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There was much to be learned in any situation. Often it took multiple brains processing it to really absorb it all. Wolves of different types. He assessed a different way than she did, each of them processed it differently than their parents, and so on. It was why it was important to have multiple animals in a group instead of being loners. Willing loners still baffled him. Why would one want to be alone and processing the information by themselves? Without a group to protect and spend time with them? Marius was not overly social in a chatty sense, but he needed the connection nonetheless.

She was a tough girl and he saw that in her reaction. Teagan wanted to be seen as a brave, capable wolf. Not as a child. No one ever wanted to be viewed as a child, it seemed. Which was problematic because some of them were children. Teagan was growing, though, and slowly becoming an adult. Which was really the only reason he was allowing her to hunt with him anyway. It wasn't like he would have let a pup go after deer with him.

"With two?" he considered. It wasn't the best number. He preferred three at least. It wasn't impossible, though. "First, I would make the expectation that we are going to fail but learn from the experience. Because the likelihood of success is lower with two than any other number. Except one, naturally." there was actually a point where more was worse. Four was about the perfect amount in his experience. The exact same amount of wolves in hi slitter.

"I would suggest one lie in ambush if possible in an area where the other wolf is likely to guide the deer. Run at the deer, scare them hopefully in the correct direction. The ambusher can leap up when the selected prey is near or earlier if they determine that they will not just go the direction they're being guided. It also depends on the prey. If there are more weak deer, it's much easier. More options."

He nodded. "Good thoughts on how to spot the best options. We have to be good caretakers of our herds or they'd die off. Not to mention the risks to our bodies if we go after the more able bodied members." he remarked.

Mari lifted his head and paused, flicking his tail slightly. "Do you smell that?" blood was in the air.

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She nodded wordlessly when Marius rhetorically clarified the question. When he began, her ears fell a bit. He expected them to fail? She’d thought he’d give some awe-inspiring answer, some neat trick that would turn the odds into their favor not…not his blunt, damning verdict. Teagan supposed he was right though. At the very least, they’d learn from the experience, and she’d get some practice at a mock group hunt. She continued to pad along after her cousin, hoping that, by some off chance, they might succeed despite their odds.

Marius went on to explain how he would have done the hunt. The Stryder nodded at intervals, mulling over his words and trying to play the scenario in her head. An ambush? She liked that idea. Having the element of surprise was always a good thing to have. If they did it right, the deer wouldn’t have any time to react, and it’d be an easy kill for them. Plus, by doing it ambush style, they wouldn’t have to expend too much energy running around trying to catch and course the deer. Only one individual would have to do that, and with the other in reserve, their fresh strength would heighten their odds of victory.

“Let’s go with your idea,” Teagan suggested, nodding to his larger body, “I’ll do the chasing and you can do the catching since you’re stronger than me?” There was no doubt in her mind about their differences in strength. She was still a child when compared to him, her body still lanky and thin when compared to a matured adult’s, no matter how young he was for being one. He’d have the power they’d need to bring down the deer.

The Lotta prided herself a bit to receive good marks for her answer. She was sure to not let it get to her head though, doing well to carefully listen as Marius continued his impromptu hunting lesson for the girl. Suddenly, the Prova’s head lifted. As soon as the question left his mouth, Teagan smelt it too. “Blood,” she answered, taking a few more sniffs as she stepped forward. “Maybe we’ll have some luck today after all,” she mused with a smirk to the older boy. If their quarry was already hurt, it would increase the odds of the two of them being able to successfully take it down.

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He was realistic. Not in the dumps sad pessimist, not shining smiling happy optimist; a balance. At least he liked to believe he saw the world clearly for the most part and that was the reason for the way he observed things. Reassuring his cousin that they could succeed or that they would do well would have been out of character for him. It was truth that they would likely fail. But great successes came from potential failures, so there was that.

They were going to hunt together. He wondered if it would be a good bonding experience with a cousin he scarcely knew. Her bright, eager face made him think they wouldn't get along when she was grown. Though Munroe was more eager, happier than him as a general rule. No one seemed to judge him for being more withdrawn or introspective. At least not to his face. Not his family. They had always taken him in with open arms. The pack itself had taken them all in with open, willing arms.

Marius tuned out his internal thoughts to focus on Teagan as she spoke. He nodded to her decisions. "Good." was what he said, no need to expand further. They were focused on finding the deer first, of course. Hopefully it would be located somewhere that they could actually hunt it as they planned. Terrain played a large part in the hunt.

Blood, though, was a great sign and easy to follow. He lowered his body and crept toward the smell, moving as quietly as he could through the land that had become almost as familiar as his birth pack's land. There was a doe standing, one leg lifted delicately from the ground. Her head was lowered to eat, blood marking the wound that had left her there without her full stance. It was good that she was wounded. Better chance.

He glanced at his cousin; ready?, he tried to silently ask, before he would head around to ambush the deer.

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Sorry for the crazy long wait >___< I was trying to finish training threads, but, this has waited for too long to push it back any longer!

He seemed satisfied with her final decision on how to progress with their situation. However, his stoic demeanor made her cousin hard to read on whether he actually thought well of her plan or whether he was simply agreeing with the facts and her ability to acknowledge them. Not a muscle on his face moved unchecked. He was poised, controlled. Someday, she hoped she could have as much discipline as Marius had. It kept others on their toes, and made assumption-making nearly impossible to do.

For now, she would take what small cues she could. The Lotta took on a similar stance as the older boy committed to their hunt by dropping into a hunter’s stalk. Teagan did her best to keep her paws as silent as possible, just like her mother had shown her. One wrong step, and one’s target would be alerted to their approach, and their sneaky attack would have been for naught. Practicing on the expert huntress was rewarding as it was difficult. Her father was easier to ambush, though, sometimes, she got the sneaking suspicion that he let her win on purpose…

It wasn’t long until they finally came upon the origin of the metallic scent. The deer, a doe, hung along the outer edges of the small herd that fed in the area. It was injured in one of its hind limbs, which would make prancing and bounding like deer normally did very difficult for the doe in the predators’ sights. As well, it made bucking or rearing a hard feat to perform as well. It was as perfect as they could get with just the two of them.

Teagan’s canary eyes moved to her larger cousin, finding him asking her a wordless question with his steady gaze. She nodded once, and then let him move into place. Once she saw where he had settled in wait, Teagan moved to the most ideal position she could find that would guide the injured deer towards Marius. Once she made sure the Prova was ready, she lunged into action.

The wolfdog let out a threatening and booming bark as she broke her cover. Her teeth were bared and hackles were bristled to make her seem imposing enough that they would flee in fright rather than in simple routine. The doe limped after its companions, but, the Stryder was quick to move and cut it off, snapping and snarling at its injured side. The scent of panic and fear wafted the area as the injured animal dove away from the cream-coated Luperci, desperate to live, but so overcome with the desire to flee that it didn’t realize it was being shepherded along a particular path.

None of the herd came back to save their companion in their fright, and, injured and without the safety of the herd, the doe was as good as dead. Teagan drove the doe straight into Marius’ hiding space, and the young girl only hoped his strength had enough stopping power to prevent the doe from escaping the area.

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Marius didn't intend to look cool or collected. He merely wasn't particularly expressive. If he had thought her idea didn't hold merit or that he wanted to attempt a different way, he would've said so. The male never lingered on what others thought or perceived about his responses. If they wanted to know more, generally, they had to ask. Otherwise he was just going to tell them what he considered important, then move on to the next thing. In this case, the actual hunt.

Their plan was in motion. She had a good stalking stride. It didn't surprise him too much. They were proficient here with their ways. Although hunting was not emphasized, all wolves needed to hunt to survive. These were skills a cub began learning when they first started moving around. Even before their eyes were open, they were moving on top of each other to get to the best nursing spot. Stealth wasn't usually learned then, but the beginning of wolf skills, the more feral parts of their nature began then.

He thought about this briefly but let it go when he had to focus fully on the hunt itself. It was easy for him to lose himself in this, it was his favorite thing to do. The older wolfdog moved into position and settled, his heart beating a bit faster as he watched. Would she succeed in their plan? Would she send the right deer toward him? All he could do was wait and have faith. The one downside of hunting with others.

Teagan shifted from gentle cousin to angry predator quickly. She snapped and drove the animal toward him. Of course the rest of the herd ran. They were not interested in dying to protect the injured doe. Though sometimes in certain seasons, a more protective stag might come to the defense of a mate, it wasn't common. At least not in his experience.

As luck or fate or skill would have it, the doe ran toward him. He let it almost get past him, then leaped so that he landed on its bad side and grabbed at its neck. It fell, as any creature would when its momentum was thrown off. That was all the wolves would need to take hold and keep it from getting up again.

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