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POSTED: Thu May 12, 2016 6:28 pm

+00 We can wrap up or fade out or whatever soon! Sorry for sucky post. :|

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Hay? echoed Clover, and glanced down at the branches thoughtfully, hovering a paw over the muck. I know Sinech said the grass they harvest for the horses takes a long time to collect. She tilted her head. Isn't there stuff in the stalls? Moss and grass and things? When that gets cleaned out, we could --

Gross, Jehan interjected, and while the dog glared at him she dropped her thought there.

He glanced curiously at the coymutt when he mentioned that he'd been born in another pack and given up, but he didn't ask questions and wasn't interested enough to let the thoughts linger. Clover, on the other hand, nodded quietly. My mom was a piece of shit, she said. Jehan's too. Usually the people who bring you up are all right. She went on down the line, occasionally attempting to balance on the branches, while Jehan grimaced at her bluntness and absentmindedly rubbed at the severed stump of his arm.

The Sciens looked over their work and mentioned packing mud on top of it, and Clover began to nod eagerly before Jehan voiced his opinion. I get what you mean, but... The problem isn't when it's dry out; once it rains again that just means more mud.

Deep in thought, Jehan looked perplexed a moment when Saut apologized, and he laughed. I never have anything to do, man, he answered, flashing the hybrid a reassuring grin.

I'll just have to ask you to hunt with me to make up for it, added Clover, smirking.

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