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[M] From dust and ashes I have called you

Sun Nov 01, 2015 7:29 pm

WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

Night-time, Plague is in optime. Tagged for graphic descriptions of sacrifice. (+280)

She knew He hungered. From the moment she awoke that morning, she knew. He would not rest until he had been fed. Back in Khalif, her dark kin would burn, and for once she would be free from their screams.

She was used to it, the sacrifices. They didn't scare her anymore. But she never did get used to that smell. Her stomach would twist, and bile would rise in her throat. Once, she excused herself, and she could feel Tak's ever-watching eyes boring into her. That was the last time she left in the midst of a burning.

Tabby left her as the day drew to a close and Plague finished building that night's pyre. The bobcat never stopped her, and never bothered to question the act. It was the only thing that, on night's like these, let the dark woman sleep. They would see each other again come morning, and they would speak nothing of the pile of ashes.

Choosing the sacrifice was always the hardest. It wasn't the first time she'd done it since leaving the mountain. She doubted she would ever get used to that, either.

She found the injured buck a distance away from the pyre. It's leg was broken—from a fall, she presumed. She knew it would die soon, eventually, via predator or not, it didn't matter. It was easy enough to get it to the construct of wood, and she was grateful it was too tired and hurt to fight her.

The dark woman turned her gaze away from the creature as she set the kindling ablaze. It would be over, soon enough.

Re: [M] From dust and ashes I have called you

Mon Nov 02, 2015 2:06 am

the mad daughter of a wise mother

Pisces felt to thrive at night. She felt empowered by the pale light from above. Dubhe ruled at this hour but so did Tak as well. Her patron deities reigned over the darkness. Of course her coloring would have actually been Rah'khir. While she enjoyed the lady's mysteriousness the female had chosen Tak to follow. It was beneath the faint glow of the sliver of moon that she had been born. Near total darkness had reigned during that period and so she felt that Tak had claimed her in the twixt time where Rah'khir had abandoned her post.

The female had left the trio of horses to their rest while she headed off to inspect the glow of the fire. She kept the equines's silhouettes within the line of her sight as she made her inspection. "That isn't how it is done." The words were spoken matter-of-factly. It was easy enough for her to recognize the religion of her father put into practice. Plus there was also the distinct familial scents of the other woman. The other clearly wasn't of Baten Kaitos, as the religion wasn't practiced there, so she must have been from where Pisces's father had originated from.

"That animal is too weak to receive proper blessings. Whatever you ask for is certain to fail." Even so the female dressed in horse hide and bear fur bent over to pick up a stray stick to add it back to the fire. She was quickly memorized by the dance of the flames. There was beauty in the destruction that they caused, a passion that was hard to replicate.

Re: [M] From dust and ashes I have called you

Thu Nov 05, 2015 11:01 pm


The buck had long since ceased screaming when a voice arose from behind her. She flinched, though it was hardly noticeable, out of habit. Her muscles were still wired to comply and submit, to keep fury at bay. There was no real threat—the woman who had approached was unarmed, though her words pricked as if they were needles.

Plague's gaze fell upon the stranger, and with her face shadowed partially from the night, she squinted. Her brown body was adorned by hides and pelts, of what animals she didn't know. Tattoos were etched into her face, of stars and a crescent moon. All of this—A brown pelt of Rah'khir, Tak's moon colored in the blazing white of Ankh—disturbed her.

Yet, she was unmistakably a D'Angelo, her scent and eyes told her that much. She was sure the interloper didn't hail from the mountain. She would have noticed.

Brusque from being chastised, she frowned, "Who are you, stranger?"

Re: [M] From dust and ashes I have called you

Sat Dec 05, 2015 12:20 am

the mad daughter of a wise mother

Pisces withstood the examination of the other female. She didn't know what her kin could be looking for but she withstood it in silence. Perhaps it was simply familiarity that was being sought out. Perhaps the other female was trying to figure out how Pisces knew exactly what was going on from just a quick glance. It could only be family that would know exactly what was happening and what it meant. Certainly no outsider would be able to figure out the ritual.

"The fish." Pisces gave what her namesake depicted rather than her name, as per usual for her. Though to help out Pisces did motion to the sky and traced out the large constellation that she had been named for. It amused her to see who knew their stars and could figure out her riddle. She liked to withhold her name and force those that she encountered to figure it out on their own.

"What were you trying to get?" The woman asked as she knelt by the fire and reached out to place her hands above the flames. "Beautiful, isn't it?" She asked as she watched the dance of the fire and how her pads were licked at. She neither flinched nor pulled away when a strand of fur became singed in the hypnotizing dance of the fire.

Sorry about the wait

Re: [M] From dust and ashes I have called you

Sat Dec 05, 2015 10:50 pm

(347) no worries! Pisces is really interesting.

She knew the D'Angelo line's range was far and wide, but she'd never met family from beyond the Mountain before. It was strange, to see this distant relative of hers in the flesh. Plague wasn't sure how they were related, she just knew that they were. Still, that didn't mean she took kindly to the intrusion. Her faith had always been close to her heart, a private topic that she guarded intently. The wraith was intensely pious, and the stares and whispers of the ignorant were all too familiar to her.

Her face twisted in frustrated confusion at the stranger's introduction. A hand pointed to the stars, tracing a shape. Plague turned her head to the deep darkness of the sky, her brows furrowed. Then, it clicked, and she withheld a noise of amusement.

Among the Khalif, she had been a studious child, and an even more studious woman. There'd been so much free time for her, and it allowed her to learn and do many things. One of those things was reading. The wraith doubted that there was a book on the mountain that she hadn't read. She learned of the myths of those who came before her kind. In particular, the myths of one of the ancient civilizations. The myths numbered in the thousands, but those of the Greeks and Romans were especially interesting. They named the stars, and told stories of their creation.

"Pisces," she muttered, still gazing at the sky. They were the lovers, turned into fish of their own accord, bound by a rope. Truth be told, she didn't care much for their story.

She tilted her head to the other woman, watching her kneel by the fire and reach out to the flames. Her eyes widened at how her relative seemed to revel in the touch of the blaze. Plague would admit though, there was beauty in the destruction. She nodded her head silently, but she doubted Pisces saw the gesture. "Nothing," she shrugged, "Tak hungered." It was as simply as that.

Re: [M] From dust and ashes I have called you

Fri Jan 01, 2016 2:17 pm

the mad daughter of a wise mother

"Not many guess that. Are you a daughter of Dubhe as well?" There were very few that Pisces could say that was able to speculate her name right away. It usually took others awhile to get back to her with a guess, and generally it was the wrong answer. So to have someone be able to come up with it right away was surprising. She couldn't remember the other from Baten Kaitos, she didn't have the same smell as the coastal wolves, so she could only figure that the other woman was Dubhe picked and a sister of the stars.

It was true that Pisces didn't catch the nod. She was simply far too interested in the fire, her attention entirely consumed by it. The flames flickered and danced before her and just drew her in deeper and deeper. She barely heard the words that were spoken as the dance practically had her hypnotized.

"Not many would choose to feed Tak without asking for something for themselves in return." She spoke though it sounded as if her voice were coming from a distance, from a trance-like state. "Saving up favors for something bigger?" The pale woman didn't believe that anyone did something for nothing. She fully believed that there was always some sort of agenda, even if one didn't really know it or have it in the forefront of their mind.

I'm glad someone does

Re: [M] From dust and ashes I have called you

Sun Jan 03, 2016 8:55 pm


"Who?" she asked, tilting her head ever so slightly to the side. Whoever this Dubhe was, she had no knowledge of them. Were they a god or a person? "...I am my mother's child."

As much as the woman before her annoyed the wraith with her interruption, she couldn't help but to be interested. She watched quietly as the fish gazed at the flames, as if entranced. Plague was reminded vaguely of her dark sister, Bane. Then again, many of Tak's disciples were very enthralled by fire. It was the threat of destruction juxtaposed with the feeling of warmth that was so prepossessing, she thought.

Yet again the stranger questioned her, only serving to irritate her further. There was no malice in the question, but Plague was an unpleasantly temperamental creature, and she detested having to repeat herself. In truth, it was strange for one to sacrifice to Tak without wanting something in return. But Plague was already strange, so it mattered little in the grand scheme of things.

Plague shook her head, slowly moving to sit beside the pyre. Her eyes were fixed on Pisces despite everything, however. It was difficult for her to understand people, and even harder with people who deviated from the idea of normalcy that was rooted in the wraith's head. There was so much she didn't know, wanted to know. Who was she? Where did she come from? Why did she know so much about the cruel religion of the Khalif?

"I suppose, but a favor was not my intention initially," she said, crossing her arms. She glanced up to the dark sky above them and her eyes moved back to her company. "Where do you come from? I know you aren't from the mountain, because I would have taken notice."

Re: [M] From dust and ashes I have called you

Wed Jan 13, 2016 3:05 pm

the mad daughter of a wise mother

"Dubhe." The name was repeated when it was questioned. Though she shook her head as the other mentioned having a mother. "Everyone has a mother and father but not everyone is a daughter of Dubhe, just as not everyone is a daughter of Tak." The woman figured that would explain things better than what she could come up with. She figured that talk of Tak would garner the right amount of attention.

"But now you have come up with one." It was a statement rather than a question. She had no doubts that one would worship Tak without wanting something in return. Tak required great sacrifices but gave great rewards in return for constant and faithful service. His power were greater than those of the Goddesses, or so Pisces believed, and could work greater miracles in return.

"You are correct, I'm not from the mountain but my father was. He taught me about Tak. I was born on the coast, Baten Kaitos. Dubhe and Regulus reign there but Tak would come and speak to me. He lives not only on the mountain but wherever those who believe in him are." Somehow Pisces managed to pull her gaze away from the fire in order to at the other female once more. "He is still hungry. Too many have been turning from him so he hungers still."

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