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Mateship cerimony, Anathema Mandatory

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For you I give my heart and soul

Kentaro is wearing dis Image

Kentaro stood fixing the suit as he looked around him. Aeron stood off to the side arms crossed golden gaze cold at her boy. He was now a man but just as dumb as the rest. He didn't know a good thing till it was gone. She'd just laugh at him when he became the fallen king. She looked about seeing who was here from Anathema and Aniwaya or who would soon arrive.

Kentaro inhaled and exhaled he wasn't nervous he knew what he was doing was right. He loved both women his mother tried to convince him it was lust for one. He knew that it was love he loved Isolde he couldn't handle not being with her. He tried to convince others and thus convince himself Isolde was just a "thing". She wasn't though his heart beat for her. But then there was Amorette she was so stunning so amazing. She made him insane she was loved.

He tilted his head back and a call rang over the land the call was echoed by Aeron's voice as the pair summoned all of Anathema. He looked at his mother who did little more then shrug as she watched waiting for everyone to join.

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The festivities had begun all around them. First, it was Aniwaya that came to visit, and now it was the event that they had all been waiting for – the Mateship Ceremony. She couldn’t help but wonder what Amorette’s family, what Aniwaya thought of Anathema’s polygamist ways. It wasn’t always easy on the mind, and it certainly wasn’t easy to understand and accept by those who believed in a strict 2-person mateship. There was always that question – how would they take it? From their little celebration in the Village earlier that week, she couldn’t tell if they despised their former comrade’s decision. They showed no outward thought to Amorette’s decision, and Axelle supposed that it would make everything smoother in the long run.

Axelle rounded up her daughters while Itzal readied himself for the occasion. They had brought the couple smoked meat, alcohol, and a few stray jewels kept it a leather pouch – after all, what else could she come up with so last minute? She knew the jewels from Lokr would come in handy at some point, and while she didn’t give them all to the new couple, it would certainly make up for her lack of effort. Axelle didn’t exactly care enough to go all out and shop for Kentaro – but she wanted to gain Amorette’s respect, since the woman was viewed over her on so many levels. If Amorette’s opinion of her was positive, it was possible it would lighten Kentaro’s spirits a little more too.

They began to gather by the Maxia Negra, as they always did for these types of things. Axelle, Itzal and their pups were one of the first to arrive. Axelle and Itzal chose seats in the front, leaving two open between them for Lithia and Tzila. Axelle set the couple’s intended gifts in her lap and looked forward, dipping her head once to Aeron, Kentaro, and then Amorette if she caught their eyes. Itzal had done the same afterwards, and the pups looked around anxiously, while wagging their tails a mile a minute. ”What are we doing here, Dad?” Tzila asked Itzal, using his leg to get a better look at the other side of the seating area, where no one sat yet.

”Angelo Kentaro is taking a new mate; we’re here to celebrate with him,” Itzal answered, noticing Lithia was awfully quiet. His yellow eyes watched the pink-eyed puppy stare forward absently towards Kentaro. There was no way that either of her parents knew the kind of crush she had on their king. Maybe it would have been a crime, but how could her one and only secret be a crime?

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It was her time to shine.

The bone comb slid meticulously through her mane, arranging every white hair exactly into place. As she preened and dressed, Isolde's thoughts turned to last summer, the Rast ceremony; she had been nervous, excited, and proud to stand between her brothers and have the entire pack acknowledge her as an adult and praise her for it. The panic of potential failure had fled her trembling teenaged body once she felt Toshiro and Kentaro's supportive presence envelop her. She could do anything when bolstered by their fraternal love.

Today brought back echoes of that feeling; warm, hazy memories of three pups chasing each other in a broken-down playground, falling asleep on top of each other, sharing the same teat. In her warped, toxic little heart, there was no one she loved more wholly than Kentaro and Toshiro.

She wondered if her mothers had ever guessed how deep her adoration ran, or if they ever predicted Ken would return her possessive love and ask her to be his mate. It made perfect sense to her, though. Isolde simply could not imagine having those feelings for a stranger — how could someone fall in love when they hadn't been together from the beginning? Their bond would never compare.

Satisfied with her appearance in the mirror, Isolde gave Avernus a kiss and bid her to feed the crows and the cat while she was out. She would have wanted Ave to witness the ceremony, but Isolde had a secret she didn't want out yet; Ave's AniWayan brother would be there. Besides, the servant had no stomach for rituals, and these ceremonies usually involved a sacrifice. Humming brightly to herself, the bride-to-be followed the summoning cry, vibrating with anticipation. No one could ignore her today; she would dazzle them all.

The attendants were still arriving when Isolde joined the scene, though her eyes were for one only. Kentaro was so trim and handsome in his most formal attire. Isolde beamed at him and touched the ruby necklace around her throat — the housewarming gift he had given her — before self-consciously straightening the crow feather cape draped about her narrow shoulders. She had fashioned a black dress to match it, with the skirt made of iridescent feathers she'd collected all year. A crow princess of Anathema, was the egotistical image she had in mind. She was the one true partner for the Angelo.

But of course, she was not to be his one and only. Isolde's feelings for Amorette were turbulent and capricious; at one moment she fantasized about slipping a dagger between her ribs to take Kentaro for herself, and at another, she was complacent that the Aston could bear heirs and Isolde wouldn't have to ruin her figure. Sometimes the dark wolf intrigued Isolde, a peculiar blend of physical attraction, kindred spirit, danger. It was strange to think that this other woman would be her mate, too, and it was exciting. Isolde would do anything to secure her place at this altar. She would never be bored again.

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It was finally the day. She was about to become Kentaro's mate. Well, Isolde's as well, but she was going to do her best to ignore the patchwork female. It was her and Kent's day, not Isolde's. The other woman was just a tool for power and more pups, nothing more. The chocolate fae couldn't help but hate the woman though. She was just in her way, trying to take her man from her.

Amorette readied herself in their church home, putting on the red dress and fixing her hair so it was free of any knots. She wanted to look perfect on this day, outshine Isolde and make her look like nothing. Once she heard her love's call, the chocolate fae made her way to the ceremony. Others were still arriving but Amorette barely noticed them. Her eyes were fixed on Kentaro as she approached him. The red dress she wore moved gently with each step. It hugged her form, flattering her curves and showing off her womanly figure. Isolde on the other hand had chosen to wear a bunch of crow feathers, making her look like some kind of giant bird. It was a horrendous choice in Amorette's eyes, especially with Kent looking so handsome in his black and red suit between them.

There were no good feelings being held for the other woman. There was nothing but hatred and disgust there. How could her love want his own sister was beyond her and in all honesty, Amorette wanted nothing more than to watch her burn. She couldn't do such a thing though, not without hurting the one she did care about. So, she would have to live with this. At least for now. Maybe the patchwork female could have some sort of "accident" at some point in time. Unfortunately, it would only seem suspicious if something were to happen to her right after they became mates. She could wait though, but Isolde would not be allowed to be with Kentaro. Not if she could help it.

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300+ FMA moment up in here

It won’t be long before it’s time for the ceremony. I need to get a move on. Sitting at the edge of the bed Mido knew he needed to get his shit together. The male knew full well he and everyone else would soon be summoned for the Mateship. It was a very important day in Anathema, one that would unite Kentaro, Isolde and Amorette.

Get dressed already, no excuses. Sure to grab the nicest articles of clothing in his possession he quickly slipped into them and went to his desk. On the make shift table a portion of a shattered mirror was propped up against the rock wall. Seeing himself in the mirror he didn’t think he looked half bad. He wore nice black pants and a long red hooded coat. Now what to do about this? He thought running a hand over his messy hair. Grabbing a bone comb he fixed the mess on his head. Mido then took his hair and attempted to braid it. It may have took him several tries but he eventually got a nice braid in. Taking a long string from the table the Rakeeb tied his hair back. At some point when he saw her, he would have to thank Pride for showing him how to do this.

Inside the caverns Aeron and Kentaro’s duo voice sounded. Before leaving the Rakeeb was sure to grab his gifts for Anathema’s newest mates to be. When arriving at the ceremony location the first thing he did was chuckle under his breath. Appropriately the Angelo looked very sharp. The lad and the dog ironically were sporting very similar if not the same colors. He left his gifts on the reception table; two beautiful dresses for the ladies and a stunning pair of Kamas wrapped in cloth for the king. In light of Pandas absence Aeron was the only one in Anathema qualified to perform Kentaro’s mateship. Walking towards the front he noticed Axelle, Itzal and the kids were already there. The muscled male moved into the row behind the family and took a seat behind them. Without even thinking Mido gave Itzal a friendly punch to the shoulder on his way down. Hey. He said to both of them. Looking directly at the golden vixen he bowed his head in respect. Turning his sights to the participants he offered them a warm smile.

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Nero Napier
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Nero had distinctly tried to ignore the festivities. It wasn't that he wasn't interested in them, it was just that he had far different things going on his mind to be distracted. He thought about Esmeralda a lot and he wished she was here already. Nero had promised to show her some of his favorite things and not a day passed that he didn't think about her and wanted her so desperately. It didn't help to get punished though and he hung near the back of the group to observe the whole affair.

He could see Kentaro and his newest conquest, a mere girl from AniWaya, and Isolde stood with them as well. Nero had not spoken to Isolde in many moons, only passing comments coming between them since she had accompanied him into the depths. Nero had seen her though, seen her very quickly turn into a wild child of sorts, mingling with Kentaro and his band. Now, she was committing herself to mateship with the leader and Amorette. The Tengu was curious to see how it would all turn out for them, especially for the tribe that observed it all. Some of them looked to be taking it well, but he remembered when he first joined Anathema and their reactions were like his own.

Just as well, he wasn't going to interfere with their lusty affair but all he could really see was how young they were. The five year old wondered if he would be jumping into something as strange if he was there age and within this pack. He had been practically wild when he was there age though, on a much different track of life than the one he saw here. The girls would be well taken care of at least. He doubted Kentaro would allow them to be decapitated, so, perhaps their decisions were not so sightless.

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Joy is here! Elaborated a lot on AniWaya's cultural mateship ceremony. *.* All the ceremony business is here.+300

This was the main event, the thing that all this celebration had been mounting up to. Olivia was excited, of course. This would be a very special time for her sister and her mates, though the concept was still a little odd to the young leader. She had brought Joy with her. The priest always looked noticeable stern and severe but even she had to see the beauty in the mateship. Olivia supposed that she did but it was hard to read the woman when she was caught up in her thoughts.

Walking along side of the priest, she noticed how Anathema had gathered. There appeared to be fewer than at the party though some that had not attended had arrived at the actual ceremony. Her eyes briefly brushed past a glowering tower of a male that looked as though he'd rather not be there. Regardless, there were plenty more happy faces than upset. Joy had brought the pieces of their traditional ceremony as well. Olivia had had to learn it from her her to understand it properly. While the pieces were often brought by the couple, the whole affair was an odd one to everyone and Joy hadn't seemed to mind the strangeness of it all. It seemed as though she was a rather infallible woman.

In one hand, she held two ears of golden corn cradled against her chest and in the other she held a lightly wrapped piece of cooked deer meat. It was a small ceremony but one that settled well with the spirits, for it told that they would be able to provide for each other. In courtship, when one expresses interest in another they would kill a deer and give it to the one they love. And if they cook it and give it to them, it means the proposal has been accepted. Then, the cooked meat of the deer is returned and the ceremony can occur. The receivers of the deer give their partner the corn, telling that they can provide bred while the hunter of the deer give them the deer, which signifies they can provide meat. And then, it's practically just a short ceremony and a great feast.

Olivia couldn't wait for the eating part and stood near Joy as they settled near the front of the room to begin when everyone was ready and assembled. She couldn't help but shoot a supportive smile towards her sister, though there was some unease on her face which the teacher could not place.

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000 words. Late to the party as always.

The long awaited day has arrived. Anathema had literally heralded the marriage for some time now. Lukos wondered what the Aniyawan's had thought of it, Kentaro's marriage and all. It must be strange, guessing from the looks at the party that was thrown. I'm sure each side of the packs would feel strange to see the others lifestyles. The wolf really didn't have anyone to ask about their opinion from the other pack, but in the end it didn't matter. What mattered is that a pack of people how had little contact with Anathema from before is willing to become allies. The reasoning for this wasn't lost on Lukos, but it just nice to think of it as more than a alliance out of marriage. And Aniyawa didn't have to become an ally. They could have just let Amorette marry Kentaro and be done with it.

Speaking of the marriage, Lukos heard both Kentaro and Aeron call out to both packs. "Well, it's time." he said to no one. He had actually cleaned up for the event, not wanting to be the one who showed up like a slob. Though, unfortunately he only had one set of clothing, minimalist he was. although! they aren't really for anything other than style! as thin as the fabric is. He'll have to remind himself later to scour Halifax for something more useful for the freezing weather ahead. For now, he started to move towards the ceremony.

Once there, he took note of all those there. There was, of course, his brothers and sisters from Anathema. But also, a group of AniWayans had shown as well. As to be expected. They didn't come just for the food. Lukos quietly slipped into a seat, not wanting to draw attention away from the main event. He couldn't help but notice that the girls both were wearing one of the colors from Kentaro's suit. Was that planned? He didn't know, and could care less. What was lost on him was the coordination behind such an event, or organization period for that matter. Anyone could tell that from his usual appearance.

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After the party, Nyx had been sure to keep the date of Amorette's mateship to Kentaro. She didn't want to feel ignorant like she had at the gathering, and genuinely hoped that the feeling today would be a bit less... tense. Sure the food and mingling with others was great, but the tension among certain members of the visiting pack was nearly tangible to the sensitive snowy coated girl. The young Dasa wasn't much in the way of style, but in preparation for the ceremony, the tiny creature was sure to wash up well, the tuft of hair at the top of her head was brushed through nicely, and Nyx had even wrapped herself with the only article of clothing she possessed, a now somewhat faded red scarf.

Hearing the now familiar call of the angelo, Nyx hurried nervously to its source, scampering along her path until she found herself entering the crowd that was amassing. Looking around, Nyx folded her ears back, unable to distinguish anyone she was close with to sit next to, but as the girl was about to resign herself to sitting alone and out of the way, she spotted the familiar silhouette of the male that had shown her around Anathema the first time she had ventured out alone. 'Lukos!'

Wagging her tail suddenly and perking her ears, the girl slipped quietly into the seat beside him and looked up, smiling excitedly and swinging her feet a bit like a child. This certainly was a time to be excited. She knew it was a big moment for her pack, and that they were now going to be allies with Amorette's old pack with this mateship. Looking up at the male beside her, Nyx smiled and gave a tiny wave, though she didn't speak, wanting to be respectful as she then turned her eyes forward to watch the event unfold.

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Kohaku had half a mind just to skip the whole event and just accept the consequences. He had always done his best to avoid these pack gatherings, only attending when mandatory or otherwise forced. Even then he was rarely on his best behavior. Kohaku used the pack to gather strength for himself and felt little for the members that called it home. His ties were weak and he had but one friend in all of Anathema. They even had a physical relationship that had turned into a moonlight escapade. Kohaku wasn't used to keeping his "relationships" a secret and the idea of hiding from Kentaro made his mood sour and bile bubble into his mouth.

Now he had to watch as Kentaro stole Amorette and claimed Isolde to boot. He only came for one reason, and that was to support the woman that he cared about in the only fashion he was capable of. It hurt and made him sick to his stomach, but it had to be done. Kohaku had dressed up in the only finery he owned, his black cloak and red sash. It wasn't a great combination and made him look more like a warrior or assassin rather than a guest at a mateship ceremony. It was, however, the best bit of clothing he owned and the only thing he could really wear.

Kohaku lead himself and his son to the ceremony in complete silence. His jaw was tight and his lips were set into a hard line as he chose a seat in the back. Emerald eyes flicked between the three soon-to-be mates before finally settling on Amorette. She looked beautiful in her crimson dress that contorted and showed off her lovely curves. Kentaro's scar was wrapped around her neck and he tried to avoid admitting to himself that it matched with the dress. Sullen, the patchwork male crossed his arms as his leg bounced restlessly.
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