Count your blessings


POSTED: Wed Feb 04, 2015 6:09 pm

Word Count: 412::: Unsure of the exact date but this would be a few days ago ^_^ ::

It was quieter than normal in the schoolhouse. Usually the noble act of keeping the schoolhouse from getting too tired and boring was one that Saut took place in with relish; the puppy usually found annoying one of the various residents, playing in the hallways or simply nearby after being temporarily evicted by some annoyed resident or another. The puppy had his quiet moments, moreso in recent months, but he could usually be relied on to add a bit of energy to the air; even if some prompting was required on occasion.

There was little of that energy in Saut today. The Asylum pup had set off on his ill-advised trip to Salsola full of optimism, hope and determination, sure that this would finally be the time when he reconnected with his mother. The Saut that returned was a shell, of that and of his normal self. He had found his mother, but it hadn’t been the fairytail reunion that he had dreamt of; ending in the happiness he had been seeking. Yes, Saut had found his mother, but the encounter had – as far as Saut was concerned – ended in rejection. The wording might have been a bit different, softer, but it reeked to the pup with excuse and whether he was accurate or not, in the end it amounted to the same. His mother didn’t want him, didn’t want him to come and live with her.

It had been a devastating blow to the boy and he had returned to Inferni in a daze, barely hearing or even registering any who tried to rebuke or chastise him for his unplanned trip. Instead Saut had simply returned to the schoolhouse and into his room, which he had still yet to leave no matter how much Kaena tried.

The room itself, at first glance, appeared to be unoccupied. It would take sharp eyes to pick out the figure of Saut, curled up tight in as small a ball as he could get beneath the blankets and furs that he typically used as a bed. Today the fabrics were a shield, protecting Saut from the outside world as much as was possible. An easier method to locate the youth would be simply to listen. For as still as Saut was, an intermittent stream of sniffles, whimpers and sobs punctuated his location nicely.

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