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Catching sound of the Angelo’s call he headed to the location of the gathering with his gifts for the boys in hand. Already a small crowd seemed to have gathered at the ceremonial grounds. Since the Rast was for the youngest princes of the pack it should come as no shock to him. With silence and stealth he meandered around the bodies. Staying out of sight he made sure not to interrupt. Hearing the delight in the former Angela’s voice was nice. She was happy to see her boys grow up, and it showed. Near the feast the Rakeeb set his gifts on the table. A golden hand held telescope, and an armor padded warriors vest, the boys could duke it out for picks if they liked.

Appearing without warning near Kentaro and his mother the male smiled softly. For whatever reason these events seemed to lighten his heart, maybe because he hadn’t the chance to experience it he enjoyed seeing others have the opportunity to go through it. Glancing to each of the parents he made no effort to avoid direct eye contact with them while he smiled. You seem proud of your boys, as you should be. He happened to be looking to Panda and Venom when he spoke. Shifting his attention to the young men he nodded to them. Making it this far you both have done well. No matter what you do or where you go, remember to leave your mark on this world. Give us all reason to be proud. On his masked face lingered a grin.

After saying his bit icy eyes found the food that played games with his nose. If his jaw hadn’t been locked tight his tongue might just fall out of his mouth his salivating mouth. He eyed the feast and imagined but couldn’t decide on all the things he wanted to go for first.

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1090 words → ooc: Before another round is started i would like to post with Panda again. Guys, feel free to post around me though! <3

Children they were no more, here they stood in front of their mothers, and father as adults, and by the announcement that their mother had finally made to the pack, it was not expected that they would necessarily be found or be able to stand here. They had survived against all odds, and they really had the witch woman, Lillith to thank for that. Viper silently thanked his witch mother as he was the first to receive his congratulations first from Vepar, a newcomer to Anathema, but already trusted with the ranking tier that Viper himself was to venture into. Viper did this purposely to become closer with the male, and for the male to serve as a sort of mentor for him. His simple tribute might have been looked over by a bunch of the others, especially since Pythius' was more flashy, but his was definitely even more dangerous than the Rast from the year before, when Kentaro brought in a cougar. Had Viper not seen the rattlesnake that rested before his feet when he did, he was sure that he would have been bitten an killed this time. Viper smiled to the dark toned male and wondered what gifts he might have brought for the princes, since it was obvious that they were to receive gifts, for his mother and father stood with extra things, as well as Axelle, and Itzal. When they had made their presence known.

Viper and Pythius accepted their congratulations with smiles and bows before they finally made it to the alter and their mother spoke. She observed them, and spoke with power in her voice, one that would suggest to Viper that she was still powerful even in her weakened and disgraced placing on the ranks. This made the serpent prince smile wide, and it was almost a sickly sweet as his fierce eyes laid upon his mother. It was obvious that he was proud and that his tribute, while small, did hold a great amount of power and significance to him. She was not surprised by what he had brought to her, and she easily spoke to him of the impulsive and shrewdness nature of a snake, and while the virtues might be good, there was a warning of how is tended to bring trouble.

Eyes turned to his twin when his mother moved on to speak to the death bringer. He, by whatever book their mother had been going by, was a reaper, and he was the one who was worthy of the scythe over the snake boy. This made Viper grip his scythe's handle hard and he could feel his claws dig into his hand. He would not let Pythius take his title as the Reaper Prince. Pythius would have to learn something else, such as the elegance of his tongue for example. They both bowed deeply to their mother when the speech was over, and when they both got back to their feet, Aeron made a motion and grabbed her sword that had been in it's sheath and attached to her waist. She handed it to Viper, and the wide-eyed boy looked to his mother as she explained that he was old enough to take the sword, and that it was an heirloom. She also wished that it served him well, and he smiled to her and took the sword from her hands. It will sssserve me well, mother. I will take care of it. the male spoke easily and he moved to tie the string of the sheath to his belt and that was when Pythius also received a gift from his mother. Pythius was jealous of the sword that Viper got, and felt that it was unfair that he was to only receive clothing, but he did not say anything and rather he smiled and looked to the woman that was his mother and he bowed in thanks. Viper moved forward and kissed his mother in the traditional Salsolian way, and then everyone was dismissed to enjoy the feast.

Venom stood then, and approached his sons. Venom had no informed the boys that they would also be initiated as Trombetta males this day, but he did have his athame in his hand, and he took each of the bags that held the gifts he had for them in his other hand and once he approached the boys, he held the bags to them. Viper wrapped his hands around a red packed bag, the volatile aura drawing him in like a moth to the flame while Pythius had no choice but to pick the blue one that had a watery aura that was fluid and ever-changing. Oggi vi farà diventare non solo gli uomini, e scegli il tuo percorso in Anathema, ma vi sarà anche contrassegnata con il marchio dei maschi Trombetta. Inginocchiati davanti a me, i miei figli. spoke Venom to each of his sons. Viper was the first to get on one knee, eager to please his father, while Pythius was only a fraction of a second later. Venom approached the boys and first went to Viper, grabbed his face and lifted his chin. Chiudete gli occhi the father spoke to his sons, and they obeyed without hesitation. Venom then took his knife to his son's face and made a cut to his flesh right above each of his eyes. They would match their father now. Venom repeated the same procedure on Pythius and then let the boys get up to accept the gifts they would receive from the others that were in attendance.

Viper and Pythius both grew tired and hungry from all of this attention, and Viper was glad that he could finally eat something, for his thirst grew as the time passed of him being in the presence of so many different canids. Viper suddenly found himself in front of his sister and brother, Isolde and Kentaro. Kentaro seemed to be whispering something into the ears of his beautiful sister, and Viper could feel jealousy bloom in his chest for the Angelo commanding the attention of their sister and the most beautiful girl in the room. Today was the day that he was to be celebrated, and therefore he should get everyone's attention. He felt a rumble pass his lips as he looked at his brother with his bright and multicolored eyes. His long tail lashed back and forth before his mother, Panda, suddenly touched him and caused him to whirl around to look at her instead.

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By the way, anyone, J meant just for Marie to wait for Panda - everyone else is free to post!

ooc text here. | 500+ words.

The ceremony was great, and for some reason, Axelle had become anxious to start her own family. She had not known what could possibly be growing in her stomach, but she wished to be the proud mother of some young Anathemans in the future who would also be getting praise, gifts, and a ceremony. She would raise fine young warriors, she was confident of this. They would be on her side and be her little minions – who would start off fresh and would have no enemies. They would make her and Itzal proud.

Her mate was the first to rise, which broke her concentration. She looked up at him, and him down at her, ”Come with me to grab some food before it’s all gone.” Axelle stood, pushing her thoughts to the side and throwing her gaze toward Viper who looked to be busy at the moment with Aeron and Panda at his side. Though, she followed his angered gaze to Isolde and Kentaro and her stomach turned. He was way too close to her to be brotherly – he was up to something else. Itzal had been oblivious to it all, but a malicious voice echoed within him as his eyes fell briefly upon Isolde, A fine piece of ass, that is… Itzal couldn’t agree, and in turn, walked the opposite way towards the feast table. Not bothering to grab a plate, he went straight for a large elk leg, where he just held and chomped on. He stood to the side waiting for Axelle to get her things. He left his presents by his chair, which he planned to return. He kept his eyes on their seats while Axelle was busy filling her plate with a variety of meats.

The two of them returned to their seats moments later and chomped down their meats. Axelle had kept an eye on the young princes, and when she noticed that Panda was about to leave, she nudged Itzal and put her plate down on the chair. She grabbed the small leather bags, but before that checked to make sure she wasn’t full of food on her face or pelt. She approached the boys, confident that Itzal would be behind her any moment. ”I was waiting for you to be done with your Mom; these are for you. While I expected everyone else to give you items that you can actually use, I figured that you should be adorned more like princes. Enjoy,” she gave both the boys their intended pouches and moved to the side as Itzal approached as well. ”I figured to go the more practical way. That is my style after all. For you, Pythius, a hand sickle – perfect for cutting into your enemies; and for you Viper, a crossbow, similar to the one Axelle is so trained with,” Itzal handed both of them their gifts and bowed to each of them, Axelle stood behind him, smiling. ”Congratulations to both of you,” Itzal spoke, smiling and turned away to return to his seat to guard his and Axelle’s food. Before following him, Axelle spoke, ”If either of you need practice with those – you know where to find me.” Then she turned away and returned to her spot to continue to eat with her mate.

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Volcanic eyes wandered the crowd, picking out familiar faces as well as new ones. He was happy to see the pack growing more and more, even in the wake of a sudden change in leadership, and even more so was he happy to have Viper and Pythius moving into the adult ranks where they could really make a difference in the pack. Blinking out of a momentary daze he brought his gaze to the others as they trickled up to speak to the higher ups and the young princes before things got underway, the well-wishers each saying what they had to say, giving their gifts, and then folding back into the crowd. Vepar touched his claws together absently, a little ashamed he had no material gifts to give the serpentine young males, but he hoped his clever little idea would suffice as a worthwhile present.

Once the din of voices settled within the hall Aeron stepped forward and carried out the ceremony, opening the floor to mingling, mealtime, and merriment thereafter. The monochromatic male rose from his seat and happily moved over to the table to snatch some tender rabbit meat on a plate before wandering his way back to his seat, bright orange eyes watching the crowd gathering about the princes as he tucked into his food for a moment. It wasn't until Axelle and Itzal approached the duo, offered their presents, and then returned to their seats that Vepar finally rose from his own and lapped away the blood and bits of food from his face, rubbing his ashen maw upon his arm for good measure as he placed his plate on an empty spot on the table and made his way up to the princes.

"You'll have to forgive me guys." He said somewhat ruefully once there was a good place for him to jump in and speak to the twins. "I didn't have anything worthwhile to trade for some crazy weapons or fancy jewelry, so I can only offer you what I know." Something akin to a sly little grin eased its way to his ash dipped maw as he looked at Viper and then Pythius, his gaze moving between the two of them as he continued. "I want you two to know how to fight and fight well, because you never know when you'll be caught without a weapon. So when you're ready, I'll be around here or out at the training grounds, and I will teach you everything I know. That's a promise." Rather than reach out and ruffle the silvery mop of hair atop the young males' heads, as he was oft to do in their youth, he instead rested a hand on each of the snake princes' shoulders in a much more adult manner before stepping back and excusing himself, revisiting the food table to snag a few more chunks of rabbit meat before returning to his seat.

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Ooc: Approaching the boys is okay as well! <3

The eyes that greeted her were harsh at first, but instantly softened before arms suddenly wrapped around her from the larger of the two boys. Panda whined softly, feeling her grip on her emotion slipping as her hands wrapped around the skinny coywolf that was now an adult in Anathema. He was to be celebrated on this day, and she couldn't have wished for this day to be more proud than it was. They had suffered, both mother and son through these hard months away from each other, but at this moment, Panda had found her son, and she would never let him go. She never wanted to let him go now, and she grew afraid that he would leave her, like Lillith had done before them. Lillith leaving had crushed Panda, and while she took the betrayal in stride she still had been confused as to what had happened to where the girl would have become so dark.

Viper whispered sweet words to sooth his mother and her emotional state and he politely drew away from her and allowed his brother to also hug her, which sent another huge emotional wave through the shaman to where she couldn't help but feel embarrassed about being so on the verge of tears about this day. She sniffled as Pythius drew away from her, and she looked at them with happy eyes with a solemn overtone. Something worried her, and she did not try to let it out, for this was a happy day, but without even looking at her, Venom could tell that she worried for them. Venom too, worried for his children as they were now adults to be sent out into the world, and there was no doubt that they would, someday either become great kings in Anathema, or go off on their own journey to become who they were always destined to be. Panda sighed happily and did not have gifts to give them, for they were already in their bags that they held at their wastes. Oh, my dears, you look so tired. You deserve a good rest after the celebration, just hold out a little longer, okay? she told them at first before she looked at each of them, taking in their handsome appearances. They looked just like their father at that age, and it was strange, yet so fitting. Panda dreamily glanced to Venom and smiled, before pulling her gaze back to her prized boys.

You have already received your token of the Behr clan, for the necklaces that adorn your neck are from me, given to each of you upon your birth. Within each of your bags you will have received another necklace, each with the symbol for your rising signs, as well as for invoking gods and spirits. I also have included a few crystals, and a special tunic for both of you. she spoke to the boys, telling them of some of the contents of their bags, but this was not the only things that she had given to each of them. They would have to open their bags later and find out what things that both Venom and Panda made and procured for the boys. I also present you with your own horses, Sweet Addiction for Viper, and OverDosage for Pythius. May they serve you well, boys. she spoke to them, happily looking to them and then giving each of them a lick on their cheeks. She then finally let the boys go about their business and she turned back to Venom. She was tired too, and wished to retire for the evening, but knew that she might as well get some food from the bountiful feast, for Venom had been one of the ones to help get the meats. She snuggled into Venom's chest for a moment and just stayed there before she felt her stomach growl and she turned from Venom and motioned for him to follow her to grab some food. They passed the approaching Axelle and Itzal and she gave them a nod of her head and made her way to the feast of meat and some vegetables, and even some potatoes and an apple dish that was delicious.

Venom Speaks "NoName speech"/ italics.

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what I did not forget to reply to this but pride has gifties for Viper and Pythius which look like this


Pride hung at the edge of the crowd, watching mostly from a distance. She had almost forgotten to get something or other for her brothers, although she had scrambled to find something for them that they would like, hopefully. The two seemed somewhat fond of snakes, so she had bracelets for the two that she held tightly between her padded fingers, waiting for the right moment to pad up to the two and give them their gifts. At least she hadn't gotten them nothing. As soon as Panda had finished giving the two their gifts, which included horses, the coyote padded up to her smaller brothers. She paused for a moment before straightening up slightly and holding out the bracelets, each shaped like a snake. They were somewhat dirty, chipped in places, although in relatively fair condition.

"For you two," she said, explaining that they were for the boys in case they didn't realize it. Pride's tail twitched, milky colored eyes searching their faces for their reactions to the small gifts. "Congratulations," she added, moving her head in a nod. As soon as the two grabbed the silver-hued bracelets she would back away again and slink to the back of the crowd once again, or try and catch Mido's attention, Whichever she felt like doing.

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He had not meant to give his mother such a harsh look, for she had not deserved it, but was she blind to the actions of their brother? Did they not share a father, the two half siblings? Viper was still young and did not commit sexual liaisons but he did harbor a sort of possessiveness over the females of his family. He did not like the feeling of Kentaro giving Isolde the sort of attention that he was giving her. Viper's glare softened as he looked to his mother and then fell into her embrace. She was so warm and the way that she smelt made Viper feel comfortable. It was akin to the way he felt when Aeron was in the vicinity of him, which made him feel safe and with his family. Like he belonged. Mother, I am sssso happy on this day, I will serve you, and make you proud. You will ssssee. the boy muttered to her before she pulled away from him and spoke of her concern for their lack of sleep. Mother, we are young, one night of no sleep was no feat. Viper commented loosely with a chuckle. Yes, he was much like his father when he was younger. Charming, and completely a different person when he was around Panda. As if he was meaning to protect her from who he really was. Maybe Viper did do this to make sure his mother did not know the real him, but hadn't his father been the same way? His brother? His sister? They all protected Panda and she was blind to all of it. It didn't cross Viper's mind that Panda might know, and she just looked at the world in a much different light than he and the rest of their family.

Viper let his mother talk then, listening to her words and glancing over to the bag that his brother had received and it's watery aura. It was strange, the way that his seemed to burn, while Pythius' was watery and almost looked as if it was just simply a bag or balloon filled with water, as if dropped it would burst and leave only a wet surface. Did Pythius' bag contain valuables that were fragile? Viper would make sure to make Pythius show him all of the contents of the bag later, or suffer dearly for it. Every time he did glance over to Pythius he grew angry because of the showy wings that he was able to make, while Viper simply had a rattling necklace and no gris-gris to show for it because he didn't cure the skin in time. Viper turned back to his mother when she started to speak of another gift. The boys had walked to this party, rather than riding as the Malpas and Marbas had done, bringing the boys with the two young stallions as well as riding their own steeds, Vitani and Xanderlend. Pythius and Viper then hugged their mother once more and gave her the Salsolian kisses on the cheeks before they turned away and started to make their way towards the food. They didn't make it before they were approached by the Atheed, and her mate, Itzal.

Viper did not grow tiresome of the attention, but it was slightly more obvious that the sleepy Pythius was more interested in going to go get some food and gorging himself before sleeping for the next 12 hours. Still, they both remained respectful and with smiles on their faces as Axelle came to them and spoke of them of being adorned like princes should. Viper eyed the bags in her hand with an intensity and as he was handed the bag, he didn't wait to open this one. Presents were best opened in front of the one who gave them, and Viper wanted to be sure that he would like whatever was in the bag before the woman left, in case he was allowed to throw it in her face- to actually nicely return it to her, or trade it off for something of more value. Two rings were at the bottom of his bag and he took them out and looked at each of them and then tried them on each finger until they fit. The band ended up fitting on his right ring finger and then the scorpion ring ended up on his left index finger. He smiled and played with his fingers to get them comfortable, for he never wore a ring before, much less two. Thank you for your beautiful giftssss hissed the serpent prince before his brother also thanked the Atheed for his rings that he too placed on his fingers right away, though his ended up with the pentacle ring on his left middle finger and the gear one on his right index finger.

After they gave thanks to Axelle, Itzal was quick to also offer the boys his gifts. Pythius was given his gift first, which Viper noted and almost wanted to smack the hand-sickle from Pythius' hand, but obviously didn't because they were in the public eye. Viper put on his sickly sweet smile again and listened to the words of the male as he was finally addressed and given a crossbow. Viper needed more weapons, it seemed, for he had now three different weapons that he would need to train with. Viper bowed his head lightly in thanks and Pythius voice another thank you to Itzal and Axelle before the Atheed and her mate moved away from them, and they were left to their own devices again. Viper situated himself, putting his crossbow to his back (by the strap that was on it)and putting his red bag to the ground for a moment. He only had a little time to stuff the smaller ring bag into his red bag before their “uncle” Vepar had approached them. Vepar offered his services and his apology for not having some sort of gift. Viper wondered if the male really did not have anything to trade or if he didn't bother to get them anything, but he didn't let that curiosity sit on his face, for he was smarter than that. Instead he smiled once more, this one a more geniune one than he might have been giving to others who had approached him and his brother. They were slightly happy that they did not have to be adorned with more things, but then again, this was a day for them. They were being celebrated on this day, and maybe they should have welcomed it better. At least Pythius could have been more happy, but he was nervous because he knew that some of the things that others had done for him would make Viper angry and while his brother knew to behave in public, he was much more merciless when they were alone.

Finally, their sister, Pride had come to them and offered them two armlets. They nodded a silent thank you to her and smiled their sweet smiles before she dismissed herself and the boys finally were able to book it towards the food. They each looked to gifts that were placed on the table and Viper grabbed the protective armor while Pythius went for the telescope. Both things would serve the boys well. They recognized that Mido, the Rakeeb had given these things to the boys and Viper looked to the male and nodded his head. Thanks Mido! he called to him and waved his hand over to the male and he proceeded to use the inside of the chest plate as a dish. He knew what it really was for, but Viper was tired, hungry, in pain(because of his scarred eyes) and now burdened with the tributes of the Anathemans. He chuckled lightly and gathered an array of meat and bread, and even snuck some of the wine that was on the table before he quickly moved to their own seats with their bags and he started to eat. Pythius spent a little bit more time at the table before he had joined Viper and ate alongside his brother. The boys were so tired that it barely looked as if they would be able to eat all the food that they got, but they would eat like the men they now were.

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