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POSTED: Sat Nov 01, 2014 7:18 pm

Watching the hustle and bustle all around her, Inara felt slightly useless as she stood there, snuggling her trio up to her chest. What did she know about infants, let alone infant kittens? Clearly not much, but every idea and action that passed between Taro and Lila was tucked away in Inara's mind and stored carefully should she ever need to refer back to this day. She looked from Taro's gesture down to Lila's calico, Alva, and nodded. Gently, the coydog lowered herself down to the makeshift nest and nestled the miniature calico queen, the black-and-white tom, and the tabby queen in the pile of their littermates. The little calico kitten mewed pitifully and Inara almost reached back in to pick her up again but resisted.

Rising to a stand again, Inara remained quiet and equally as anxious. Bi-colored eyes watched the wriggling kittens while her ears listened for any sounds of Lila's return. She was glad that Lila had volunteered to gather the goat milk. It would've been a lost cause if milking the goat had fallen on her, considering she avoided the livestock at all cost and had never milked anything in her life before. Inara liked to think she would have risen to the occasion if she had to, though. Surely she'd be able to find someone who could've helped her milk the goat if she needed to. This was Vinátta, after all.

Inara had realized how much her thoughts had preoccupied her until Lila came flying back in through the door. Either she was ridiculously fast or Inara had been further lost in her thoughts than she knew. In any case, the coydog was happy she was back and with warm, fresh goat milk.
Before she even had a chance to consider how they were going to get the kittens to take the milk, Taro already had a solution. She watched as the grey kitten took to the rag eagerly and without complaint. Before her packmate even had to instruct it, Inara knew what needed to be done and grabbed a couple rags. Soaking them in the warm milk, the coydog lowered herself to the ground and collected a pair of kittens - the calico girl and the orange tom - and placed then in her lap before mimicking Taro. The calico took to the rag as quickly as her grey sister had but the orange tom required a little more convincing. Inara dripped a dot of white milk onto his little pink nose and watched as it ran down and into his tiny mouth before placing the sopping rag up to his nose. This time he seemed to get the idea and suckled greedily at the rag.

Inara looked up, smiling brightly. "I can't believe it's working! You guys are geniuses!"

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