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All in the name of being holy

Sat Mar 05, 2016 11:17 am

+300 Do you mind if we forward date this so that Weaver would have had time to get his owl from the outpost? Feel free to PP it leading Loki to Weaver and Corrine.

With each passing day, Weaver was getting more an more comfortable with the path that he was putting forward for himself. He was growing more comfortable with each of the communal slaves and what each of their strengths were. He had taken the time to visit the slave quarters before and after he had gone to the Freetown outpost. It had been his job, at least as he had taken it upon himself, to ensure that everything was well with them. He would need to find some time to check on the slaves that already had owners, but he was much less concerned with them than he was with the others. They had their own masters to look after them. The tawny man was mearly and observer who made sure things didn't get out of hand. In a way, he was their master, but their protector as well.

The hybrid stepped out of his home, his paws carrying him over the ground. With spring here, the snow was retreating, leaving the green grass that was meant to be seen throughout the kingdom. It was a bit of a walk to the quarters, but one he didn't mind taking. With the new season, Weaver was gaining more inspiration for his music and songs. It would be something that he could share with anyone that happened upon him when he was at home. It was a wonderful thought that wiggled its way into his mind.

As Weaver came closer to the building, he felt the light feet of his owl land gently along his shoulder. The man turned, giving the feathers a gentle pet before he moved inside the building. As he stepped in, his green eyes focused on the gray slave. Corrine was her name. The tawny man stepped closer to her. From what he could tell, there was a lot of panic in her eyes. Weaver gently moved a hand to her shoulder before petting his owl, Go see if you can find someone. Bring them back here. The little snow owl spread its wings and took off out the door. It's eyes scanned the kingdom as it flew, looking for anyone in the nearby area.

Re: All in the name of being holy

Thu Mar 10, 2016 10:31 am

I don't date things, so no problem. I hope this is okay, didn't figure Corrine would be coolio w/ touching when panicked about stuffs? (Esp looking at her past since I was imagining panic from nightmare or something.)

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Stoned as he was, Pierrat still spotted the owl first.

Loki heard his chuckle of surprise and glanced sharply at the Serf, but the dark dog was quick to point upward at the spiraling, pale creature. Its circling grew tighter at the sight of them, until Loki, recognizing the signals Luperci taught their raptors, quickly chased after its shadow. The white bird was flying toward the ramshackle old cottage where the slaves lived, and Loki was worried what this might mean -- whether an accident or a rebellion.

The Serf trotted after him, nearly bumping into his back as the Bard stopped short in the doorway, peering at the frail grey woman. Her yellow eyes stared back at him, frightened, pupils dilated, and she was recoiling back from the touch of Weaver.

At once, Loki bared his teeth and raised his ears and tail. Get away from her -- what are you doing? he snapped, stepping into the man's space, but Corrine flinched back.

N-no, 'e didn't -- the Trell tried, then fell silent. She'd drawn herself into a corner and slumped down, wrapping her slim grey arms around her knees.

Loki dipped his ears in apology to Weaver, then frowned and glanced over his shoulder. Go get the catnip tea, he ordered Pierrat, then approached Corrine quietly, sitting down across from her. What's wrong, love? he asked, then glanced at Weaver. What happened?

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Re: All in the name of being holy

Sun Mar 13, 2016 11:50 am

+300 Yeah that was fine. Makes sense. Went with your nightmare idea there.

Weaver was confident in his new friend to find some help. Even though he had taken it upon himself to be the one to look after the slaves, he was not the best when it came to taking care of their health. This was something he would need to gain more information on in time. Perhaps Bane would be able to give him a few lessons, just on some of the easy stuff so he could take care of the minor things, maybe major things if the time called for it. With the gray slave, he didn't even know where to begin. All he could do was keep her calm until some more help arrived.

The tawny man and Corrine were not kept waiting for long. The owl returned to her perch, though Weaver's eyes trailed over to the entrance to see who the owl had brought back. The Bard stepped inside with someone Weaver did not recognize. Loki's tone grew colder as the gray slave turned away from his touch. Weaver was a very hands on male, and while he admitted to himself that it probably wasn't the best idea, it wasn't like he was intentionally trying to do her any harm. He was also here to help her, not punish her for something out of her control. Weaver's eyes narrowed slightly, though softened at the sound of the woman's voice before she retreated to her corner. Whatever hint of anger he had was lost now.

The Bard approached quietly, sitting across from the panicked woman, though he soon turned his attention to Weaver, asking him what had happened. The hybrid man's green eyes moved up to Loki, I'm not sure. I just got here myself. I found her like this. His eyes trailed over to the slave, offering her a small smile, It's alright ma chérie. We are here to help. Why don't you tell us what wrong?

Corrine was quiet for a while before her head turned slightly up to them, A n-nightmare.

Re: All in the name of being holy

Sat Mar 26, 2016 9:54 pm


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For a moment, Weaver seemed taken aback or irritated by Loki's orders -- and in that moment the Bard drew his head up higher, ears pricked and tail fluffed and tall behind him. He was dominant here, and he would not accept insolence from any man, regardless of how friendly he was with them. It wasn't until Corrine spoke on the man's behalf and Weaver relaxed that Loki did, too, sitting on the floor and adjusting his posture so it wouldn't be so aggressive.

Weaver explained he didn't know what was happening, then prompted Corrine, who spoke reluctantly. Likely she thought the question was an order, Loki believed, and he lowered his grey ears. His low whine drew the woman's attention back to him, and she cast her eyes aside fearfully until he murmured her name.

Listen, my love, you are safe here, okay?

He waved a hand vaguely to indicate Weaver keep his space; the close presence of a male seemed to give her anxiety. Loki was little better, though his scent was tangled with that of a woman's, and he'd spent months building up a rapport for the woman slave -- whose enslavement he'd always been against. Perhaps his attempted friendship with her was rebellion against Salsola's ideals, but he argued that he held to stronger ones. No woman should be forced to serve a man.

Whatever else, Loki said, tenderly, no one will hurt you here. This place is safe for you. No one will touch you. Let me know and we will give you space now, okay?

She trembled.

Hiding his impatience, Loki looked over his shoulder in hopes that Pierrat would be back with the tea soon; there was only so much he could do. He glanced to Weaver, drawing his pale brows in question of what the man was even doing here.

Re: All in the name of being holy

Sun Apr 03, 2016 11:05 am


Weaver couldn't understand why Loki had been so angry with him. He had only made a mistake by getting too close to her when she was panicked. He was only trying to help her in the way that he knew how. The tawny man watched as the gray man's ears moved up and his tail moved out. Despite his confusion, he was aware that he was the Bard, still a higher rank than that of Weaver himself. Perhaps he would have felt better if Loki hadn't immediately snapped at him. He was thankful to the slave who had spoken up in his defense. It was better that the two of them remained relaxed while handling this situation.

Green eyes had fallen back to the female, though they drew back to Loki when he emitted his whine. A hand moved up to indicate the hybrid to give Corrine some space. He gave a nod as he scooted back, giving her some more room. A hand moved up to the owl that rested gently with him. Since it was clear that Loki had more experience in this matter, he allowed the Bard to take the lead.

Weaver's eyes followed the Bard's as they moved over his shoulder. He must have been looking for the one he sent to get the tea. He turned his head up to the snowy owl, whispering, Go find the one that came with Loki. Make sure he is on his way back. The owl spread its wings, making its way outside the door.

Once the owl was out of view, Weaver turned his attention back to the others. Loki had his eyes set on the tawny man. Hands moved gently to his sides as he leaned back a bit, I've been looking after the slaves. I come here to check on them every morning before they get to their work.

Re: All in the name of being holy

Fri Apr 08, 2016 8:00 am

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There was a near-silent flapping as the trained owl departed again, and Loki chanced a look in the other's direction. Weaver explained his purpose here, and the silver coywolf gave a small nod of his head. His mother had once been master over the slaves -- and Weaver would be kinder, he thought.

It was his promiscuity that worried him now, however; he doubted masculine charm would calm Corrine much. He spoke in a soft, level voice to the trell as he waited, asking her soft questions -- first about her nightmare, which she didn't want to bring back up, and then about mundane things, her tasks if there were projects she wanted for herself. They talked about her cooking a little, something innocent enough, and soon enough heavy footsteps announced that Pierrat had found the tea.

Loki turned and took the cup from the Serf, nodding at him, then offered this to Corrine. Drink, love, he told her in a low murmur. It will only calm you.

Merci, the grey she-wolf said timidly, and with hands that shook less than before lifted the cup to her mouth. The warm, soothing tea's scent relaxed her even before it settled in her belly, and when she had finished the cup Loki took it back again.

Re: All in the name of being holy

Sun Apr 10, 2016 4:15 pm


Weaver's eyes followed the owl, but soon rested upon the gray man. He had given a small nod to him on his explanation. It seemed he had at least some approval from the guard on his decision. He knew there were plenty of areas that he needed to work on when it came to taking care of the slaves. This was proof enough of that fact. He also needed to know a little more on how to care of wounds in the case came that another ended up getting injured. At least that way he could deal with anything that might have put the slave in danger before he could have an expert take a look at it.

The tawny man's ear flicked to the familiar sounds of wing flaps as the owl returned to his shoulder, the male that had come with Loki before stepped into the small building with tea in his hands. Weaver turned his attention back to the Bard, watching and studying his movements so he would know better how to handle this situation should it happen again in the future. Corrine soon took the tea, thanking Loki for it before she gave it a sip. It was nice to see that she was relaxing, but figured it would be best to leave her to her tea for the time being.

The hybrid man sat back, gently petting at the bird while he let Loki take care of things. There really wasn't much for him to do here. It would be better for him to reserve any questions from when they were not around her. It was polite at the very least. She was a slave, but Weaver was still the gentleman. Corrine handed the cup back to Loki, causing the green eyes to return to him again, studying what he would do next.

Re: All in the name of being holy

Sun Apr 24, 2016 2:10 am

Totally guessing what rank he might've been when this went up w/e :|

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Corrine's breathing eased, but she looked tired now -- both from the nightmare and stress and the drink settling warm in her belly. Loki offered her another gentle smile then rose, brushing his hands on his thighs and handing the cup back to Pierrat, who watched the scenario in silence. This Loki was greatful for; he didn't need quips and sass from the Frenchman, but he knew that whatever else Piers might disrespect him for, this treatment was not one of these occasions. There was some warmth between them, a thing that Loki cultivated in moments of kindness.

You should sleep again, love, the Bard told her, and the she-wolf twitched her ears uncertainly. I will let Pierrat remain with you to explain the situation. There are few Luperci who would have the authority to turn over my decision. His whiskers curled in a mischievous way, though the rest of his expression was soft. I trust Weaver would speak on your behalf as well. I hope that he is understanding of your situation and would agree that you need no undue stress. His eyes flicked to the lute-player, unreadable in expression, before he glanced at Corrine again. The Trell nodded, curling up in her ball again, and half-shut her eyes.

Take care of her, Loki told Piers, and headed to the doorway. His fingers flicked, a beckoning gesture. A word, Tradesman.

Re: All in the name of being holy

Fri Apr 29, 2016 9:26 am


Weaver's eyes turned over to the Bard as he spoke again, commenting that Corrine should get some more rest. It was for the best. The female slave was in no state to work, and even if Loki had not come around, the tawny man would have been against anyone trying to push her to do so. Her well being was important, even if she was a slave. Ears turned and his attention returned back to Loki, after the mention of his name. Weaver offered the gray woman a nod, Oui. I agree and understand the situation. Just rest for now. He can always come and check on her later, assuming that Loki were to have Pierrat for something else.

The hybrid man relaxed, watching her curl up and close her eyes. It was for the best to leave them alone for now. He was not the only one thinking this. His eyes followed the Bard, noticing his gesture for Weaver to come with him. The tawny man gave the gray man a nod before heading outside of the slave quarters. One hand moved up to the owl resting along his shoulder, giving Cosme a gentle pet.

Weaver was sure he knew what would come next. He knew he needed to learn some more skills when it came to the care of the slaves. He knew he didn't handle that situation as well as Loki had. There were so many possibilities in the direction that this next conversation could go, but all of them pointed to the fact that Weaver was not too educated in some of the care required for others. Even with knowing that fact, it would be unwise for him to make assumptions, and even worse to try to speak out against someone higher than he was. The hybrid moved his hands behind his back, eyes focused on the man in front of him, You wished to speak to me Bard?

Re: All in the name of being holy

Mon May 02, 2016 10:39 am


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The tawny man joined him outside the cabin, and Loki turned to him once they were out of earshot of the door. The small frown on his face did wonders for changing his expression, though the generally flamboyant Bard had shown many of his colors today—as a caretaker, as an empathetic man, a dominant one. Whatever folly he'd demonstrated around Weaver before had fallen away.

He looked slightly up at the younger man, one who'd risen fast despite being male and once an outsider. It would have been suspect if Loki did not trust in Salvia like he trusted in his gods—more than he trusted in his gods, truth be told. He trusted in her Plan.

But there were faults in men, and he addressed these in an even tone, his ears still tall but his arms falling gently crossed before him.

You were insubordinate, Loki said, if for an instant, if for a fleeting thought. I respect that you didn't act upon it. But listen— And he took one step closer, making use of his utter comfort with proximity to impress upon Weaver that he wouldn't back down from similar intimidation. If you become Overseer, and know every Trell and their troubles by heart, I will defer to your judgment when it comes to them. Not a moment sooner.

He took one step away then, to leave him space, and even offered an apology smile. All things considered, Loki did like Weaver well enough; if he didn't have inclinations toward women then Loki would likely trust him, too. He was a showman in a sense, too, not unkind—but clueless in the way that men (and young men, which Loki had once been) were.

You are a man, Loki said, voicing these thoughts. Corrine was frightened of you, and I assumed the worst. He shook his head. Women should not be slaves. His voice dropped in a low, disapproving murmur, but he did not care who heard these beliefs.

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