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And that's where the beginning of the end begun

Sat Mar 15, 2014 6:44 pm

For my smelly Raze <3 [227]

Luck had not been on her side in her last endeavours, yet the opportunity was upon her so it seemed a waste at least not to have a poke around. Halifax was relatively large in size and often seemed more populated than other human relics, as such her hopes weren't all that high about finding anything of relative value or use. Even if she did find something to catch her eye, it would be unlikely for it to be in good condition, with how exposed some buildings were and rarely was preservation evident in human relics, especially the areas that were frequently ransacked for goods.

Humming as she went, she strolled through narrow streets, picking her footing to avoid the crumbled debris that littered the more damaged areas. Nothing was really drawing her attention to encourage further investigation, or more like she was quickly losing the motivation to even try. Sighing, she straightened up and sucked in a breath, ready to try and self-motivate when a familiar scent struck her, only it wasn't quite right. “You have got to be kidding me” frowning, she moved briskly, changing form a walk to a light jog as she tracked the scent, “Naniko!” her voice echoed around her, caution lingering in the sole name she called; surely she wouldn't be here, after all that time she spent looking for her?

Re: And that's where the beginning of the end begun

Mon Mar 17, 2014 4:33 pm

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Slowly, his personality crawled back, guiltily hunching as if expecting a blow from its owner. Octavius accepted the change in mood with some grimness, wondering just how close to becoming a monster he'd been lately. Well—he'd never hurt anybody, at least not seriously, but he had threatened, and stole. If it had all been to protect Judas, he would have accepted this, but most canines didn't pose a threat like he thought they did. Though wary, ever wary, he began to relax his temperament and focused on what was important, such as finding food and patrolling.

Even now he marched grimly along one of the streets, hunched a little, ears twitching to listen for the scrabble of rats as his nose kept tabs on the scents of the city. Most of it was the same ancient decay, rusting cars and decomposed fabric, but occasionally he crossed a canine scent, paused, and went on his way again when he discovered it was not fresh. Only once did he meet another Luperci, and it was a wolfdog girl—one who was amiable enough, but didn't seem to care for conversation when he tried to chat wth her, instead wandering away to the docks that were apparently her home.

Octavius looked on that situation with odd regret. He didn't realize how lonely he was, and his thoughts trailed often to AniWaya and his friends there. He'd sent another canine their way, and he wondered sometimes about visiting. Only the memory of Genova's face when he turned on her stopped him.

He had his priorities. He couldn't make room for friendship like that.

Frowning, still melancholy compared to his usual upbeat attitude, Octavius halted as he reached a four-way stop. An old car missing a tire leaned tiredly toward the sidewalk, while its tire sat near the middle of the intersection. Oct wandered toward it and thought about sitting on it when a voice rang out—calling a name that made his heart leap into his throat. Red eyes widened, and he whirled toward the sound, raising his own voice in disbelief: Naniko? Mother!

Re: And that's where the beginning of the end begun

Fri Apr 11, 2014 10:12 am

For my smelly Raze <3 [268]

A voice called out, not one that she had been looking for, although the words did cause her pace to slow, reduced to a casual walk as the hulking white figure came into view; similar, but of the wrong gender. Looking him up and down for a moment, the initial frustration that had filled her at not finding Naniko faded, exchanged for mild amusement as her memory finally identified the creature before her, which certainly explained his words and why she had thought she'd scented Naniko for a split second.

“My, my, my. I was looking for the old white queen and came across a rather grown up octopus” grinning she stepped forward, blue eyes once more running other the kid, trying to associate him with the fat, messy pup he had once been. “Last time I saw you Octavious you were out chasing frogs and had a little round belly to you, how have you been kid?” she didn't inquire after his mother; those two words from him moments before were indication enough that he too did not know where Naniko was. She was like a ghost and a times the golden D'Angelo wondered if the queen's existence had been a figment of her imagination all along.

“You still remember me, kid?” she wouldn't blame him if he didn't, he'd been pretty young back then. But man had he grown up to be good looking; if he wasn't Naniko's child, she may of even been inclined to flirt with him, although he was family somehow, somewhere in her lineage which is where she drew the line.

Re: And that's where the beginning of the end begun

Sun Apr 20, 2014 12:04 pm

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A tall woman approached -- but where Octavius whirled and sought white fur, he found an earth-dappled creature. Confusion and disappointment mingled, and he flattened his ears at the approaching female, hackles rising as red eyes hardened -- defense against his own uplifted hope and subsequent crash. It wasn't until the woman spoke that recognition softened the hard lines of his face, which opened with innocent incomprehension once more.

"Grace?" Octavius ventured, eyes flicking to curls of golden-brown where he remembered dyed dreadlocks. His ears still pressed back, he looked her over and frowned, not at once answering her remarks. His memories of Anathema and his childhood were hazy, as if from amnesia -- though only because he'd neglected the memories of anyone but his mother and brothers. He remembered the harsh woman before him, though, the tradition-keeper so influenced by his mother.

"I -- " He tried to speak, to answer her question, but he was so floored by the moment he thought his mother was nearby that it took him a while to lift his heavy tongue again. "I'm fine," he said. "How are you? You don't... smell like Anathema."

Re: And that's where the beginning of the end begun

Mon Apr 21, 2014 11:45 am

<3 [208]

Thankfully it seemed Octavious did remember, which saved her the trouble of having to prompt the kid's memories, something she wasn't entirely sure how she had been intending to approach, but the point was unimportant know. Watching him, it pained her how much she could see the other's mother in him, reminding her of her life before Niernan, reminding her of the female that had disappeared from her life without a trace.

His question however indicated that perhaps his memories weren't all there, but then he had been incredibly young back then so it was hardly a surprise that there were some blanks and details missing, more so since she was not important in his life, but important to his mother, the two crossing paths only when the kid had been present with his mum when she had needed the white queen for something; and there was always something, given the idiots of Anathema and their love for mindless problems and conflicts.

“Ah, yeah. You probably won't remember, but I left awhile before Naniko disappeared. Moved to Vinatta to be with someone, although ultimately it didn't work out” laughing, she couldn't help but find humour in how much of an understatement that was, “Where you been anyway?”

Re: And that's where the beginning of the end begun

Fri May 02, 2014 9:00 pm

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Dark lips tugged downward as the woman mentioned Naniko's departure. More than once he had wondered how the triplets' departure had affected the woman, but it seemed fate did not wish Octavius' path to cross with his mother's. Worries flared then flickered down into the background as Grace's direct question brought his attention back to the unsatisfying present.

"Vinátta?" he repeated, to give himself a moment to consider whether he should tell the truth about where he'd been -- and where he was now. Large shoulders bumped up in a shrug. "I went off and was an idiot in the wilderness for a while until an old geezer found me," he said, heavy affection imprinted on the less-than-flattering words. "I decided it was time to go off alone then. I left the old man and came here, and I decided to stay in Halifax when I found out Naniko had... left."

He would not mention Judas. Enough wolves sought the dark prince for his alleged crimes, and he did not know what Grace might think of the boy who'd been deemed a demon when he was tiny enough to fit in a birdcage.

Re: And that's where the beginning of the end begun

Wed Jun 04, 2014 1:55 pm

<3 [272]

Inclining her head to the side in confirmation at his repetition, blue eyes stared openly at the white pelted male; he was huge and had the muscle bulk to back up the height, although that was no surprise given how tall his mother was. She had once been close to his mother, to the boy now turned adult she was no doubt a stranger, but he was a tie to the beloved figure she had now lost, something she wanted back, in any form that she could grasp it. Perhaps her intentions and desire to get to know the white boy to replace the hole his mother left were cruel, but she was not going to lie about where such intentions where stemming from.

Listening to his short answer, she debated the possibility that he was lying, because he had no reason to tell her the truth. There was no way or basis to determine whether what he said was in fact the truth, yet since Naniko was not involved in his story, it mattered little to her. “Yeah, I don't know what happened either, when I returned Anathema's scent had changed, the pack no doubt weak without the pillars that built it up so strong” venom laced her words, her loyalties clearly to the now lost white female still apparent even till this day. “You seem to be looking healthy, so you've done well for yourself. Planning to join any of the packs or chilling as a loner?” if he was joining a pack, she'd be able to find him again perhaps, although how such actions would benefit here were questionable.

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