watching the fire as we grow old


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Ocèane Aston
When you hiss and preach

There was a bite of winter in the morning light. Ocèane awoke curled on her soft fur bed, nose and ears numb with the chill that had crawled through her den opening. She’d pulled herself up, mind groggy with the cold and joints popping from where they’d been frozen. She rubbed her fingers, nose and ears to get her blood running from where it had stilled in her veins. The Hineyu’s first conscious breaths appeared in curling white smoke, accompanied with the feeling of ice sliding down her throat.

Winter was not far off. In Nova Scotia, the warm season was short and sweet, but the feeling of snow and ice-cold was always lurking close by. Fall was quick, consisting of a short burst of colors where the leaves turned before they withered to an ugly brown and littered the ground. The few broad-leaf trees around AniWaya were already well into their color changing, their days numbered before they would shed their vibrancy and become skeletal and foreboding. The cold air stung Ocèane’s cheekbones and eyes like the blunt end of a knife, crawling under even her thick fur. The Fire Maker rose and stretched, spinning to the corner of the room to keep herself warm, before snatching her dark cloak. The material was thick, black, and the only clothing she owned, besides her traditional headdress. Even the Aston and her arctic fur couldn’t keep out the cold, sometimes. The woman whisked the black cloth around her shoulders and made her way outside, where the sun bathed the tips of the vibrant trees in gold. It didn’t take her long to reach the Great Fire. When she did, she stoked it with more wood and curled herself on the edge, close to the flames, hoping the warmth would seep into her chilled figure.

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It was chilly out and Fen knew it matched his fearful heart. He had nearly killed again, but it was for a good cause right? He was a man that threatened and led an attack against the pack. They would have killed them if it was up to them. Hell Fen was gentle on the bastard. How dare he bring fear to the people of this land. That was the main reason he aimed to defy Anathema all the way and he knew many stories about the pain they brought. Fen was black mailed and treated as dirt but most importantly they drove his brother mad. Nero was a rabid mutt of a man now and it saddened Fen to his core.

He was going to be a father but how could a man who lost his brother and dignity be a useful father to anyone? He wasn't special nor was he at all a easily liked man. Hell he wondered if the only reason Laurel says she couldn't live without him was because of him saving her life. So even if she didn't love him she was honest. What was he thinking? He was getting cold feet about fatherhood. It would be difficult and annoying. It would have its own ups and downs but as long as the child was alive and didn't experience as much pain as he had then Fen could be happy.

It was cold but the great fire brought joy to Fen and Alicanto refused to let him move on his own. Many had their spirit guides but Fen had his guide laying beside him in a heap of black feathers. Soon the nearby movement and scents caught his nose as he stood up with his white cloak dawned. He patted Alicanto as the raptor followed. Fen smiled obviously exhausted from sleepless nights. " Hello there my dear sister glad to see you are well and what a proud couple of weeks for our people huh?" Fen smiled chuckling as the bird tiredly chirruped in victory in memory of defeating the loners and the new leader being promoted.
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