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winter prep.

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Luna huffed out a sigh as she swept out her and Sol’s shared home. Dirt seemed to accumulate quickly, and for some reason it bothered her. The two had lived outside for so long, they were just getting used to living in an actual home. It was a hazardly thrown together sort of place, but it was their home all the same. Both twins had been out hunting since coming to AniWaya, and each had a nice stack of furs in each corner of their hut. Both would go out again soon for bigger game, they needed a thick door covering and that would take awhile to procure. The window openings had fur covering them, and Luna had managed to hammer together a few shelves that hung on the walls of their home.

She was halfway through building a few crude storage boxes for them to keep their things in separately, but it was slow going. These things took time, and she was still learning. Thankfully the most important part of their preparation had taken place. Sol had asked around and learned how to fix the top of their hut so it was slightly open as to let smoke out from the fire pit that they had recently dug in the middle of their hut but kept it small enough to keep snow and cold from coming in too much. The twins had dug the firepit quite large and had bordered it with good sized rocks so that when it was cold they could have fires inside. A crudely fashioned bucket ( courtesy of Luna ) filled with dirt lay against the nearest wall, so that they may put out the fire quickly if needed.

The home was getting there, mostly they just needed to stock up on firewood to be stacked against the outside of their hut and cover it with a leather tarp to keep it from getting wet, and to line their sleeping areas with bunches dried grasses to keep it soft and dry in the winter. That’s why Luna was doing a final clean of the hut, so that they might begin on gathering firewood before it snowed. The bob-tailed youth brushed her bangs out of her face as she set their broom against the wall and walked outside their hut, stretching out her lower back muscles. She would take a break for now and go wander the village, her and Sol had kept mainly to themselves and perhaps on this warm fall day others would also be fixing up their homes and could offer her some tips. It was her first home, and she hoped they would be warm.

Briskly the coywolf walked towards the great fire, it seemed that most of the activity of their small tribe was centered around this area.

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The cold was close. It sat quietly in the nooks of the tribe, settled in wait on the limbs of the trees. Just the slightest current of air brought the chill along with like a parasite, where it burrowed into the brightly colored leaves peppering the canopy. The cold sucked out their life and they fluttered, withered and brown, to crunch on the forest floor under passerby’s feet. The chocolate woman’s fur had been growing thicker, her body already preparing itself for the coming blizzards and white dust. Ocèane, besides her increasing amount of insulating fur, was preparing in all ways she could. Years of travelling had given her insight of how taxing and dangerous winter could be, and the Hineyu knew all of the tips and tricks of keeping warm and well during the deadly months.

Today, there was sun, but a slight chill of a breeze still rattled the trees, and so she deemed it a perfect day for some more heavy duty work. And so on she went, hefting an axe and stretching her muscled shoulders before chopping up precious wood used to fuel fires. Ocèane worked well past high sun, and by midafternoon she had loaded up the cart attached to the cart horse known as Gda and returned to AniWaya’s heart. Wooden wheels creaking over the dirt earth woman and horse came to a stop before the Town Hall, which was sporting a rather pathetic amount of community wood. The Fire Maker dismounted Gda before she caught wind of a shape hovering near the Great Fire, and raised her voice in greeting. Osiyo, mademoiselle. Do you mind helping me with this? When we’re done, you’re welcome to take some for yourself. The Aston gestured to the wooden cart heavy with firewood, before nodding to Town Hall, where a measly few sticks remained cluttered in the corner.

Océane Aston

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Luna had gotten caught up with watching the Great Fire and was surprised when a voice rang out across the tribes center. An unfamiliar tribes member beckoned her over, and over she went. “ Of course I will help. “ She replied, following the brown womans gaze to where she saw there was very little wood left. “ And that would be great, thank you. My name is Luna, I am new. “The mottled hybrid said as way of introducing herself, before picking up an armful of carefully stacked would and plodding over to where a few sticks remained. Carefully she bent at her knees and placed the load down before walking back to the cart, looking around to see if anybody else was out and about.

“ It seems rather quiet around here today. “
Luna observed, picking up a few more logs and walking back to stack them. “ What do you all do for fun around here? Me and my brother haven't met very many tribes members yet. “ The coywolf said with a grin. She paused to pat the face of the horse and stroked it’s neck before continuing on, working opposite of the brown wolf.

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