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[m] it scattered on the right of his face

Mon Aug 03, 2015 7:47 pm

WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

Green eyes burned.

The monster that stalked through the tangled woods was almost leonine, but for a long muzzle with glinting teeth and the tail that whipped out behind it now. A gold mane stood on end around the snarling head, and claws sank deep into the ground as it shouldered its way through the vegetation, traveling northward.

Silvano cautioned them all, but Skoll's blood cried war.

His injuries had scabbed, but some reopened as he pushed past twigs and thorns, ignoring his hurts and focusing instead on scent. He snuffled at the ground and flicked his ears toward the shadows, seeking any traces of the northern scavengers. The tarlouse who attacked him might have died of his injuries, but Skoll doubted it.

The Secui wolfdog slinked along an old game trail, until the woods grew thick again. He paused and bristled, growling under his breath. He just wanted to find something to kill.

Re: [m] it scattered on the right of his face

Mon Aug 03, 2015 8:36 pm

Liir wasn't in the best of moods as he stalked through the forest, things were becoming heated enough that he would not have willingly wandered so much closer to where he might be in danger. Yet he wasn't out in the forest on a leisurely stroll, Vesper had scolded him about being lazy, and sent him off to scout. The woman was coyote enough to have Liir's interest, but the rest of her grated on him, the blunt order wasn't something he enjoyed coming from her. Without any real standing in Inferni, and with no desire to leave the safety of the group just yet, he'd had to obey.

Without the dark mood that lingered from that slight, Liir might have taken the wiser road when a breeze carried a familiar scent to the coyote's flaring nostrils. The green eyed wolfdog that had 'started' the mess, the one he still had a score to settle with, along with the woman that knew him. With a sinister grin plastered across Liir's face, and a wicked gleam in his eyes, the male turned toward the direction of the wind, nose following the scent of his would be enemy. There was some regret in the coyote that he'd only brought his leather clothes, and prized knife, instead of a few throwing knives to soften the dangerous opponent up.

The faint sound of a growl let Liir know that he was nearly upon the wolfdog, Liir's stalking came to an end as the coyote bolted forward, regardless of if the male noticed him attempting to sneak up. With knife drawn in one hand, Liir sought to use his second to deliver a running strike with a closed fist. If he'd not fought before with the wolfdog, he might have greedily tried for more, but Liir settled for attempting to daze the male, before the longer drawn out fight began.

Re: [m] it scattered on the right of his face

Mon Aug 03, 2015 8:51 pm

Upwind, Skoll did not smell the coyote's approach. He felt something, though, and his fur rose in a ridge along his spine. Aggression burned in him, obvious in his scent and posture, and he turned at the telltale sound of feet in the grass.

Locking onto the blue eyes, Skoll snarled.

Liir was already upon him when the wolfdog spun around, his fist catching him in the head. Dazed a moment, Skoll lunged where he could, aiming to fasten his teeth into the coyote's thigh and bring him down before the fight begun.

Re: [m] it scattered on the right of his face

Mon Aug 03, 2015 10:02 pm

Liir's attempt to catch the wolfdog off guard did not go quite as he had planned, the thrown punch managing to find it's mark on the Secui male's head, but not dazing them quite enough. Narrowly turning to evade what would have been a fight ending bite to Liir's leg, the coyote still caught a glancing blow that drew some blood from a shallow cut, and ruined his balance, along with any hope of immediately continuing to attack his opponent.

"Damn dog... can't even lay down proper..." Liir snapped in an angry voice, as he did his best to get into a defensive stance, knife held out in front of him in preparation for another attack. "Wasn't sure I'd get to run into you again... get to thank you nice and proper~" Liir added in the same snarled voice, blue eyes intently looking for some sort of opening, past experience telling him that his usual aggressive approach would be too dangerous to try with the male a second time.

Re: [m] it scattered on the right of his face

Mon Aug 03, 2015 10:11 pm

Powerplay in this thread was approved/discussed beforehand.

Skoll stepped back, blood staining his teeth -- but not enough -- as the coyote positioned himself defensively, knife drawn. For all his aggression and experience, the Seneschal had no defenses against such a thing, but fury was in the forefront of his mind rather than fear. If he died, he would die with a purpose. He would die protecting Cour des Miracles, avenging Aurelya. Maybe he would die a hero and a martyr rather than a fool.

Maybe he'd see this bastard in Hell.

The Secui male rolled his shoulders, lowering his head and pinning his ears. His mane was a shaggy gold thing bunched along his scruff, protecting his neck. His eyes narrowed, his teeth bared, and he let out a rumble at the coyote's taunts. Shut your mouth, salaud, and focus on keeping yourself alive.

He rushed forward again, as if aiming to bite his leg a second time. The coyote's knife slashed down, but Skoll, anticipating this, locked his jaws around the weapon arm.

Re: [m] it scattered on the right of his face

Thu Aug 13, 2015 5:34 pm

Liir's focused gaze didn't leave the dog as the coyote waited for an opportunity to present itself, anger lurked behind the coyote's blue eyes, both at the painful strike he'd failed to completely avoid, but also because it was a dog that he had failed to best. It wasn't a noble effort that stoked Liir's desire to harm the other male, to see Skoll helpless and at his mercy, just mean spirited hate for someone who had inconvenienced him more than once.

His opponent's voice was short, and was followed by another bout of violence. Liir had expected something different than another attack at his leg, but was quick to slash downward with his knife in an attempt to punish the repetition. Blue eyes widened when Skoll seemed to have prepared for his counter attack, his jaws finding Liir's arm. A half surprised yelp, half furious growl fell from Liir as pain bloomed along his arm. The knife fell from his grasp as a result, Liir's second hand pulling back instinctively to try throwing a vicious punch at the side of Skoll's head.

With the strange weight on his arm, and Liir's frantic efforts to escape, which included an effort to step away, the coyote suddenly found his balance compromised by unsure footing. Regardless of whether his strikes landed, the blue eyed male was soon trying to continue the fight from the ground, the last place he had hoped to fight Skoll from.

Re: [m] it scattered on the right of his face

Sun Aug 23, 2015 9:23 pm

His jaws locked around the coyote's arm, the knife spinning out of his reach. Skoll snarled and tugged his opponent's limb in an attempt to knock him off balance, but the blow to his head made him reel as spots of dark and light bled into his vision.

He didn't release Liir, though, and though the wolfdog staggered, he used all his weight to bring Liir down with him. Their bodies fell into the grass, scattering insects, and Skoll slammed his paws down onto the coyote's chest. Spittle and blood hung in strings from his teeth, and he lunged forward for Liir's throat.

Re: [m] it scattered on the right of his face

Mon Sep 14, 2015 1:32 am

The fight was going sour, rapidly, what had began as an effort to taunt his would be rival had become a life or death struggle. With the knife he relied so heavily on just out of his reach, and the Secui pressing down on him with a weight advantage, Liir's mind raced for some sort of solution, all the while barely keeping Skoll away from his most vital of areas.

Without the knife, and with one of his arms wounded, Liir hoped to ruin the dog's focus with even more anger. Coaxing the other male into making a mistake seemed like his best bet, his wounded arm frantically lifting to try holding the Secui away from his neck, while Liir snarled out "Once I'm done with you, I'll go see whether that bitch from your pack has started to show.". Genuine hatred seeped into the coyote's vague lies, he'd never got far enough with what he'd discovered was Skoll's packmate, but it was the deepest barb he could think of in the middle of a pitched fight.

Not waiting to see how Skoll might respond, Liir's second clawed hand sought out the other canine's face, hoping to dig and claw at whatever he could find. Death would find the coyote, he knew that much, if he wasn't able to get back onto two feet. There was a flicker of fear within the coyote, even if he didn't show it yet.

Re: [m] it scattered on the right of his face

Thu Sep 24, 2015 11:28 pm

A bloody arm braced against his throat, and his teeth snapped inches from the coyote’s face, dripping with pinkish saliva. Green eyes blazed and met Liir’s icy blue ones, and Skoll shook with a great rumble, his lips twisting into a grin. He had his enemy where he wanted him now.

But the smile was quick to fade, and Liir’s taunt widened Skoll’s eyes before lighting them with a fury he hadn’t thought himself capable of before.

The transformation was instantaneous, and the wolfdog became a monster of wrath. He lunged for the coyote’s face again, but his claws slipped from their place on the other’s chest, and he ripped pawfuls of earth from beneath them in his attempt to get at Liir.

Claws reached for his face, and Skoll roared.

Re: [m] it scattered on the right of his face

Thu Oct 22, 2015 12:01 am

Beyond the pain of Skoll's teeth on his arm, and the larger male's claws on his chest, was the deeper pain of the other's smiling grin. Dying wasn't something he sought out, but dying to a dog, and one that he held such bitter feelings toward was even worse. Luckily for the coyote, his barbed words had stoked the fires from what he could see, a fury that gave him the opening he needed.

The pin that had kept him in such a vulnerable position was weakened by the other canine's slipping paws, leaving nasty red lines that had only been slightly dulled by his leather shirt, and ruining it in the process. There was no thought as Liir dug with his clawed hand, only vaguely aware that it was the other male's eye that he'd found, the eye that he was quick to do everything he could to destroy. Skoll's roar filled the wounded coyote's ears with sound, and then faint ringing, as well as the satisfaction of knowing he'd inflicted hurt on the other.

Summoning every bit of strength he could muster, and uncaring if he hurt his injured arm further, Liir sought to shove Skoll off balance, to roller them from the advantageous perch above himself. A half growl, half grunt of exertion joining the desperate effort. Things had gone sour, and rather than stay to try settling things once and for all as he'd entered the fight to do, instead rolled from under his opponent. Without really seeing where he was going, Liir tried to run, stumbling at first, but making progress all the same, the glimmer of fear inside of him wondering if Skoll would manage to chase him down without both eyes.
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