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And bone to the ire and the marrow

Tue Jan 05, 2016 10:02 pm

Saut sat just outside the pigpen, musing at the contents of the ugly creatures' minds. He wasn't particularly fond of Inferni's livestock, and he feared the horses, but he far preferred passing time with them than with Gramma when she was idle.

They smelled, but at least they didn't gripe. The lean hybrid wore an old, musty cloak of Kaena's (half-forgotten and unmissed, he was certain) around his shoulders, and he picked at its ends with his claws. Occasionally he loosened enough fabric to toss a scrap into the pen. Could the pigs see blue? The cloth was a stark contrast against the dull, frozen mud, but the piglets ignored his meager offering of novelty. A sow started to eat the scraps, and Saut stopped.

He knew he could be doing something better with his time, and he was reminded of it, often. As soon as he'd completed his first shift, the honey-eyed boy knew his days of leisure were numbered. Thus far, though, nobody had told him what to do – and he was ill-inclined to seek out work, himself.

So, he sat with the pigs, but he was growing bored. After a few minutes he bid them farewell and, shivering a little against the wind, headed towards the forest. If he were to find something to fill Gramma's mouth, she wouldn't be able to use it to berate him.

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Re: And bone to the ire and the marrow

Thu Jan 07, 2016 2:44 am

Our Faith can move Mountains

Crucifix's daily routine remained the same as the winter dragged on. With each passing day, the weather outside grew colder and colder. As much as Crucifix hated it, she endured the cold to make sure that the plants were doing alright. Besides, she needed the water to take care of the ones that she was keeping in her room. At least she had her winter clothes. At least that made the cold outside more bearable. The brown girl rose from her bed of pelts, moving over to her door, and making her way to the exit of her room. Like always, she stopped inside of the chapel for her morning prayer. She did her best to keep in God's good graces. With that done, the girl rose to her feet, making her way out of the chapel and down to the storage room. Crucifix had become accustomed to using a bowl when watering the plants. It just made things much easier.

With bowl in hand, the coyote moved from the storage, taking her first steps out into the cold for the day. The best water source for her hand been the lake at the back of the mansion, at least when it hadn't been frozen over. As the girl came to the water's edge, her head turned to the side, noticing a figure by the pig pen. Crucifix had never been much of one to take care of animals. She much prefered the colors and smells of the plants she cared for. This male though was quite curious. He didn't look like the other members of the clan that she had seen before. His muzzle was longer than even her's. The structure of it just didn't seem at all like a coyote. Perhaps he was something else? At least he didn't look like a wolf.

After a few minutes, the male moved from the pigs and began to wander off into the distance. She was curious about him, though she didn't want to forget about her plants either. Perhaps if this male wasn't doing anything, he may be able to help her. In turn, she could help him with something. It seemed only fair. The girl pressed the open side of the bowl against, her following behind the man. She did not speak, as was usual of her. She was never one to say the first words, not unless it was truly needed.

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Re: And bone to the ire and the marrow

Sat Jan 09, 2016 7:14 pm

Saut's earliest memories were lukewarm. His consciousness came about during the autumn, and he spent his memorable childhood stumbling through leaves and bidding farewell a warmth with whom he was truly only an acquaintance. He didn't need it, then. Warmth was in Kaena's arms, in the milk of the wet nurse who saved him, and in the infant ignorance of his own motherlessness. But with the winter came his comprehension of his abandonment. Now, when he looked at the snow, he saw the thousands of tears shed during childhood, frozen. When he looked to the sky, he saw in it his own monotonous coat, and wondered how much of it came from his mother, and how much from his father.

The dead months of the year were familiar, now, and the Asylum boy no longer felt the self-loathing he did during his first winter. Rather, he liked the weather, though it was decidedly more difficult to run in the snow.

He noticed someone following him just before reaching the trees. Annoyed, he whipped around to face the pursuant. Amber sights met unfamiliar ones of leaf green, then took note of the tattoo in her left ear. She was Lykoi, then, but unknown to him.

Saut grimaced. “Stop following me,” he ordered, holding out a hand so she knew not to come any closer. “I'm busy, go bother somebody else.”

It was then that he noticed the pendant at her throat. “What's that?” he asked in the same breath. He lifted a wicked claw of the other hand to indicate it.


Re: And bone to the ire and the marrow

Wed Jan 13, 2016 11:21 pm

Our Faith can move Mountains

Crucifix never meant to be a bother on anyone. It wasn't like it was her intention at all. She just didn't recognize the odd man since she had come to join Inferni. She was curious about him and what he did for the clan. She wasn't expecting the gray man to just spin around and dismiss her like he did. Crucifix could feel her typical posture moving into place. Her body sunk down. She was short enough to him already, but felt the need to be even lowers. Her ears turned downwards while her tail curled tightly between her legs. Her green gaze turned downwards, though up enough so that she would be able to see the man. She didn't mean to cause him any kind of trouble. A soft voice came forth, "I'm.. sorry.. I didn't.. mean to bother.. you.. I've just.. never seen.. you before.."

The brown girl's gaze moved down to her neck as the gray man pointed out the pendent that she wore around her neck. Her hands moved up to her chest, though her fingers reached up to touch the olive stained cross. She wondered if the man might be interested in God. He didn't seem to notice what the cross was. A small smile formed on her face as she spoke again, "It's.. a cross.. made of bone.. Do you.. like it..?"

Silence seemed to fall over the girl, just keeping her gaze on the gray man to a minimum. She wasn't sure if she should say more or not. She didn't want to seem like she was bothering him. Tentatively, her head moved up slightly, "Can I.. ask for.. your name..?" She waited, closing off herself in her usual submissive posture, just in case he decided to have an attitude with her once again.

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Re: And bone to the ire and the marrow

Sun Jan 17, 2016 3:56 pm

Saut's countenance slowly became less severe as the dusky woman's body language turned more and more submissive. His own ears plastered themselves against his head, and when she spoke he winced. “Um. It's alright. You don't have to apologize.”

The monochrome boy would not, however, verbalize his own guilt. Words of apology rarely made it past the lump in his throat.

Having been raised by a woman of few to no beliefs regarding a higher power or spiritual aspect, Saut knew nothing of any religion, though he'd heard of a “God.” Many Infernians adhered to this belief and vehemently. Saut's amber sights rose again to the woman's tattoo, and then roved over her facial features. He vaguely recalled the name de le Power, and recognized in her some aspects shared by others in the clan. All siblings, perhaps?

“Sure. It's cool,” he answered, allowing a grin of his own to encourage hers to broaden. With a small huff, the oak-nosed hybrid hugged his arms against himself, and his grin took on a forced quirk at its corners as he fought against the chill of the wind. But he disliked being questioned. “Nope. Tell me yours, first.”

His gaze found the bowl in her hands for the first time. “What's that for?”

She was far more interesting than the pigs.

He's an asshole :<

Re: And bone to the ire and the marrow

Mon Jan 25, 2016 3:30 pm

Our Faith can move Mountains

Crucifix's head moved up after she spoke to him. She had noticed that his own posture and attitude had changed. While it was true he had partly made her retract into submission, it was also just natural for her. Crucifix didn't hold any dominance, allowing herself by her own will to sink below others. It was something she was sure she would never be able to break. Her siblings were always much stronger than she was. Guess her anxiety was just a permanent weakness, and she had lived with it up to this point. Her attention returned to the gray man as he claimed that she did not need to apologize. She offered him a small smile, an apology of her own, hoping that it would be much more well received than when he first saw her.

The man made a comment to her cross, though didn't pay much attention to it following that. The brown girl knew that there were those in Inferni who either were not interested in the work of God, or had never been introduced to it. This one seemed like he was completely foreign to it. Perhaps sometime if they met on better terms she might be able to show him. He soon addressed her question, stating that she be the one to tell her name first. She gave a small nod before she spoke again, "I am.. Crucifix.. de le Poer.."

The man's gaze soon moved down to the bowl in her hands, questioning her on what it was for. She smiled a bit as she moved her hands, along with the bowl, closer to herself, "I.. take care.. of the.. plants.. This is.. so I.. can gather.. water.." Her green gaze moved up to him, "Would you.. like to.. come with.. me and.. see them..?" She wasn't sure how interested the man would be in plants, but it was worth the offer. She wasn't sure if there was something else he had in mind, but there was no harm in offering the option to him.

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