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POSTED: Sun Jul 10, 2016 6:10 pm

+200 I figured we could go ahead and wrap this thread up.

This really was growing dull. He still wasn't striking up much of a conversation with her. All he had done was answer the question she had given to him before falling silent once again. Even if she wasn't trying to flirt with him, would this be any different? Probably not. What should it matter to her though? This man was just another face in the pack. Still new and had made no sort of name for himself. He probably wasn't even along one of Sapient major tier paths. He was of little use to her in one way or another.

When the coyote girl let her eyes wander, she noticed the change in the man's face. He was growing angrier with her. This was probably a better indication to her that she should break away from him while she still could. She wasn't completely incapable of defending herself, but it was better to avoid fights. She didn't even know if he might turn on her if he grew angry enough. Her own face grew cold towards his own. Her mood was known to change drastically, another trait picked up by her wonderful father. Her tail flicked behind her, You're quite a bore. I think I'll go find something else to occupy my time. What would be the point in saying anything more than that? The girl turned on her heels and began back in the direction they came. Surely there was something back at Demon's Run our outside the pack she could use as entertainment.

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