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daisy, always climbing up the same tree

Fri Jun 10, 2016 1:45 am

Thread Prompt: Although most wild growth around the mansion is tolerated, there are some things that should be avoided: deep-rooting shrubs should not be allowed to grow near the mansion for fear of their roots damaging the foundation, vines should be occasionally cut back as to avoid overtaking the house or damaging structures, and so forth. Trim back this growth and dig up whatever shrubbery should be removed.

(000) I'm hoping Izual can run into someone that needs help? Otherwise, he's not going to rip bushes out of the ground on his own xD

The weather had been gloomy for the past few days, but Izual was kind of relieved that it wasn’t when he left the mansion. He skirted the yards, heading to the back pond to wash the dried blood from his palms. He had been skinning a rabbit up in his room, making a mess of sorts. The blood on the old, wooden planks didn't bother him much, but he couldn’t walk around the pack lands with bloodied hands without someone giving him a strange look.

After he had cleaned them, he headed towards the front courtyard. As he walked, he eyed the overgrown shrubs around the house, remembering something someone had said about not letting them get too overgrown. Izual was no gardener, but he entertained the idea of ripping the plants from the comfort of their dirt patches just to cause some kind of chaos. But knowing little about plants and even littler about their growth, Izual had no idea what was overgrowth and what was regular growth. He grunted while eyeing the bushes, but decided to move along to find something else to entertain himself.

Re: daisy, always climbing up the same tree

Wed Jul 06, 2016 5:00 pm

Mayyybeee this can lead to interaction? XD

What he knew of Izual was very limited. In fact, the most distinctive stamp of memory for Kallistos of the Massacre male was when they had been with the ravens. All of the corpses lying on the ground, that Izual had suggested that they should consume instead of burning. He still felt a hot stab of fury and sadness at the thought.

For these reasons, when he saw the other male, he didn't feel some gush of Clan pride or even any sort of desire to chat. He grunted and leaned down to grab at the invasive bush he was working to remove, pulling back hard until it came free from the earth. His gaze flickered to the male, but there wasn't even a hello in the normally rather social coyote. He would be fine just passing their own ways and not talking at all. Although the help would have been nice. It was hard to get past his initial impression when it had been so vastly poor.

Izual would probably suggest something stupid, anyway, if their last meeting had been any indication.

Re: daisy, always climbing up the same tree

Fri Jul 15, 2016 5:42 am

(000) Thank you for joining <3

When he rounded the corner at the edge of the mansion, orange eyes fell upon the orange coat of a familiar Coyote. It had been the man that was with Vesper at the time of the mass death of the ravens. The other’s feelings about him had not occurred to Izual, as socialization was never truly what conversations were about. To Izual, conversations were about amusement and manipulation. When he wasn’t trying to manipulate someone, he was just looking for a good kick or an interesting time.

At the moment, he didn’t think he had any use for Kallistos.

”Need some help?” Izual offered, stopping a foot or two behind him. Finally someone would be able to tell Izual which bushes to rip out of the ground and which not to. Even if they couldn’t see eye-to-eye on what to do with dead ravens, at least Kallistos could help Izual understand a little more about gardening – or at least the maintenance part of it. Ripping bushes out of the ground didn’t require much use of the gardening skill…

Re: daisy, always climbing up the same tree

Fri Jul 15, 2016 2:28 pm

But of course! <3


Izual moved toward him, stopping nearer than Kallistos would've liked. The male paused in what he was doing to look up and tilt his head slightly. "Sure." he replied with an easygoing shrug, though inside his stomach dropped a bit. He still felt... weird around Izual. He was odd. All coyotes were but that was an oddness he was used to seeing day to day. After all, this was his Clan and he had been born here. What coyotes did was normal to him. The way of wolves would surely have been odder to him.

He gestured at a bush that was clearly overgrowing its usefulness. "That one needs pulling out. You want to get as much as you can with the roots and all so it doesn't grow back." he explained, wanting to make sure that they wouldn't have to do this again too soon. He went back to what he had been doing with an eye still watching out for what Izual did to try and remove the invasive bush.

Re: daisy, always climbing up the same tree

Tue Aug 02, 2016 3:30 am

(000) He most likely screwed up lol

The brutish Coyote lingered; maybe he was too close for comfort for Kallistos – but that was how Izual functioned. He hovered, and usually he hovered too close. Pumpkin eyes followed the direction of Kallistos’ finger as he gestured to which of the plants needed removal. He pointed to a larger bush that grew unruly and very close to the stone base of the mansion. It needed pulling out, and a grin grew upon Izual’s lips. Perfect!

Without further ado, Izual moved towards the shrub and with all of his strength, ripped it from the dirt it sat in for who knew how long. There was a spray of dirt and as Izual stumbled back with the shrub in his arms and its mangled roots dangling with clumps of dirt. The whole thing was not graceful in the least because that wasn’t what Izual was. He wasn’t graceful at all. He was savage. He was rough. He was strong. He threw the bush to the side in the grass and wiped some of the dirt from his hands.

Re: daisy, always climbing up the same tree

Wed Aug 10, 2016 3:31 pm

C'MOONNNN IZUAL. Lemme know if this makes no sense with what you were thinking. :b


Kalli felt a tension in his shoulders from the close proximity of the other male, but he tried not to show it. Of course it was probably still obvious. Whatever. He could only do so much to like the other coyote. It wasn't like - from what he had seen - Vesper even liked this guy much. So he wasn't going to make much effort himself. They could work together, though. They were still Clanmates.

He looked over when Izual pulled out a bush, opening his mouth to say something... but he was already too late. Izual had wrenched the bush from the ground and threw it aside with a triumphant look. "Wrong bush." he said, walking over and pointing at the smaller one that was growing next to it, one that actually moved into the walkway. The one that had been pulled out was close but not quite in the way. It was really Kalli's fault for not being clearer, though. The one that had been thrown probably needed trimming, but not complete removal.

Kalli glanced at the one that had been thrown. "Roots still intact? We can replant it, maybe..."

Re: daisy, always climbing up the same tree

Fri Sep 02, 2016 4:02 am

(000) sorry for mty slow :(

Izual’s ears slumped and a frustrated growl rumbled in his chest. After all that effort and the little shit couldn’t even point to the right bush? Izual felt stupid, and what was worse, was that he felt stupid in front of someone he knew didn’t like him very much. He was supposed to be showing Kallistos that he was the man, not that he was an idiot.

Grumbling incoherently under his breath, Izual reached for the smaller bush and wrenched it out of the ground in the same fashion. Once it was out, he chucked it beside the other and brushed the dirt from his hands. ”Any others? And maybe try to be a little clearer this time?” Izual spoke, standing closer to Kallistos to be directed to the next bit of aid he could offer the younger male.

He wasn’t so sure about replanting the bush, but he could surely rip more out that needed to be removed. Hey, the task wasn’t bad and without the wrong direction, it was pretty easy stuff. In the context of ripping shrubs from the ground, Izual liked gardening.

Re: daisy, always climbing up the same tree

Fri Sep 02, 2016 12:04 pm


Kallistos flushed with frustration at the other male's words. As if he had intentionally been vague. The other bush was removed, though, and the bigger one could be... corrected. Or not. Whatever. It was more aesthetic than actually useful. He just thought it looked weird the spot that was missing a bush entirely now. If anyone asked, he'd gladly blame it on Izual though.

"None to be wrenched out of the ground like that." he glanced at what had been done so far. "Actually, scratch that. See that one? It's right up against the Mansion and just starting to grow. That one could do with being torn out so that it doesn't mess with the floor." the young male gestured and hoped it was clear which one he meant. Otherwise, presumably Izual would ask.

Although asking didn't seem to be really in the other coyote male's general behavior.

Re: daisy, always climbing up the same tree

Sun Sep 04, 2016 4:16 am

(000) LOL sure blame Izual for everything xDD (its always his fault anyway)

By the stern silence in the air, Izual could smell the tension, feel the tension radiating off of his younger counterpart. He had to make an effort not to grin at him, but realistically, he was delighted to see that he had gotten to the pup.

Next he was directed very clearly to rip out a bush that had grown ever so closely to the house. By this indication, Izual was just beginning to understand why the shrubs were a problem. Their roots undoubtedly snaked underneath the house – but what they did after that? He couldn’t say. He just knew, by Kallistos’ instruction, that they needed to be removed.

So, he removed it.

Again, with a grunt and a smaller spray of dirt this time, a third bush soon joined the other two on the grass at the other side of the walk way. He looked at the bush and the middle and considered the effort it would take to replant the thing – and for what? It’s not like they provided much of anything – practically or aesthetically.

”What exactly do these do to the house if they grow to close to it?” he asked, hoping to understand the context a little more rather than working with a machine. ”Why not herbs and weed here instead?”

Re: daisy, always climbing up the same tree

Wed Sep 07, 2016 4:01 pm



Kallistos was somewhat waiting for Izual to screw it up again. To tear something out of the ground like the very foundation itself. He watched out of the corner of his eye as he finished up what he was doing and brushed off his hands. As luck (or perhaps better direction) would have it, the correct bush was removed from its offending position. He was relieved. Not that he needed to make Izual happy. He just didn't want to deal with more whining or having to fix it.

"Cool, good job." he said, with a twitch of his ears. He looked at the ground to assess it. The question that Izual asked was ignored for a brief moment, before he realized it had been something he needed to answer. "Shit, I dunno. I just do as I'm told. I think for like secrecy or whatever. But we don't want it to destroy the house. The roots burrow looking for water and they can mess with the floor" he said. It wasn't like he was the local gardener.

As to the question about weeds and herbs... "I mean, I guess because it's not intimidating. We have appearances to keep up." he said with a slight tip of his head.
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