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OOC: Sounds good! You could finish up here with either Lithia accepting the vole and fading out or with her deciding to leave? I'd be good with either <333 Thank you for the the thread, hun!

It wasn't that Marcella disliked traveling -- it was good to expand her knowledge of other places and people -- but returning to her old haunts was what she always looked forward to when she was abroad. She thought about home often, even now. Not home, in the sense of where she'd been born and raised -- her family had long since disowned her and she cared even less of them -- but those places where she held control, power. Where she could go into a tavern or a brothel and be recognized immediately and looked upon with respect and privilege. With fear. Zel Looked forward to returning with her prize in tow. It would make up for all the lost time and misery she had put up with for far too long in this wasteland.

"No?" she purred through a curled smile. "Well my darling, if you ever find that you do, look for me in the south hmm?" Marcella removed the cooked voles from the stick and drove its sharpened end through the freshly killed one. She hung it over the flames and watched the fur singe away to nothing. She glanced at Lithia from the corner of her eyes. "You would do well for yourself there, I should think." As a slave, at any rate, Zel thought as she turned the vole slowly over the flames.

Turning her head from the gentle flicker of fire, Marcella listened to Lithia fully and nodded her head when she as finished. "I do wish you well in your search," she said, smiling. She picked up the whole, cooked vole from the stone it rested upon and held it out to the dark woman. "You may stay and share a meal if you'd like," she chirped. "But I'm afraid it isn't much." They would to more substantial hunting in the morning, Zella decided, and the woman's presence did off some interest.

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”I will,” Lithia confirmed, wondering which south she meant. South of this country or south of another? Either way, Lithia doubted she would ever venture to find this woman again, even if she somehow found her interest in teaching. Marcella went on to mention that Lithia would do well in a place like the south where she is from, but Lithia didn’t wholeheartedly believe her. How would she do well in a place where she knew nothing and no one? Rank in packs was the same thing as reputation in other types of gatherings. Without it, one was no one and nothing.

”Thank you,” she began, accepting the offered vole. ”I’d be delighted to dine with you.” Though, of course, it wasn’t really dining with this small morsel of food, but it was a chance. A chance that Lithia accepted the woman’s hospitality even though she was subtly suspicious of her.

Lithia sank her teeth into the soft, cooked meat. It was tasteless, lacking the savory scents of blood and game, but fulfilling none-the-less. The two women fell silent for a moment while they picked off pieces of their cooked vole and shoved them in their mouths. For a moment, Lithia stared into the flames thinking of the whole world out there.

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