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what the water gave me

Mon Jul 13, 2015 7:43 pm

OOC - Join Gypsy and the Old Salts by Sister Lake for a bit of fishing and fun!

Gypsy was getting along famously with Claude and Pepper, the dynamic duo Roman seemed to actually feel comfortable leaving her with for a couple of hours, probably because they reminded him of the elders from home and asked them both very few questions. The coy princess thought they were absolutely fascinating of course , eager to hear all about their travels and everything they'd seen both on the sea and land, and though the two Old Salts frequently lapsed into petty arguments with one another, they seemed to have taking a fierce liking to Gypsy and had become as fretting and protectful as her own abuela...someone long gone by now.

She wasn't sure where Roman went when she was left with them, but she never asked, having already come to terms with the keen mind to discern that the Old Salts had become her unspoken babysitters while he was away. It should've embarrassed her, knowing he meant to have her guarded and watched at all times, but she somehow found comfort in his controlling means of keeping her safe. She couldn't fault him from trying to maintain and suspend a key piece of their connection to the past, but who was protecting him? Her world would surely be lost if that link suddenly broke, but it was hard to think of Roman as someone who really needed safe keeping. He'd gotten them this far after all, and Gypsy couldn't imagine what it'd been like at first, when she was truly an invalid...a burden he couldn't and wouldn't shake.

That was behind them now, but Gypsy had questions, niggling queries that gave her the strange sense of deja vu. How many times had she asked Roman about these things? How often did he have to answer them? So she stopped...or at least experienced a few days where she thought better than opening up the old wounds. Maybe that's why he carved out some alone time by himself? Maybe that was how he survived?

With a sigh, Gypsy found herself on the bank of Sister Lake, her mind returning to the present and her fingers curled into the end of a net. Girl, yer gonna toss it with me on the next swing! Claude instructed, clad in a brightly patched vest today and a pair of torn green trousers. Pepper sat off to the side in the shade, a hand shielding her eyes from the bright afternoon sun. No no, the third swing Claude! She's gotta get a feel fer it yet, the Old Salt barked the correction with a clucking tongue.

Woman, did I ask'ya?! He angrily retorted, but while Gypsy dissolved into giggles, Pepper was already getting up on her feet and pointing a finger in the male's frustrated face. Who you callin' woman? I'll have ya know I could box yer ears all the way to Timbuck II an back big oaf! Gypsy wasn't sure why Pepper was so offended by what Claude had said, but she stepped out of the way and watched with a sort of horrified amusement as the bickering took front and center.

Re: what the water gave me

Tue Jul 14, 2015 1:07 pm

OOC: Enter bitch!Liz

It was a bright and pleasant day and Eliza was lacking a job to do. Her canoe building had been stalled somewhat by lack of muscle to bring the large log she'd found in for shaping and sanding; she still hadn't got round to asking Finlay or Gavin for help in that regard, and a few of the caribou were out of action thanks to being new mothers. The bearded dog disliked spinning her wheels like this, but she was determined to do as much as she could on her own.

Eliza wasn't suited to being on her own for long, though, and when she had taken Bernie out to hunt, securing a pair of plump and sleek rabbits, she wandered down to the shores of the lake to see who was about. It was almost a dead cert that someone would be taking in the pleasant scenery or the cool waters on a day such as this.

The Cormier female's steps stuttered and slowed when she spotted the raven-haired beauty, who seemed to be caught in the middle of an argument between Pepper and Claude. Liz smirked, crossing her arms and leaning on a tree to observe from afar for a few moments. Eliza was used to a certain level of bickering and back-chat amongst her family, and if Gypsy didn't like conflict she ought to have felt the tension between Liz's very own brothers when they had been teenagers.

Eliza couldn't hold the surge of male hormones against Gypsy forever, though. She strolled forward, loosening her arms so they could swing casually at her sides, and addressed the Old Salts and the guest with a sharp whistle, which seemed necessary given the volume of Claude and Pepper's falling out. “Time out!” The chirp was more of a request than a demand and less sharp than the whistle had been. “Why can't we all just get along?” Liz nearly burst into a full-on cackle then, well aware of the friction which had existed between herself and the Chanterelle woman, as well as the constant friction between the pair of elders. She wasn't expecting anyone to take her too seriously. “Or at least fill me in on this barney so I can pick a side.”

Brown eyes fell to the net in Gypsy's hand and her brows lifted - she had never really imagined Gypsy working with her hands. “Guess there's a first time for everythin',” she mumbled under her breath, stepping forward smartly to offer assistance.


Re: what the water gave me

Tue Jul 14, 2015 1:35 pm

OOC: Ooh, fishing! Mind if I join in?

Chien was just finished settling in at his new home in Krokar. He thought his house was decent enough, not too cramped or worn down. He was pleased with his place to stay. Another feature that made him comfortable was the large tree that was right next to his house. Hearing the wind blow the leaves was very soothing.

He decided to go out and get some fresh air. Not only that, but he wanted to explore the new territory that he calls home. He knew that there were plenty of lakes around, but he wanted to fish. Chien was quite the fisher, so he decided to check some lakes that seemed to be filled with some good fish. He wanted to trade some with others for materials and other kinds of meat. He picked up his makeshift rod from the time he joined Krokar and headed out.

Chien decided to check out one lake that stood out to him. He didn't know what it was called, but it looked like a kind of lake that would hold a lot of fish.

What Chien did notice was the fact that there were a couple of people that were already there. He didn't mind fishing with others since his father was fishing with Chien when he was out at sea. He walked up behind the two Luperci and said, "I could fish with you, if you don't mind." Chien sat down and cast his rod into the water, waiting for a catch. Hopefully the catch wouldn't be a small one like the one he caught right before joining his new pack.


Re: what the water gave me

Tue Jul 14, 2015 4:55 pm

OOC - FH, just fyi - there’s more than 2 luperci at the lake haha! Claude and Pepper are there as well, they’re pNPC’s of the pack.

The whistle immediately got her attention, and when the coyote turned her head to see where it had come from, a genuine smile of warmth spread across her face. While Eliza The Old Salts quit their squabbling mid name-calling and cast their matching tan eyes towards the freckled Cormier girl, Pepper stepping forward first to throw shade and accusations at her counterpart, but Gypsy did something that surprised the pair. The guest in their midst reached out and tugged back gently on the coydog’s wrist. No mama, it’s not worth it, her accented voice purred, joining in on the forced laughter that spilled from Eliza’s lips.

While she wasn’t completely ignorant to the misgivings and possible bad blood between herself and the autumn haired canine, she had hoped time and distance had healed most of the girl’s childhood wounds. They’d been teens after all, and Gypsy had wanted her brother, Gus, not the hybrid that had accidentally fallen for her instead of the Cormier female. Claude and Pepper were just trying to teach me how to use a net, the Chanterelle princess explained, biting her tongue to keep from responding with a sharp retort when Eliza noticed the fishing instrument in her hand.

Thankfully, anymore tension that could’ve reared it’s ugly head dissipated when another player padded up to the bank they were all currently occupying. Claude’s attention shifted to the newcomer, and the Old Salt settled down on the sandy lakeside with him. Name’s Claude mate, you must be Chien, the new Greenhorn amirite? Not to be outdone, Pepper settled down on the opposite side of the dog, extending one hand for him to shake. Don’ mind Claude, I’m Pepper, pleased ta meet’cha!

Gypsy snickered, but her firelit eyes returned to Eliza’s face. You’ll show me how? She asked, an innocence to her features as she mentally begged for the girl’s forgiveness.

Re: what the water gave me

Tue Jul 14, 2015 11:11 pm

OOC: Okay, didn't notice that ^^' I also found it a struggle to find some fish native to Nova Scotia, but a Yellow Perch was the first one that I could find

Chien noticed that Pepper was pretty kind and hyper for an Old Salt like her. Chien was still paying attention to his pole, but he turned his head and told Pepper, "Yes, I am! Nice to meet you too!"

Chien suddenly felt a tug on his rod which seemed soft, but not as soft as the guppy he caught before. He pulled the rod up, and it ended up being a Yellow Perch, a small fish that was native in Nova Scotia. "Not a bad catch!" Chien barked with enthusiasm. It was definitely better than the embarrassing catch from the river.

Chien was pretty sure that Yellow Perches weren't edible, but he could still put it up for trade. If he caught any other good fish, he would be sure to trade those for some useful items.


Re: what the water gave me

Wed Jul 15, 2015 10:42 am

Eliza was fully prepared to step between Gypsy and Pepper when the Coyote reached for the Old Salt's wrist, but when Gypsy spoke it was softly – gently. Liz wouldn't have expected that, and it was evident in her widened eyes and pursed lips, but she approved. Perhaps she had judged the Chanterelle female too quickly, and been too quick to hold fast to prejudices formed as an emotional teenager.

It seemed that Gypsy was making an effort not to reopen old wounds, and the Cormier dog had to credit her for that. Although she wouldn't go so far as to verbally commend her, she nodded and offered a small smile when Gypsy explained that the pair of bickering elders were teaching her how to use a net. “Looks like yer in good hands.”

Eliza was about to take a seat on the sandy shore when another canine arrived. This male looked younger than all of them, with a striking coat of several shades and hues, and he carried a fishing rod which looked home crafted. Claude was quick to introduce himself, followed promptly by Pepper. Liz was most curious to see how Gypsy behaved around the young man, but she found that the coyote's mild yellow eyes were fixed upon her.

Liz considered the question for a moment – or rather, the motives behind it. Perhaps Gypsy did just want to lay old demons to rest, and Eliza wasn't about to create more conflict for herself. “Sure,” she agreed, her gaze flickering to the male as she slipped past him. “I'm Eliza, by the way.” Joining Gypsy at the lakeside, small yet experienced hands grasped the other end of the net. “On three?” There was a mischievous twinkle in the dog's eyes – it hadn't escaped her that the question of timing was how Claude and Pepper had started arguing in the first place, but hopefully they would be too busy with the newcomer to notice her subtle reference to it.

Before Eliza could release the net, there was a light splash and the new Krokaran let out an enthused bark. Liz chuckled and offered a,“Nice one, mate,” before turning back to Gypsy.


Re: what the water gave me

Wed Jul 15, 2015 12:14 pm

Chien was proud of his catch but had no where to put it. He didn't want to release it because he wanted to trade it. It was already out of breath and limp, so he decided to put the fish next to him. He cast his line into the water again.

Chien suddenly remembered that Eliza introduced herself to him, so he replied, "Nice to meet you, Eliza." She looked a lot like Gus to Chien, thinking Eliza and Gus were related. "I suppose you're related to Gus. You two have a pretty similar face, but not similar colors." Chien was still waiting for a tug on his rod, but he didn't think he'd get a fish right after he cast the line. The fish was pretty quick before, but he wanted something bigger than that yellow perch he caught.

He felt like he only had a nibble at the moment. It wouldn't be embarrassing to him because he was an apprentice when it came to fishing. Maybe he didn't notice a fish that tugged on the line, although he was quite alert. Sometimes Chien could get distracted, especially when it came to fishing with other Luperci. It was quite distracting. Chien tried to concentrate, but not rudely ignore them. He wasn't the rude kind of person. All he had to do was wait for his catch to come to him.


Re: what the water gave me

Fri Jul 17, 2015 5:44 pm

OOC - Hey ya’ll let’s get a posting order nailed down: Gypsy > Eliza > Chien > Gypsy > Eliza > Chien > etc.

The Old Salts continued to ask Chien questions, there way of making a newcomer feel welcome. You made that yerself? Pepper asked, pointing at the pole in the multi-colored dog’s hands. Pretty good work if’n I say so myself, Claude chimed in, garnering a glare from his counterpart, though he tried his best to ignore her. I usually try an’ find myself some yew, it’s a good wood to werk with, he started to explain to the Greenhorn, happy to have found another tinkerer in the pack.

Plenty bendy and pliant, like I like ‘em, he continued, staring pointedly at the coydog sitting on Chien’s otherside. I’ll give ya bendy and pliant! Pepper started to threaten, but another soft shush came from Gypsy whose shoulders moved with her chuckling right after.

She shared a rare smile with the Cormier female. Are they always like that? She whispered, attention returning to the net in their hands as Eliza began to instruct her. Three it is, she agreed, letting out a whistle of congratulation when Chien managed to catch a fish. She hoped she and the freckled female would have the same luck. I'm Gypsy by the way, she quickly introduced herself to Eliza's pack mate, smiling down at him for a moment before turning back to the Cormier girl.

Re: what the water gave me

Wed Jul 22, 2015 3:58 am

In spite of their bickering, the Old Salts had a way of making newcomers feel welcome which Eliza appreciated. The Cormier dog herself often went over the top with her zest and enthusiasm for getting to know others, which sometimes resulted in putting them off; Claude and Pepper, on the other hand, didn't ask too many questions or voice every feeling which ran through them – but Liz supposed that age provided some measure of knowing what was appropriate and what was too much.

Gypsy's gentle giggle brought Liz back to the task at hand and she adjusted her grip on the net, shooting the Coyote a pained grin. “Always,” she muttered. Eliza didn't resent the two elders for their regular arguments, and her strained grin soon dissolved into a fond smile. Although she was unlikely to admit it in the present company, Liz would have quite liked someone to argue with when she grew older. “Keeps their minds sharp,” she added in even softer (and slightly wistful) tones. She suspected it would end badly for her if either Old Salt caught her talking about them in such a way.

“That's right,” Liz agreed to Chien's statement about the resemblance between the Captain and his younger siblings, her voice returning to a normal volume. “He's my big brother. Like to think he got the responsibilities and I got the looks and charm.” The petite dog smirked at her own wisecrack, turning back to Gypsy and giving a twitch of her wrist which indicated that she was ready with the net.

“One, two, THREE!”

The net billowed out as Liz released it, looking for a moment like a gigantic dragonfly wing, before it fell towards the water. The brown-eyed dog glanced over to make sure that Gypsy had let go at the right moment, and gave her own whistle of appreciation.


Re: what the water gave me

Wed Jul 22, 2015 12:02 pm

Chien watched Liz and Gypsy fish with the net. He was in awe, especially since he had only fished with a rod. He was still waiting on a tug on his rod. He knew he put bait on it, but something seemed a bit off. He pulled his rod up only to see that the worm had been stolen.

He was probably so distracted in the conversation that he missed a tug on the rod. He dug around in the soil to find more worms and managed to dig up a big fat one. It was squirming around in between Chien's fingers so much that he lost grip and dropped it. "Boy, am I clumsy today." Chien thought and started digging around to find another worm.

Chien had to dig quite deep to find a few worms in the hole he dug. Jackpot. He pulled one unfortunate worm up and made sure he had a grip, but not tight enough to squish the worm. He managed to stick it on his "hook" and drop the string into the water. Hopefully he would have better luck this time.

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