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Gypsy had truly taken a liking to the Oldsalts, finding their company so relaxing despite their normally heated arguments, and she shared a soft laugh with Eliza when the freckled girl replied. Maybe the two didn’t realize it just yet, but the coyote Princess was sure they were destined for one another. You didn’t argue with someone that much if you didn’t share true feelings for them. However, the Chanterelle girl kept these thoughts to herself, turning her attention back to the net in her hands and tossing it out with Eliza on 3.

Did I do that right? Gypsy looked to the freckled dog, hope glowing in her sun flecked eyes. She’d never used a net before, or really did any kind of fishing on her own, more prone to hunting down smaller prey and the occasional deer or elk with Roman.

You should try some grain! Pepper suggested to Chien, seeing that the worm had been stolen from his hook. I’ll bring ya some next time I’m by the barn, the fish seem to love it! She informed him with a chuckle, and for once, Claude agreed with her, nodding his head.

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