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Welcome Aniwaya!

POSTED: Sun Sep 07, 2014 6:50 pm

You're just another lost soul about to be mine again

Welcome Aniwaya to Anathema!! Setting Thackery Village, a large bonfire is set up and there are a few tables set with food for everyone.

Kentaro smiled as he watched the witches place the last of the food upon a table. He wasn't used to having other packs within his home. He was hoping to build a relationship with Aniwaya, they were so close to each other that building an alliance made sense. He stood close to the fire his hair lightly moving in the breeze.

Those who helped set up began relaxing finding spots around the fire to relax. Kentaro tilted his head back letting out a call for all to gather. There was no demand in his tone just a simple invitation. He wanted those who had taken the invite to Anathema to enjoy themselves and those of Anathema to extend a welcoming hand.

The demon king shifted his weight as he leaned against a house wall as he watched the setting sun turn the sky golden and pink. Fall was upon them and soon enough all the leafs would be changing. This was the best time to have a mateship and friends around. He could only hope that nothing terrible happened.

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The young, snow furred girl sat in her favorite spot beside the mouth to the howling caverns, fiddling with some grass as she struggled to tie it into a bracelet around her tiny wrist. The young girl hadn't done much in the way of excitement today, but as the last rays of sunlight dipped below the horizon, an inviting howl rang out across Anathema. Nyx's ears perked and she gave a small smile. She hadn't exactly met all her packmates as of yet, and this voice was one she hadn't heard before. The tiny luperci got up onto her two feet and started walking in the direction the sound had come from.

Upon arriving at the village, Nyx was in awe as she saw several canines silhouetted against an enormous fire, though it confused the young girl to see that the fire did not spread wildly like it would in the forest. The snowy colored girl walked between tables of food and relaxed sitting bodies, seeing one luperci standing, head back against the side of a house, and decided to approach him.

"H-hello Mister..." The adolescent said softly, head dipped politely and ears tucked back. The girl smiled sweetly up at the male, though she tilted her head curiously as a familiar scent drifted to her pink nose. "A-are you friends of Amorette, Mister..? You k-kinda smell like her.." The pup smiled wider now, the tip of her tail beginning to wag nervously. "I-is there a party going on?"

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POSTED: Mon Sep 08, 2014 1:33 pm

OOC: Amorette's dress

It was finally happening, she was going to become Kentaro's mate. Sure, it wasn't happening just yet, but Amorette was still excited. After all, this was the day that her family and the rest of the Aniwayan's would join them in her new home. The Aston girl could hardly wait to have her mother and sister there. Last time she had seen them she was telling them she was leaving Aniwaya and things did not seem to go too well. Hopefully her mother wouldn't still be angry with her.

Amorette heard her loves call and a large smile crossed her face. She would have helped everyone set up for the arrival of their guests, but the chocolate fae had been working on something special to wear for this occasion. It was her first time attempting to make any clothes so she had more or less taken clothes she had found and just made a few adjustments to them. The chocolate fae wanted it all to be perfect though and had taken a few days working on a dress for the party, as well as one for the actual ceremony. She was pleased with how they looked though. The one she currently wore was a short strapless dress that was mostly black save for the red trim along the top. There was also a shear overlay that was much longer, falling down to her paws. Her hair was down, the blue feathers she normally wore replaced with red ones and she wore the red scarf that Kentaro had given her.

Finally ready, the chocolate fae made her way to Thackery Village, spotting her love leaning against one of the houses and then she spotted little Nyx there as well. Happily, Amorette made her way towards the two, hearing what the snow-pelted girl said. She scooped the girl up in her arms, nuzzling her cheek as she giggled. Yes dear, there is a party tonight. My mateship ceremony is coming up and we invited my family and my old pack to join us. The Aston girl looked to Kentaro as she set Nyx back down. Sweetheart, this is Kentaro. He's the one who is becoming my mate. A large smile spread across her lips as she leaned forward to kiss his cheek. She couldn't have been happier in that moment, especially because Isolde was not around at the moment.
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000 words. Hiya! Someone's about to get jealous.

Lukos grumbled as he laid down a pile of dry wood off to the side, away from the party food and tables but close enough to the fire for later. Planning ahead was one of the things Lukos excelled at, and now no one would have to get up in the middle of the dark to go find more. Of course, he naturally assumed the festivities would go on through a great deal of the night,if not all of it. Wonder if I grabbed too much though.. He shrugged his shoulders, leaving behind the heaping mound of branches and limbs.

Sitting besides the others who helped, the timber wolf gave out a sigh of relief. He had been doing odd-and-end jobs like that for awhile, contributing how he could. For all his gripping and groaning to himself, Lukos actually looked forward to the party. He even helped out with setting up, obviously, though if you asked him he would've just said it was because his house was twenty to thirty yards away. While that was true, he was still overjoyed that Anathema was making allies instead of enemies finally. A small smile spread along his muzzle, sitting comfortably as he gazed into the fire.

Lukos was dozing off when he heard a familiar, small voice over from Kentaro's location. Nyx? he thought, eyes snapping open as he started to stand. Sure enough, standing in front of the Angelo was the adorable pup he had come to know. His smile turned in to the biggest, dumbest grin you could see. In the short time he had known her, Lukos had become very attached to Nyx, protective of her, and acted downright fatherly. Which would make him a poor excuse of a protector, since he's been so busy he hadn't had a lot of time to see her.

He was about to walk up to Nyx when a chocolate canine appeared and picked her up, nuzzling her and laughing. The same women from the hunt. His grin faded back, with mixed emotions about him. I guess I shouldn't have assumed she was just looking after herself. I should've known someone was watching her as well. He was both happy for Nyx and sad at the same time. Still, it wasn't a reason to stay away.

Lukos finally approached the three, addressing the older Anathemans first. "Evening Angelo, and.... Amorette, correct?" he said, giving a respective nod to both. Lowering to a crouch, he forced a cheery smile and spoke to the girl he guarded while showing her 'round Anathema. "Hiya, Nyx. How've you been?" he asked, trying to sound cheerful. He quietly looked at her when he noticed a small scab above her eye. "My god, are you alright?! Did someone hurt you?" He remembered that there were two other people next to him, as he looked open with an embarrassed smile. He honestly didn't care if it was a little scab or not, if someone did this to her.... There will be BLOOD.

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OOC here. [000]

Dad. The singular word rang like a thunder shock in the quiet house. Kohaku lay atop his clutter of sleeping furs, one hand draped over his eyes as he snored quietly. He grunted, stirring at his son's words but rolled over to face away from the child rather than fully wake. Lelouch stood just outside of the door frame as his violet gaze watched the man. His feet shuffled awkwardly and he gave a quick yip in another attempt to wake his father. Yet, Kohaku refused to stir.

We're gonna be late. Kohaku remained still. Lelouch's large ears dropped and he watched the older wolf with sad eyes. His mother wouldn't have been late. Lelouch turned from Kohaku as he sorely missed his mother, again. Sometimes when he closed his eyes, he could still see her silky black fur and bright golden hues. She had always seemed to strong and wasn't nearly as lazy and useless as his real father. Just the thought of her caused his lower lip to quiver and his head to wilt between his shoulders. At three and a half month's old, Lelouch had just begun to enter his growing period. His over sized paws and enormous ears showed how much growing he still had left to do. It was clear he would be larger than his father, although by how much was uncertain.

Sniffling, Lelouch raised his head and set his jaw into a hard line. Fine, if his father wanted to sleep then he could sleep. Lelouch knew the way. Picking up the pace, he trotted towards the front as his claws clicked against the old wood. Ever since they had moved, Kohaku had made a habit of leaving the door slightly ajar for Lelouch. He still hadn't quite mastered bladder control. Thankfully, it also allowed Lelouch to wander around without his father's permission. His large black nose pushed through the tiny crack as his body wiggled viciously. His paws shot out to further push on the heavy frame and force the opening wider. With a couple of grunts and more than a few kicks, Lelouch managed to pry open the door enough for him to slip through. A few hours later, and Lelouch finally managed to wander into the party.

Many of the Anatheman's had already gathered. Some Lelouch recognized from previous encounters, other's he knew through description, and a couple he didn't really know at all. Deep violet eyes scanned the crowd as his nose twitched wildly. The scent of strangers, burning wood, meat, and canines all mingled into an unintelligible mess for the young child. He spied Lukos, but the male was still somewhat unknown to Lelouch and in the crowd he felt too shy to approach. Eventually, his gaze settled on Amorette and Lelouch's eyes immediately brightened. His ears shot up and his tail began to wag furiously as he charged forward, yipping happily with each step.

Lelouch came sliding to a halt as he noticed a much larger and older puppy in Amorette's arms. The white fur was stark against her short dress and the other child was covered in scars. Lelouch's ears fell backwards and he paced twice as he debated finishing his approach. Lelouch was only a couple yards away from Amorette, but he wasn't entirely certain what to think of the strangers. So Lelouch sat, his head bows and ears wilted to either side as he looked up at Amorette with a pathetic gaze.

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Olivia likes to party! :D I assume a few others are around, like Tiva, Simcha and a few others. Unless AniWaya isn't actually here and I'm jumping the gun. :X

Olivia loved parties but she had been to do few that the prospect of a celebration was an insane delight to her. The strange atmosphere and wolves didn't set her off either, it was just a large, eye opening experience for her as she looked around at the different canines that she had once called enemies. They looked normal to her now, just like canines that were trying to survive like the rest of them and that was an easy enough idea to pass through her head once she was among them. Though, there were many more young ones that she was expecting to attend.

The tawny fae passed around the village, looking at the human built homes, some of which were leaning from age and abuse. They were much more complicated than the homes she had back in the tribe, the hand made hunts were usually just one room and made of mud and straw. It made her feel rather archaic but less reliant on those that survived before them. And after passing a caved in home, she didn't think she would feel very safe living inside of one. If one of their huts collapsed, all it would amount to was some bruises and a showering of straw.

Passing back around, she lingered by the table with food, practically stuffing her face. Olivia may be a leader in AniWaya but her skills with others would still need refining. It was such a foreign air for her to be beyond the borders of her tribe and entertaining another pack's culture. She wished Amorette was around, all she saw was her sister's mate to be and leader of the pack. Then, she all at once spotted her sister with a snowy child in her arms and she hustled over to her with a broad faced grin. "Amorette!" She spoke with great warmth, "This is a lovely celebration Anathema is holding."

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Trimming and brushing her hair had taken a great deal of time. Over the months it had grown out long, sweeping low to nearly her tail in dark waves. But after a while it had grown simply irritating, and she’d been meaning to clean it up. Ocène’s opportunity came with the interpack party, and so she hunted down a sharp edge. When she found the dagger in pack storage, she had returned to the lake edge and made as even a cut as she could. Now her hair fell only to her mid-back, much more bouncy without the tattered ends and brighter, too. The woman felt light without all the extra weight, and confident as she strode into Anathema’s borders with her chin high and blue jay feathers bright against her dark hair. The scent of food reached her before the sounds of a social event did, and her excitement swelled. She wasn’t at total ease within Anathema’s grounds, but she told herself to quit worrying and enjoy the friendliness while she could. She quickened her pace towards the meeting place.

The first thing she did when she reached the clearing was pause and assess, bright gaze sweeping quickly over the AniWayans and Anathemans alike. Then she steeled herself and moved into the throng, heading towards the buffet where she was sure she’d caught a glimpse of Olivia’s dove feathers. When she arrived, she was pleased to see she was correct, and immediately moved to her daughter’s side. Seeing the girl’s cheeks full of food, Ocèane put a light hand on her wrist, a sign for her to slow down and be more polite, but she couldn’t keep the slight, amused smile off her face. The irony of Olivia’s leader status and her ability to stuff her mouth was quite simply hilarious, and very much reminded the Fire Maker of her younger self. Ocèane couldn’t deny herself food, and she took her pick of the feast, being much more reserved with how she went about eating.

When Amorette came into view, the Hineyu broke into an affectionate smile and crossed to her other daughter. Ma chèrie, I’ve missed you.” Ocèane breathed, and moved forward without invitation to envelop the dark girl in a warm embrace.

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OOC - Hollerr! Axelle brought along Lithia & Tzila, and she's not wearing anything special lol (300+)

Lucky for her, Axelle hadn’t had to go far for the festivities. Even though Kentaro had warned them earlier about the party and celebration happening in the Village, it completely escaped Axelle’s mind with all the duties she needed to accomplish. Itzal was out hunting and she was at home with her daughters. Hearing the voices and smelling the food from the center of the Village had them repeatedly asking her if they would go.

Finally, once Axelle was done sharpening her knife, she set it down on the kitchen counter, ”Yes, we can go.” She carefully opened the front door and watched those two little bodies race off the porch – one black and one gray. They tore down the walkway towards the party, both stopping at each puppy – Lithia at Lelouch, and Tzila at Nyx. Axelle took her time walking there, as she hadn’t seen any real familiar faces at the moment.

”Why do you look scared?” Lithia questioned Lelouch as she found him cowering, sort of, with his ears back and his body hunched. Her tail wagged slowly behind her and her expression said a lot about the inquisition in her body language. ”I’m Lithia,” she told him.

Tzila had skidded to a stop close behind Nyx, catching the tail-end of whatever Amorette was explaining to her, and interrupting that, ”Hi! I’m Tzila!” She spoke loudly, trying to carry her voice over the chattering voices around and doing a very good job of it. The black and silver tinged puppy’s eyes glanced up at Amorette to see if the attention was on her, but seeing as it didn’t seem to be, she returned her gaze back onto the white puppy before her. ”What’s your name?”

Axelle had come, at last, but hung back as it seemed the mate-to-be was currently being suffocated by everyone else. Maybe she would congratulate them later; for the meantime, she looked around for someone or something else to busy herself with. Itzal wasn’t here, so it was her time to shine – her time to feel out of place by herself. She wasn’t particularly hungry at that moment, and her daughters would be fine mingling with pups of their own age – she didn’t know what to do with herself, so she just stood there, occasionally smiling and greeting those who caught her eye.

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Hmmm… He was having a hard time figuring out what to wear to such. Thankfully his wardrobe wasn’t very big. In the end he really wasn’t going make a huge effort in deciding his outfit. Quickly he grabbed a nice pair of faded blue jeans and put them on. Taking his tail he fed it through the hole in the back and wiggled it freely.

Leaving the caverns behind the dog made his way to where the party was being held. On his muscled body he wore jeans and no shirt, his only hope was to not offend anyone. It was surprising to think about how in the past and probably still, residents of Anathema had been regarded as many nasty things. Yet, here they were with Aniwaya having a celebratory party. The misfit group allowed a whole tribe into their land and they were being friendly about it.

First thing the huskadore noticed upon entering the village was the bonfire and the food. That smells so good. It was nearly enough to make him drool. On his way to the amassed food he noticed a small group of his own had collected together. Whatever they were doing or talking about it looked like fun. Under normal circumstances seeing this many unfamiliar faces would bother the Rakeeb. However a mate ship between the Angelo, his sister and a former member of Aniwaya was far from normal. Everybody looked to be in good spirit and Mido was glad to see so many enjoying themselves.

The mutt started at the end of the table by grabbing a small plate. Eagerly he went around piling himself up a small heap of food. Almost half way down the smorgasbord was two women from Aniwaya. Hello. He greeted with a warm tone and a smile. One of the female’s quickly spotted Amorette, thrilled to see the chocolate fae she rushed off to see her. Mido walked towards Kentaro and those gathered around. He took up a spot between him and Lukos Hey.. Seeing Axelle he smiled to her curious to where Itzal was.

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Yep, pNPCs are here! Whee~

The journey to Anathema had not taken too long, particularly now that Claudius was familiar with the route. After having met Kentaro, it wasn't tough to retrace his steps and follow the scent markers to the village where the Anathemans were holding the reception. The mateship ceremony would go ahead, and knowing this, Claudius had asked Joy to accompany them as AniWaya's Nvwoti, their priest. Joy understood very intimately about how the wedding ceremony worked as well as other Cherokee customs. Claudius was glad that she had journeyed from the Great Tribe, more so now that Amorette's mateship was pending.

Simcha and Claudius had chatted with Joy during their trip there and Simcha was fascinated with the entire concept of the wedding blessing. Claudius, too, was rather curious -- but he wanted to see how their neighbouring pack handled it.

Once they neared the village, the smells became impossible to ignore. Once they had arrived, Claudius moved around the area, seeking out any familiar faces. He recognized Kentaro and Amorette, but no one else. It seemed as though the other Anathemans he had once known weren't there. It was a relief.

He decided to greet Amorette and then look after getting some food. He approached, wondering where the scarred pup in her arms fit into the equation.

"Huh-huh-hello... a-a-a-muh-morette," he said. "Huh-huh-how are you?" he asked slowly, not wanting to interrupt Olivia or Oce after following them over.
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