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Announcement of Olivia becoming a leader in AniWaya

POSTED: Tue Sep 02, 2014 7:33 pm

Please let Owl post first and then after that, all are welcome to post! I've assumed that everyone has already gathered to cut down on a round of posting. Congrats, Owl and Olivia! Woohoo!

We will also be introducing our newest visitor to AniWaya: Joy Uwatie! Stay tuned - more details will be revealed in round 2 of the thread :D Feel free to have your characters notice the newcomer. :O

Pride was the only emotion that could describe what Claudius was feeling. He felt so much happiness at how well Olivia had done that it was difficult to see her as anything but a strong-willed companion. More than that, in fact – she wasn’t just family; he hoped that she would soon become one of AniWaya’s most loyal.

He called for the members of the tribe to join him in the centre of the territory. It was unfortunately sparse, a consequence of their recent difficulties dealing with the loners, which had made it almost impossible to rebuild their tribe’s meeting place in their new home. This would have to be rectified. But first, there was serious business to which he needed to attend.

“I huh-have cuh-called you huh-here t-t-t-to boast… a little,” he began, uncharacteristically with a joke. “Muh-muh-my nuh-niece, o-Olivia t-t-t-Tarasova… has p-p-proven huh-herself t-t-time and time again. Her suh-spirit guide… brings… wuh-wisdom, a-and honours… o-Olivia… shuh-she duh-dealt with… the loners… with a… mostly… level head… excelling in areas where… I do not, and she… has recently… t-t-t-taken on the ruh-rank of… Didey-yuh-yohvsgi in the… suh-skilled… tier. It is… for these reasons… that I ha-ave asked… her to join me… as a ruh-representative, as the Digalawigi. I huh-hope thuh-that you will… congratulate her… for thuh-this exceptional… honour,” he said, and then smiled at all those gathered. A little tuckered out from all that talking, but not yet tired, Claudius watched with apprehension as he hoped the rest of the tribe would take to Olivia as a subleader as kindly as they had to he.

It was also a little nerve-wracking to be announcing this when a new emissary from the Great Tribe had only arrived days prior. He had brought her up to speed with what was going on the tribe and after he announced Olivia's promotion to leadership in the tribe, he hoped to introduce Joy as the newest member of AniWaya, even if only temporarily. Thus, his apprehension was twofold and Claudius really did not do well with anxiety. He was hoping that having a fellow leader would help with this considerably.
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The moment had come and Olivia was feeling as though her stomach was in knots. She had had quite a few days to come to term with it and while she was proud of herself, it had come with a few sleepless nights. Now, Olivia didn't let that trepidation show. She had summoned a face of confidence and quiet determination. And as she walked forward, she knew that it would be the first step of many as her new rank.

She stood beside her uncle, knowing that he was often nervous speaking in front of the tribe, she gathered their attention. "It's a great honor to represent the tribe that I love and cherish. I hope that I can protect and serve you to the best of my ability and see the tribe flourish for many more seasons." It felt like there was more to say for there was much that was still going to happen. Claudius and her had been discussing and the tribe was in store for many things in the future. Olivia didn't want to give it all away. "And on a last note, there are many thing in store for the tribe and I'm excited to be there through it all. Until then, let's enjoy the last days of summer."

Olivia dipped her head with a large grin, more relaxed now that she had spoken. The kind she-wolf knew that when winter came there would be a shifting in priorities and with fall there would be much harvesting to do and food to stock up on. The deer were growing fat with fall as they gorged themselves for the winter and Olivia hoped for the seasons transition to come without strife and for the tribe to survive yet again, as it had for years past.

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POSTED: Wed Sep 10, 2014 4:01 pm

Sliverfang stood in back of the group assembled for the ceremony. He was new and didn't know many other than Fenrir and of course Olivia. She was the one who meet him at the boarder and help him get settled. He was glad that she had been promoted. She seemed like a good person who would do what was best for her family, for her tribe. As he stood silently in the back the dark brown wolf scanned over the pack. This was the first time he had seen all it's numbers at once and could see that he was not lied to when it came to the size of the pack. But he was worried not. Silverfang was more than sure that in due time that the pack would grow in numbers till it was impossible to fit any more wolves in one place. But in the time he had been here he had learned one thing that he thought all should know. Acceptance and hospitality. The people here were kind hearted people who held few ill thoughts. Silverfang smirked as he realized that if there was no more room for people that the tribe would find some way of accepting or accommodate those who wished to find refuge from whatever demons hounded them.

He then once again let his eyes wander where they fell apon Claudius. He had yet to make his acquaintance but sooner or later he would talk to him. Silverfang paid no heed to the stutter in his voice. Instead he listened to the determination to make his voice herd despite the stutter that was there. Silverfang respected him just for his sheer determination to overcome his limitation. He thought of the poor soul that happened to stand in this wolfs way. He knew just as in the others that Claudius had a gentle demeanor, but that did little to hide the determination. He was sure that this wolf would fight till his last breath for what he believed in and that in itself was enough to earn Silverfangs respect. He had also heard that the wolf happened to hold a high rank in the skill of crafting wood. Perhaps he would talk to him about getting a staff. But that was for another day. This day was for Olivia and her promotion. So Silverfang stood watching from the back glad that he could call AniWaya home.
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Ibycus was nowhere around to be seen when the the call went out to everyone to gather at the meeting area. There was much that had happened recently but the chores still had to be done and he had gone back to the things he liked to do and things that he did not like doing but needed to be done. And he was back at the chores because they would not wait for wars to be fought or wounds to heal.

After a quick finishing up of what he was currently doing and figured the rest could wait a short bit while he attended the meeting. He Besides, he was needing a bit of rest before he continued. A quick cleanup and short walk brought him to join the others that had already gathered to hear what their leader had to tell them. Upon arrival, Ibycus stayed near the back of the crowd as he always preferred to do. From there he listened to the announcements and speeches that were delivered to the pack populace.

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Claudius preened with pride as Olivia spoke, happy to hear her express her happiness at her recent appointment. He was also glad to hear her speak so well; her words were kind and humble, while also recognizing the new weight she would have to carry as a subleader. He could only expect that his fellows tribesmembers would feel the same. She had earned her position within the tribe, perhaps more so than Claudius ever had. He still didn't know how he had been appointed as the interim leader, but in some way, it had worked out. He had been all too happy to hand over the reins to someone else, though he hadn't been too comfortable with someone from the Great Tribe running AniWaya. He came to change that decision, and now, was glad to have a fellow subleader. He understood why Ulilohi had sought him out to help; being a sole leader was tiring.

Attending, Claudius spotted a new member -- likely one Olivia had accepted. He would introduce himself soon enough. Quickly, the other members filed in: Tiva, Simcha, Frodo, Payne, Aduladi, Aranck, and a few more before Ibycus arrived. Claudius was glad to see them all.

There was one more arrival who would need an introduction, so Claudius did not Olivia's speech linger too long before piping up once more.

"I wuh-would also luh-like to i-introd-d-d-duce... you... t-t-t-to juh-Joy uh-Uw-wuh-watie, a nuh-Nvwoti fuh-from the Great Tribe. Shuh-shee will... p-p-provide... us wuh-with... the suh-spiritual guh-guidance... wuh-we may... huh-have fuh-found luh-lacking. Puh-please... welcome huh-her t-t-t-to the... tribe." He paused, and then added: "and puh-please... if yuh-you see... any un-fuh-familiar faces i-introduce... yuh-yourself." With that, he stepped away and moved to greet the newcomer.
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Domovoi had his problems with authority, and would insist if pressed that he did not care how the leadership was organized, so long as they did not press unnecessary restrictions on him. He had the freedom to come and go as he pleased, and in return he fought tooth and nail to defend the borders and preserve the sanctity of this haven.

He had ultimately been apathetic toward Ulilohi's departure — if one leader left, another would surely be appointed in her place. It would not have much effect on his daily life, or so he figured when he joined the assembly. This...

...was not what he'd expected. Dom felt the same lurch in the pit of his stomach as he'd experienced upon seeing Olivia lead a charge into battle. Now it was Olivia standing before them as a leader. The modest tribe was small, sure, but she was still in control of it, and he suddenly wasn't sure how to react to this news. She was his highest authority, and his daughter.

She's too young, sprang to the tip of his tongue when he glanced to Claudius, but he remained frozen. Protectiveness and even pride stirred in his chest as he listened to her uplifting speech. He wanted her to succeed and have this bright future. He wanted to watch her and help her, if she had need of him. She'll be a target, whispered the dark paranoia that crept in the corners of his mind. He would be chained to this place as her protector, because she would not leave the way her sister had. And he could not leave her, if she was his only family left.

Dom stood very still, dumbfounded, and missed his opportunity to clap or cheer for her. He should have expected this when he saw the way Claudius had been grooming his niece, but it simply did not occur to him to see Olivia in that light. The Astons were speaking again, introducing a newcomer from the parent tribe, though Dom scarcely managed a nod of acknowledgment. He thought he could probably be happy for Olivia's sake, if he wasn't so worried that she might get hurt.

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With her part done, Olivia settled herself among her tribe with contentment. There were welcoming murmurs and plenty of smiles. Her cheery spirit guide crawled up the fur of her back and wrapped his powerful tail around her and muttered words of pride in her ear. The opossum always knew what to say and it eased the slight tension that resided in her posture. There would be a lot of work to come but she was unafraid of the labor that would come for with great pains came amazing outcomes. They had fought through pain with the loners and they had defeated them as well.

It was good seeing the new priest though. She looked very wise indeed and it seemed as though she was from a different part of the world with her staff and blue clothing. Olivia was excited to talk to her about the great tribe and all the things that they did but knew there would be another time for that. She had spoken to the priest once and allowed the others to approach her with questions of the great tribe. Aranck and Tiva were especially excited to talk to her and approached with wide eyes and open hearts as to their family back home.

Olivia turned inward to the crowd that had not moved. Silverfang was undoubtedly going to be cornered by Claudius and Ibycus seemed content where he was. Her real target was her father who stood among them looking dumbstruck by the announcement. More than that, he looked worried for her. With a soft smile, she brushed up against him feeling very tiny beside his great height. "You know I'll be okay, the tribe is making more friends by the day, not enemies." She grinned up at him, her tail wagging hopefully. "C'mon, smile! I'm not going anywhere." Her sister's departure had been hard enough for all of them and Olivia wouldn't put her family through that kind of pain again.

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Ocèane was late. Ocèane was never late.

But she couldn’t bring herself to hurry when the call had been sounded. Her brother’s voice had echoed proud and loud across AniWaya’s humble lands, rustling the leaves and tugging at the Hineyu’s heartstrings. Ocèane had guessed with a deadly certainty what was coming. How could she not? Her brother never kept too much from her, and even when he hadn’t spoken his decision directly to her, it had been hinted. And Olivia- oh, Olivia. Her young and vibrant daughter, with her beautiful figure and eyes mirrors to her own. When she stood, when she spoke- she was the epitome of a leader. She’d seen the good heart and level head she had, how easily she’d fallen into AniWaya’s customs and how confidently she held her head. She’d guessed, without a doubt, what the meeting would ensue, and so she took her time getting there.

When she arrived, she stood near the back of the small crowd, slipping in unnoticed, half-concealed in shadow. Claudius was half way through his speech, and despite her slow pace, she’d come early enough to hear the announcement that ripped her heart down the middle. She’d had a tiny hope that maybe she was wrong; that was quickly crushed. Ocèane hugged her middle as Olivia raised her voice to address her new tribe, and the woman managed a small half-smile. She’d had more time to prepare for this announcement, but even then, she couldn’t bring herself to clap or cheer. Her feelings were too muddled.

There was pride. An immeasurable amount; the Hineyu could feel her heart swelling with it, her eyes light up with a happiness so bright it burned. But just as quickly rushed in the fear. Olivia had become a target; she would attend interpack meetings, she would make decisions that could make or break her. If there was even the slightest grudge towards AniWaya, she was in danger. Ocèane had mulled all of this over the moment the realization had overcome her, and had been practically numbed with fear. She couldn’t lose her. It would break her.

But for her daughter’s sake, Ocèane shoved these feelings away. She kept her smile, however fake it may be, and was able to raise her voice in welcome to the newcomer. It was obvious when the meeting was closed, and the minute it ended, the Fire Maker crossed to her daughter. She lost her momentarily in the small crowd of moving bodies, but spotted her dove feathers again, pressed up against a familiar soft gray coat. The image of Domovoi and Olivia sent a pang down her heart, of pleasure or longing, she was unsure; but she shoved this away, too, making way for what was left of her family. “Olivia.” Her voice sounded funny; rough, and she quickly cleared her throat, not wanting to portray her uncertainty. Coming up beside the youth, she bent down for an embrace. “Ma chérie, I’m proud of you.” She praised, and pulled away, holding the young girl by the shoulders and looking into her mirror eyes for a moment before standing again, the smile on her face. All at once, the Hineyu became aware of her proximity to Dom, and she cast a sidelong look his way. She could read him like a book; the tight set of his shoulders, the light of fear in his pale eyes. He was just as worried as she was, and this fact sent another renting pain down her heart. She wondered absently how many pains it took before she had a heart attack.

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