Re: [m] seen through the haze and the spit in our eyes

POSTED: Sat Sep 12, 2015 10:52 pm

William was relieved that Skoll seemed to want to look at the woman more. Less pressure on him to fake a smile. He was very unhappy with all of this. He didn't want to fake anything to these people. With an annoyed look he looked out to see a relief. It wouldn't be too bad after all. If the woman remained. And if they all stayed out of Will's way. Skoll needed medical attention. Will could provide what he needed at the moment. He needed another to see to his healing process.

They loaded him on the contraption. Lunenburg would keep him out of the elements. One of the smaller shops held a supply of extra sewing materials William kept there in case he felt the sudden urge to create while in that area. In honest he wanted to bring him to the hotel but the stairs would have been terrible.

During the time William retrieved a bottle of liquor he got from the Donovan clan. He pulled out thread and clothes. William sighed. "Okay this is going to wake him up, I need someone to keep him calm during all this." William looked to Aurelya for this one. "Linden could you please let the pack know of Skoll?" He hoped these two would accept their job as his liquor soaked cloth touched the first of many wounds.

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