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alone I wander through the dark, dark water
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Izual's a jerkface - sorry. lol. Also, wrap up soon if you wanna? Figuring these two don't like each other too much, maybe it'd be best to end soon!

They can mess with the floor. Hm. What a descriptive explanation that was. He could have done better asking the bushes themselves.

Izual sighed, casting Kallistos’ “thoughtful” answer into one of the miscellaneous drawers in his brain, he looked down to the bushes on the grass.

”Appearances? Who comes anywhere near the mansion, but its own residents? And I sure as hell don’t care whether we have useless bushes here or weed plants. Weed plants would definitely make me happier. More accessible, you know,” he said, making a smoking gesture with his fingers and mouth. Then he allowed his maw to split into a grin as he backed off from Kallistos a bit.

”Are you really gonna make an effort to put that back? What about the others? Shouldn’t you try to put those back somewhere else, too?” he asked because he sure as hell wasn’t dealing with planting shit. He only wanted to exert some of his aggression and pull shit out of the ground. Plus, from the looks of Kallistos, it looked like he would have had a tough time trying to get the bushes out in the fashion that Izual just did. If anything, Izual did the younger Moineau a favor.

”Do you need my services for anything else?” If not, he was outta there.

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One more from you or archive here?? :)


Kallistos really wasn't a pro in information about exactly why they did the maintenance that they did. He was just told it needed done. So he did it. It didn't matter to him all that much if it was for a good reason or not, because it had been directed to be done. Though sometimes he wanted to know everything about things, bushes were not one of those tings.

His fur bristled at the other male's aggressive response to his words. As if he was somehow the one orchestrating this. He frowned and raised his tail, his body stiffening. "I don't make the rules, Izual, go tell Vesper about your feelings." he said with a wave of his hand. The Massacre male was such a pain in the ass, he wished he had said he hadn't needed help.

"Naw, why don't you just go. I've got the rest handled." the Civilis said dismissively, moving to resume his own work. Although he did keep an ear tipped to hear if the other male did something stupid. Which was really all that Izual seemed to do anyway. Stupid things.
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