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Spring Flood Plot #2

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There had been a time long past where she had looked at the sky as she was doing now and the feeling of dread had overwhelmed her. It did so again, she shuddered and her fur bristled. It was happening again, the same electricity in the air, the same smell that she couldn't even pinpoint only knowing that it meant danger. The sky was cloudy and there was nothing to suggest that there was a disaster coming but she knew, she could feel it deep within her. She leaned against her fire staff as her body drained of energy and her knees threatened to give themselves up. Not again. Visions swam before her eyes, the trees bending against violent wind and rain pounding with enough force to cause pain. Her home, collapsing into the river and her son swept away by its rolling waters. Gemma let out a cry of despair, it was coming, building in strength.

She thought of her children, they were only two moons old, they would be put at risk. Eyes swept about the village around her. Falling on the Great Fire. The Fire must be protected too. The last time they had kept it alive in a leather pouch as embers, feeding it on twigs and kindling. That had been blasphemy, she had only been a Gata Hineyu then. And again now she was only an Otlvna Gata. Not a Master. But, rules would have to be broken to serve the whole. To save their culture. This time though they were not just two, they were four. The tender lifted her head to the cloud covered sky and howled, calling together her fellow disciples. As her song died away Gemma's mind was already racing as the logistics, about how they would divide the work. There was no Ulilohi here to guide her way now, she was alone. She dearly missed her good friend but knew that the Ehn descendant would be proud of her strength.

Tiva was the first to arrive, the Skilled tender rushing to Gemma's side and breathing heavily as though she had been running. 'Gemma! What's wrong.' The white fae looked at her friend of years now and wondered just when their relationship had shifted and Tiva had become deferential to herself. She was head Skilled now and Tiva followed her lead. It unsettled her slightly, "There is a storm coming, can you not feel it? Brewing in the air. We must secure the Great Fire, and spread the news about the tribe. Everyone must prepare." The two female's exchanged knowing worried glances, Tiva remembered just as well as Gemma did the hurricane that had nearly wiped them from the map.

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She'd been antsy for the past two days unsure what exactly the cause was. Pacing across her scape of land she'd been building upon her small hut she'd had no progress whatsoever in the past few hours and felt inside herself no more progress to come. So far she had a frame up, including a half finished wall on one side and a roof that needed to be started. Her paws were stiff from the collection of cuts and splinters that had come with the handling of wood and the cold of wind was getting old as she had worked. She'd been working hard and diligently, yet now she sat beside her pile of wood with eyes moving around relentlessly searching for what it was that nature was trying to tell her by the spark of anxiety going up and down her spine and working through the network of nerves down her arms, legs and tail. Even the short main against her head now poked out, standing up on end, seeming unable to ease itself back down.

"Something is wrong," she spoke to herself all worked up. "Something..." Her words grew silent as eyes caught the distant smoke she'd arranged her plot of land to be in range of. Something was going to happen to the Fire. Or at least that's what she felt inside.I've got to go now! she inwardly declared.

But just as she stood upwards onto dark feet a howl broke out. It took little for Jinora to recognize the voice and the tone. With a gasp she was racing towards the beloved flames she held so dear to her heart. If Gemma was calling in help something was definitely wrong.

As she rounded the last corner and at last the Great Fire became visible two figures also came to her eyes and one she easily recognized while the other was a stranger but an Aniwayan nonetheless.

"What is it?" she called out as she closed the distance in. "What's going on? Is the Fire okay? Is everything okay?"

Her paws settled into a walk as she grew closer to the warmth of large flames and tilted her eyes up towards it as though searching for a gaping wound. A second, only one, was given to trying to catch her breath before she whipped her head back around to look at Gemma.

"What do I need to do?" she asked desperately, knowing full and well she'd do anything to protect the sacred flames.
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Ocèane knew about rain. Yes, she did, more explicitly, how miserably destructive it could be. A sprinkle or the occasional, brief downpour was fine, even life-giving to the plants and the rivers. But the Aston could feel this storm in her bones. The air was charged with electricity, and the clouds continued to swell at what seemed like an endless pace above their heads, gray and pregnant. The wind had begun to pick up the last few days, and the trees groaned in either protest or in preparation for what they knew was coming. Ocèane had immediately shot into action. She was not the type of person to sit in silent wait. The morning she arose and looked outside her hut's door, she knew that this was not going to pass, or just drain into the ocean, as they may have hoped. It was going to hit them and the whole of Nova Scotia, and hard. Flashflooding and danger crowded the Hineyu's thoughts, causing her to lift all of her posessions from the floor of her hut to her mattress, while she searched for different things she could use to create shelves or hooks. Installing the precipices as high up to her roof as possible, the female fastened her items there. Then she began rounds to her pack mates, asking them if they wanted the same done, or if they had something else they could help move out of harm's way. But it wasn't until Gemma's call split the air that Ocèane grew truly worried. Whirling from whatever it was she was doing, the Fire Maker bounded to the small gathering of fire tenders, listening carefully as Gemma spoke and Tiva and Jinora asked questions or wished for tasks. Ocèane edged over to Gemma, looking the scarred woman in the eyes. "I'll help you. What do we need to do?" The pale female seemed to have become the unofficial leader of the group, and the Aston was glad. While most of her bloodline seemed to be natural leaders, Ocèane still had many flaws when it came to looking over others, and knew that Gemma would be very good at distributing them and telling them what they must do.

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As the storm was growing stronger even as she stood there she could feel its power in the air all around her. But within her, she did not quail or feel cowed, for he had fought such a monster before and they had won. That didn't mean she was not scared and worried for the future but she would face what came with dignity and surety in her heart. Her fingers stopped their trembling on the staff and she stood up straight, glaring at the boiling clouds. She even bared her teeth for a brief second. The elements could rage however they wanted, AniWaya would not move.

And they did come to her call, shortly after Tiva came Jinora, their newest, and then the willowy Aston daughter. They were all eager to assist, to help and prepare as best they could before the storm hit them. Orders and the necessities rolled about her mind, each vying for the spot if most importance. Tamai Waki appeared at her side, the hulking bison fading in, his dark eyes taking in the gathering of Tenders. They watched her, waiting for their assignments as loyal soldiers.

"We must prepare as best we can. There is no time for cutting more trees to burn but what we have stored must be moved to the inside of the Town Hall and placed above the floor level in case of flooding. Everything related to the Great Fire must be moved to safety out of reach of the waters. We cannot allow the Great Fire to go out. It is possible we could create a wind barrier if we have enough wood stored but that would take much labor. Jinora, Ocèane, you two gather up every spare scrap of wood you can find throughout the Tribe, anything you think we can use, when you're done report back here. Tiva, we'll begin to move the wood inside." She was trying to divide the work as best she could, she did not feel as strong as she should be, motherhood taking a lot of her energy and spare strength but she did not allow that to dictate the effort she would put in. She would pull as much weight as the other three females even though it would drain her terribly, she had never been one to let others pick up her own slack. There was a few seconds she waited, to answer any questions that might be asked.

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