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Sat Oct 18, 2014 9:18 pm

347 Words --- Morning, 18th. --- Thread prompt 3: Fall makes for some beautiful colors in the deciduous trees -- take a moment to admire them with a fellow Infernian, and relax in the wonder of fall together! Play in some fallen leaves or just enjoy the scenery -- your thread should center around autumn's full swing.

The world was amazing.

Saut had only seen a small part of it so far, but that didn't stop him from being firmly of the belief that everything around him was absolutely amazing. There was just so much to see and do outside, the brief visits that Gramma Kaena allowed him were the most fun that Saut ever had. It made it all the more upsetting that he had to spend all his time inside. Gramma Kaena had tried to explain it, telling him how it was safer for him to be inside until he was older, but to one so young words meant little. They were confusing and hard to understand, and slipped through Saut's brain like sand through an adult's fingers. What he did understand was the joy that the outside world brought him, and the sadness of spending so much of his life away from it.

That wasn't to say that life inside the den was <i>bad</i> for Saut, far from it. Kaena took good care of him and he was comfortable, but no amount of hugs or stories could top being outside. Especially when the scent of the clan, so familiar to that scent that he instinctively recognised, taunted him through the window.

Still, spending all his time inside did make it all the sweeter on those occasions when he did get to go outside, and Saut was in for a treat. Since he had last been out the world had blossomed into colour, the ground covered with a carpet of orange and brown leaves that swirled in the light wind. It was heaven for Saut, and while Kaena sat nearby with watchful eyes the puppy was happily racing about the small stretch of land outside the den, jumping through the heavy piles of leaves almost as deep as he was tall, snapping and chasing at the few leaves that drifted about on the wind. Looking at him now, you would never guess that Saut was anything but a regular, happy, carefree puppy; and in this moment, that was exactly what he was.
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