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Weaver couldn't believe he would have forgotten in his own thoughts of the challenge he had made against the Bard when he first showed up. He thought it to be something so minor compared to everything else he felt was missing in him to handle this situation. His attention was brought back to Loki when he took a step forward, speaking. Weaver's ears turned and listened to him intently. He had scolded him.. or perhaps that was not the right word, but his next statement caused the tawny man's eyes to widen a bit. To gain a small glimmer of respect and promise from a high ranked member brought some pride to his heart.

The hybrid couldn't help but smile to the Bard's words. His head tipped down, a genuine bow to the gray man, I had no intentions of disrespecting you Bard. The only second of dislike was in thinking that I was the cause for her state. I would never do such a thing to her. He paused, raising his head back up so he could continue, I know there is much more that I have to learn, whether it be about the slaves individually or how to care for each of them, but I wish to do the best for them and Salsola. I thank you for helping Corrine.

Loki stepped back as he explained the female had been frightened of him for being a male. Weaver gave a nod of his head, understanding the true reason for her actions. He would need to work on his interactions with her, especially if this were to happen again. He couldn't say that he was surprised to hear the Bard's opinion on women being slaves, but given the concept was still new to Weaver, he didn't see much of a problem with it. He gave a nod to Loki along with a smile, You have my word that I will treat them with the utmost care and attention. His green gaze drifted back towards the quarters, Perhaps in time I might be able to free her from her bonds, but a replacement would be needed. He turned back to Loki, In the meantime, I will do everything I can for them, and learn what I need to ensure that.

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No custom or ritual in Salsola was too small. Other packs were far too lax in their hierarchy -- employing oenomel and yet forgoing the strength. Such places bred weak Luperci and permitted weak leadership, but the Thistle Kingdom was not like that. In places where weakness was permitted to exist, strong wolves would take over, and while Weaver, as a former outsider, might have thought his mere glare a small thing, Loki would not tolerate another questioning his dominance. So often the Bard was sweet as honey, but he was socially strong, too.

Weaver bowed his head, and Loki was mollified. He nodded in understanding as the other explained what he had felt. He had misjudged Weaver, but there had been no way for him to know; his judgment in that moment had been sound. He rested a hand on his hip, posture more relaxed, and pricked his ears.

Good, Loki responded to the Valentine's promise. He rubbed his mouth curiously with a hand when the man mentioned freeing the woman, and he nodded. Once you have the authority, we can see, perhaps, if she can be freed -- retired. The issue would be to pitch it to Salvia, but after years of servitude Corrine would have proven herself, and Loki could be very persuasive. He shook his head, knowing that this was a venture for another time.

Next time I will not be so slow to trust you, Loki said, passing Weaver but brushing his hand gently along the man's shoulder as he did so. You must trust me, too. He smiled. I wish you luck. Let me know if there are more issues.

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