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An innocent child with a thorn in his heart

Sat Apr 19, 2014 7:16 am

Set in drifter bay-ish <3 [302]

Whilst her beloved brother wasn't in these parts of the lands any more, much to the golden female's frustration, it did however appear that one of his children were lingering around, if the all too familiar scent was anything to go by. It was upsetting to think he wouldn't be there whenever she wanted to see him, her strong brother who she knew she could rely upon if the need be; and as much as it pained her to admit, she also missed their little inside jokes. Sighing, she stretched her arms over head, feeling the strain upon her back from the pregnancy. She doubted it would be a large litter, the previous two had been small ones and this one was even less notable than them.

Placing her hand upon her stomach she smiled down at her unborn child for a moment, before tossing her head back and calling for her brothers spawn; demanding and an order, not a request for whichever one it was she was scenting. The pup would come if he knew what was good for him or her, given that her temper was anything but pleasant at that moment.

As the call rang out through the land, she moved and found a tree to sit before, resting her head and back against it, relishing in the shade it's leaves and branches provided for her. Guilt filled her for a second; she hadn't told anyone where she was going, having no doubt if she did tell Zalen she was off to Salsola it wouldn't go down all that well, so she'd stayed silent and taken herself and their unborn children out into neutral lands, unprotected and she'd just rudely summoned one of the members.

Yeah, she'd had smarter days, but then pregnancy brought out the worst in her.

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