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M- All we need is faith

Wed Jan 01, 2014 11:03 pm

WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

OOC:Sorry for the wait, this is backdated for like....idk, dec 10th? Marrgerd is where they are at I suppose. +5(502)

The young brothers were sad and hurt. While their mother had cared for their outer wounds, the inner wounds of now being bound to the night and now being bound to Salsola meant for Viper, there was no return to the land he once knew. Memories were faded from such a place, but only words, voices that he knew had existed. Faces were replaced by the ones that he met here in Salsola. Mannerisms of said words could not be placed with the new faces that Viper knew, so he knew that they did not belong to Salsola. No. There was somewhere else that he once was before here. He could feel it. Viper had explained to Pythius that this was not their home, but the slightly younger boy could barely remember the days before Salsola, much like Viper himself. Viper could remember that there were others though. Others that were missing him. He could feel it in his gut. He did not try to run away from Salsola though. Those days were over, for the days of the serpent prince were to begin. He would earn the trust by serving these Salsolians until he was able to take power where he belonged. One day, Viper would take the life of his master, his captors. One day Viper would be strong.

He hoped.

Viper and Pythius had been a little rowdy today and were sent outside by their mother, in which they then proceeded to cause whirlwinds of problems. The boys were getting older, and more adventurous, and that meant hell for some of the livestock that they happened to come across. The plethora of sheep that dwelt within the pens on Salsola lands were not only dumb, but also very, very easily bullied since they did not have the rams to protect them. Viper and Pythius were the type of puppies to be bored enough to actually do something of this nature even though they were still pretty small. The two had spent about a quarter of their time actually nipping and biting at some of the sheep until Viper grabbed one of the lambs by the neck, and instinctually bit down on the neck of the lamb and the force caused him to break the lambs' neck, and for the blood to fall from the wounds that were on its' neck. It was then that Viper dropped the lamb's neck from his maw and he looked at it with a curious look. Pythius too, looked at it strange before the boys realized that they might get in really big trouble for accidentally killing this lamb. Part of each of the serpent children did not care about the consequences but Viper knew that their mother would punish them dearly for acting out of turn like they had.

They would take their punishment with pride. It was not like the ewes couldn't birth more lambs. Instead of letting the meat go to waste, the males began to eat their kill.

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Re: All we need is faith

Sun Jan 26, 2014 7:06 pm

Lillith is pisssseddddd|| +3

It was not often that Lillith found herself worrying over her sons, but today was an exception. She had laid up in her home for hours waiting for their return, a stew of deer and leeks and wild potatoes simmering. Something foul roiled in her stomach, a strange feeling that she could not shake, even after several glasses of wine. Soon she could feel her anxiety giving way to fear and then quickly to sharp anger. She had sent out one of her ravens to summon Khirot, who was quick to come to her bidding.

She had sent the slave to find her babes and bring them home; they had been out for far too long. The servant left immediately to sniff them out, knowing most of their haunts. However, he had not expected to find them in the condition he did.

When Khirot came upon the two princes covered in lambs blood and gorging themselves on that which did not belong to them, he nearly had a panic attack. Such a crime was punishable by banishment, even dismemberment, and Khirot was torn between loyalties to Salvia and loyalties to Lillith, who had treated him fairly well and given him booze and food since these puppies’ sudden arrival to Salsola.

He had cried out in Italian as he ran into the pen; the two boys had nearly finished their kill, but Khirot took several moments to the destroy the rest, burying it and trying to hide all signs of the gore left behind. He then scooped both pups up and ran all the way to the cottage by the sea.

Lillith was waiting for them, standing naked in the harsh wind, her loose locks blowing slightly, and as she saw them approached cried out, AYE! Her boys were covered in blood and Khirot looked frightened. He explained quickly what had seen and done and Lillith ushered them all inside and shut the door fast behind them. She had Khirot sit by a makeshift table, the remnants of the wine she was drinking placed in front of him, and then she took both Pythius and Viper by the scruffs into her room; she set them down on her sleeping furs and then shut the door behind her, Has all reason left you? She said in a very calm voice, one that they would know by now to be a worse sign than obvious anger, You dare steal food from Salsola’s mouth? You wicked children, you filthy half-breeds. She hissed at them, You insult me with your stupidity and insolence. She then suddenly turned opened up a drawer of a nearby vanity, and from within pulled a short yet sharp knife.

Re: All we need is faith

Sun Jan 26, 2014 7:34 pm

The boys were hungry, and they made sure to gorge themselves on the lamb that they had murdered in cold blood. It didn't dawn upon them that they had been caught until the slave came yelling towards them and he quickly loped over and grabbed them both. The young serpent children wiggled in his grasp but he did not let go. He even went as far as to tie them up to a fence post while he cleaned up their shenanigans to keep from the Boss or other Salsolians who wandered by here. When he was finished, the boys protested in their thick accented tongues but were picked up again and taken from Merrgard to their home where their mother stood there, a frown on her face and a fire in her eyes. Viper daringly looked at his mother and let his ears flatten against his skull while Pythius gave a more submissive look to the woman, obviously more sorry than Viper for being insolent. Khirot explained what he had found them doing and when he did, Lillith roughly took the boys by their scruffs and then retreated to the shared room and they were put down rather roughly on her bed. Viper quickly bounced to his feet and he looked up at the woman with his intense gaze, his ears slicked back but not in submission but out of annoyance. She asked them calmly if reason had left them, and then she questioned them again before insulting them.

Pythius whimpered, like the submissive cow he was, but Viper sent forward a growl and he couldn't help but pull back his lips to show his tiny teeth. He was the insolent one, because Pythius merely was doing what he was supposed to do, while Viper did not care less. He saw the knife that she pulled from her drawer and she called them stupid. "I am not stupid!" the boy yelled at his mother, his fur standing on edge as he growled at the woman defensively. "It was an accident, momma. We were just playing with them at first!" Pythius chimed in, trying to make some sort of excuse for why it happened. They didn't really mean to do it, but it just happened and they also figured that it was food, and that they might as well finish it off before someone came by and suspected that they had a loner or someone that was intentionally killing lambs.

Viper didn't know what the word "insolence" meant, because it was a big word, but he could only think that it meant something that was close to them being stupid. I am a prince! Viper growled at his mother. That lamb was mine just as much as it was Salsola's. he argued, seeming to not know when to shut his big mouth. This day would be the day that he would learn to stop being so insolent, and childish. He'd never forget this day for as long as he lived.

505 words. Ooc: such backdating, such wow. xD

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Re: All we need is faith

Sun Jan 26, 2014 9:55 pm

OOC|| +3

Of course she had expected Viper to challenge her authority; he always did, and while she openly doted on Pythius for his submission, it was Viper whom Lillith respected more, even if she did not show it. Py was her pet, nothing but a slave in his own right, but Viper was strong and would never be less than an Alpha male. Still, they were still young pups, and they had made an egregious error in slaughtering the lamb, and so they would be punished.

Lillith barred her filed teeth at the both of them as Viper defended their right and Pythius whimpered their innocence. Viper claimed the lamb was his right since he was a prince, and Lillith lashed out to slap him across the face with the hand that did not hold the dagger, You are no prince, you are nothing more than the snake you are named after. You have not earned the right to spill blood for your pleasure. And with that, she knelt down quickly and snatched a quivering Pythius, You are the stronger one, you the smarter one, and therefore you will watch as your brother is punished because of you. she said, pointing the silver tip of the knife at Viper. Then, quickly she pried Pythius’ maw open, revealing white puppy teeth and a pink tongue. Adeptly, like only one who worked with one’s hands as she, did Lillith take Pythius tongue between curled talons and with the dagger in the other, split it from tip to a third of the up the quivering muscle. Blood spurted immediately, and Pythius cried out in pain and urinated onto the floor. She released him into a shuddering pile on the furs and then turned on Viper.

Before the little serpent could slip away, she got him in a headlock in the crook of her arm and yanked out his tongue before he could bite at her. If he bit down now he would bite his tongue off, and so with a swift motion his tongue was also split. The two of them would not be able to speak now for a good amount of time.

Lillith stood then, her body alight with energy as she replaced the dagger back into the drawer and then looked at the two pups. The room smelt of piss and blood now but it was no matter, she would clean it and replace the furs easily. She opened the door to find Khirot standing in the middle of the room, looking horrified, but once he saw the two pups were still living he gave a sigh of relief.

Boil some water. Lillith commanded him a smooth voice, then turning back to look in on the wide eyed pups, You two, sit on the couch. She commanded, pointing to the fur covered sectional that was set up in front of the warm stove.

Re: All we need is faith

Tue Jan 28, 2014 6:31 pm

Part of him wanted her to hit him, as masochistic as it was. She did, of course, and the boy fell to the furs, his face stinging in pain. He laughed, while his brother was whimpering, not understanding why their mother was so angry with them. When the woman went on to tell him and his brother that they were not princes, that they were nothing better than the snakes they were named after. He had not earned the right to spill blood for his own pleasure. He had not the right to do anything of pleasure it seemed. He had no servant to follow him around anymore, and he had no right to anything that touched Salsola land. This made Viper's aura become volatile, and if he had been older, he would have found the strength to punish his mother for even saying that he was nothing but a snake. Viper snarled as his mother took his brother in her hands and then explained to him that since he was the one who did this, and since he was the one who was stronger and smarter than Pythius, that he would be the one to blame for what his mother was doing now. He would have to watch his brother go through the pain of having his tongue split. Viper watched his brother squirm and then suddenly the boy yelped, and then was silent because of the tongue being cut and his mouth filling with blood. Viper was in such a shock that she would harm her favorite of the two like that that the male almost didn't see that she put him down.

Lillith then would turn towards him, and the slithering male reacted much like a surprised snake would. He first tried to wiggle away and once that didn't work, Viper tried to bite Lillith, but this didn't work either because before he knew it, her hands were prying his mouth apart and her fingers went into his mouth and retrieved his tongue. She swiftly dealt the punishment to him as well and then released him. Viper let out a series of yelps, all gurgled because of the amount of blood that came from the tongue. He pulled back his lips and let his blood stained teeth glare at the woman as his intense gaze turned onto her and his tail lashed unhappily back and forth. He tried to form words, to curse at her, to do something, but his tongue did not work, and it was simply painful to try and speak. Lillith then left the room, the door wide open and Viper suddenly bolted out and tried to make a beeline straight to the outside, but was intercepted by Khirot. Viper danced around the male's grabbing hands and tried to make it to the door again, but it was closed, and he had no hands to open it, and it was locked to where he could not just push it open. He wanted to be as far away as he could from Lillith, so he sat in the far corner of the room before they were ordered to sit on the couch. Pythius, ever obedient had quickly and submissively moved towards the couch and he jumped on it and laid down immediately. The way that his brother easily obeyed Lillith had made Viper disgusted.

His ever defiant gaze was sharp on his mother and he did not let that intense gaze lift, even as he slowly, very slowly moved over to the couch and lifted himself upon it. He did not even look down to see where he was stepping and he just stared at her with such hatred and malice that it was hard to realize that he was only just a pup. Viper realized that he didn't like being told what to do long ago, and Lillith had been doing nothing but telling him what to do since she had stolen them from their true mothers and father. He wore a frown and did not speak, for his tongue was injured. Snakes were silent killers, and oh had the woman made him the worst kind of silent killer. One day, she would pay dearly for her crimes against the snake Prince. He would make sure of it.

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