Viper deflated, and again, grew uninterested. He was bored and it was written on his face. His mother had told him that they were to speak in the English tongue, and to not be rude. The boys were then both put on the ground and Viper looked at Pythius with his sharp eyes. Viper knew that the reason why they were put down was because of his actions, but he still blamed his actions on the younger of the twins. Viper wanted to wrestle the other pup to the ground but maybe if he was a good puppy then his mother would show him love instead of the younger Pythius. Viper was extremely jealous of any love that Pythius would get, but it always seemed that Lillith cared not of his emotions and she would simply blatantly showed them who was the favorite of the two. If this did not stop, then Viper was more than likely going to get increasingly aggressive with his younger brother, for the boy could only think that there was nothing wrong with him, and if he made something wrong with him then he would get the same amount or even more love and attention from their mother.

The adults spoke of dyes and poisons, both subjects being lost to the young boy, and while he tried to listen and understand, there were only a few things that were actually important in what they where talking about. Would they be teaching each other things or were they simply just going to go about and talk about learning things? Viper was confused, bored, and he was getting increasingly hungry, which was putting him into a bad mood. He looked to his smaller, weaker brother and he tackled the boy to the around and wrestled him, trying to have fun. All was fun and games until Pythius got up and then ran away and Viper chased after him, tackled him back on the ground and chewed on his ear until the tip of it started to bleed and Pythius yelped out. Viper suddenly let his brother go and looked back at his mother with his piercing glare before he pinned Pythius back on the ground and dominated the boy. Viper had no mercy, not even for his brother when it came to getting the attention of others. Pythius was never supposed to be better than him, ever. At anything.

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Stay Away

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Azucena had only dealt with select poisons while being a loner, but towards the end of that, she’d opened up to many other plants and concoctions that could be much more deadly than the white baneberry she was used to caring for. Since she had an ever growing array of poisons she worked with, maybe Lillith was barking up the right tree after all. ”I see...” the woman commented as Lillith moved to peer into the pot she had been working with. ”Well, maybe I can help you there,” she offered when the tall woman finally turned back to her. ”Do you wish to learn about poisons or just utilize them?” Learning was much different from using them - yes, usage needed a little knowledge, but teaching the woman what she knew required time and a good plant book (given Lillith could read).

Azucena’s attention was claimed when she heard a yelp and looked down to find the woman’s puppies playing; or what looked like playing at a glance. Upon watching them for a brief moment, Azucena could tell that the bigger one kept tackling the smaller one and bringing him to the ground. The Lykoi woman showed no outwards expression of what she felt - but her own personal opinion was: no one liked a bully. Her eyes lifted to Lillith’s face, curious how the woman would handle the situation.

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