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Show me everything and tell me how

Wed Jun 29, 2016 6:18 pm

Optime | Greenhouse, mid-morning | NPC Kore (+760)

Sorry for how long this ended up being Dx Also, have a Disney lyric title because my brain can't seem to make up one at the moment xD

The Nizhoni boys had kept mostly to themselves or near Daeva ever since the clan’s chieftess, or, Aquila, had accepted the misfit group into the pack. Daeva had wanted them to stay out of too much trouble, and had come to take on the role of a sister of sorts to the two foreigners—at least, it was a sisterly-like bond for Shikoba. Dorado…he wasn’t so sure. The local had walked them through the general stuff; where the important sights were, the borders, where the food was stored, etcetera, but, while Dorado seemed content to stay by the pretty woman’s side, Shikoba had been itching to do a bit more exploration of his own.

He didn’t like the fact that they were relying on one woman for everything they learned about their new home. However, he dared not tell his friend in fear that Dorado might shun him for his honesty. Keeping his mouth shut had become too much for him to bear though, and, so, when the sun had risen high enough to evaporate the dew on the grass, Shikoba had set off.

His fox companion, Kore, had elected herself to come along with him. While Yama, Daeva’s male fox, was an intriguing individual, the vixen could only take so much of him before she felt suffocated. Besides, she hadn’t pestered Shikoba since they had arrived in Nova Scotia, and a bit of exploring would do her paws some good. If she was going to live here with Shikoba, she’d have to learn the lay of the land sooner or later, and it’d be easier to scout with the Luperci at her side than another fox.

So, the pair had set off. Dorado was left in charge of Wind, as Shikoba didn’t feel comfortable letting her near the pack’s horses in fear she might hurt one of them. Eidolon had gone off to do her own thing once the sun had risen on the horizon. The coymutt and vixen pair had roamed about on the northern side of the bay before deciding to head back towards civilization. The mansion that Daeva frequented and spent most of her nights seemed to be a hot spot for activity.

Every time they had gone, the group had either waited outside, or gone straight to Daeva’s living quarters to help her with something. Not being shepherded by the Lykoi on this day though, Shikoba and Kore were free to roam about as they pleased. There had been a lot that they hadn’t seen, and it was this that led to the odd pair to be lingering outside of a strange building sandwiched between the larger mansion and Inferni’s version of a medicine hut.

Shikoba’s face was pressed firmly up against one of the large glass panes that easily made up more than half of the building’s structure. It was so weird, so strange to him. What good came from a building that’s roof was made of such a fragile material? Two hands were cupped around his eyes to help him block out some of the sun’s growing glare. Inside the strange building, there were rows of plants of varying types. A few he recognized, as they were common back in the tribe, but, many others were as foreign to him as he was to this new land.

“What’s in there?” Gripped the vixen at his side. Though she stood on her back legs, she was too short to see any more than the tops of the taller plants inside the strange structure. “I can’t see, ‘Koba.”

The Tirones glanced at her direction, but did not look at the fox directly. “There’s a bunch of plants.”

“No shit,” she snapped.

He shrugged nonchalantly. “You asked.”

“Well, I can see that much,” she corrected herself haughtily. “What else is in there?”

Shikoba looked around the strand plant room. “Nothing.”


“Yep, noth—” He stopped, his body suddenly standing taller. “Oh! I think I see something!”

Kore’s ears pricked with interest.

“Ohp, nope. Just another plant.”

The vixen’s mouth twisted sourly as she bared a long canine at him. “You’re an asshole.”

“You’re just pissy ‘cause you fell for it,” he argued back dismissively. He let out a sigh as he refocused on staring intently inside the mostly-glass building. “Anyhow, yeah, just a bunch of plants. I guess they’re special or something if they’re kept in here.”

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Re: Show me everything and tell me how

Sat Jul 02, 2016 8:26 pm

Our Faith can move Mountains

The greenhouse was Crucifix's safe haven. No one could bother her there, seeing as most members of Inferni chose not to bother with the place, and it gave her the opportunity to work with what she truly enjoyed. There was no downside to being in here, except for that there was only one entrance and exit. If something undesirable entered the small building, she would have to make her way around whatever it was to get out. That was easier said than done, especially for someone with the levels of anxiety she possessed.

Still, today was proving to be calm and quiet. The brown girl's morning had been consumed by the many aromas that filled the air. Her body paced through the rows of plants, making sure each of them were taken care of. Once they had been waters, she began picking a couple of the herbs. They had grown well over the spring, and knew Harosheth need some more of them in stock at the hospital house. It was another safe haven for her, but that was a much more frequently visited place by the other members, giving her a little more discomfort.

As it grew later in the morning, her ears turned to the sound of a voice coming from the outside of the greenhouse. From what she could tell, they were not aware she was even in here. It didn't surprise her anyways. She was shorter than most of the other members in Inferni, and the plant she had hidden herself behind was one of the taller ones. As she peeked out from behind her hiding place, the figured began to take form. It was a male, and one she had never seen before. Considering he was this deep in the clan's territory, he must have been someone new. The girl ducked back, finishing her work before she made her way to the door. She quietly stepped out, moving over to the male and his companion, "Good morning.. I hope.. you two.. are doing.. well.."

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Re: Show me everything and tell me how

Tue Aug 02, 2016 5:06 pm


Since we barely started this, we can turn it into a co-rank for ya’~<33 Sorry for the wait Dx I’ll try to be better about it this month for you!

“Or they just don’t want idiots like you trampling all over them.”

He stuck his tongue out in reply.

It seemed that the duo’s squabbling had alerted something inside to their presence. Distracted by his fox companion, Shikoba had almost missed the faint movement amongst the plant material within the glass building.

Kore’s patience with their seemingly boring discovery had worn out. “Come on, let’s go.”

The sky-scout’s sharp eyes had been drawn to the subtle shift in the vegetation like an owl’s ears to a mouse scuttling around under the leaf litter at night. “Wait a minute!” He hissed back in a whisper. Amidst the greenery and other earthy tones of the contents within the strange structure though, whatever had caused the movement was quickly lost again. Shikoba’s stare intensified as his wasabi gaze narrowed, trying to make out something…anything that could prove he’d actually seen something and it all wasn’t just part of his imagination.

“Did you see something?” The vixen asked with renewed interest, dancing on her back paws to get a better look inside.

A head suddenly appeared from behind some of the vegetation, and with it, a body that was soon put into motion and walking towards them. “Seems so,” Shikoba replied simply, drawing himself away from the window pane so as to not look like some sort of strange pervert spying in. The individual was a short, distinctively coyote woman. Her fur was a dark umber hue with lighter undertones. Long, dark hair fell from her crown like a veil and stopped just short of the base of her tail. Olive eyes fell on the two newcomers as the woman stepped out and addressed them with a soft voice.

Kore fell down so that all four of her paws were on the ground, and cast a sidelong glance at Shikoba. Sensing that the vixen wasn’t up for speaking just yet, the Whiplash quickly took up the mantle as the duo’s spokesman. He offered the coyote female a friendly grin. “We are,” he nodded to the glass building with his snout, “Would be better if we could figure out what this thing is though. Ain’t ever seen anything like it before.”

Introductions were in need of order, he decided rather quickly. He offered a dip of his head and a slight bow from the shoulders. “I’m Shikoba Whiplash, by the way.” He indicated to the fox with a hand, “And this little lady is Kore. We’re new to the clan, Missus…?”

Re: Show me everything and tell me how

Sat Aug 06, 2016 11:39 am

Our Faith can move Mountains

Crucifix hadn't realized that she was being watched inside the greenhouse while she was working, but then again with her focus being on the plants, it shouldn't have come to a surprise to her at this prospect. Still, they didn't leave as she was making her way out to them, a good sign that at least one of them wanted to stick around to speak to her, or at least find out some more about this area.

Green gaze turned down briefly to the fox at the male's feet, but they soon returned to him, seeing as he was the one speaking. He confirmed they were doing well, but would be better if they knew what the greenhouse was. Had they never seen one before? That was certainly a bit strange, but nothing she couldn't help them with. The smile along her muzzle grew more as he moved a hand towards the small building, "This is.. called a.. greenhouse.. We keep.. plants in.. here so.. they can.. grow all.. year long.. I have.. been taking.. care of.. them since.. I came.. to Inferni.. so I.. am here.. often.." She paused to let them take in the information, sure they might have some more questions that arose from this.

Their conversation shifted briefly, allowing the time for there to be introductions. The male introduced himself as well as the fox at his side. Crucifix gave a small nod as she gave her own introduction back to them, "I am.. Crucifix.. de le.. Poer.. I am.. Inferni's Magister.." It was a shame she couldn't say that with much more confidence. Perhaps in time.

Though, the mention of these two being new brought up more excitement. This would be a good chance for her to get to know these new members and help them settle in, assuming they hadn't already. There were sure to be questions, and ones she could hopefully provide answers to like she had in regards to the greenhouse. The tip of her tail wagged a bit in this new filled excitement as she addressed them once more, "Well.. since you.. two are.. new.. perhaps I.. could help.. you get.. settled in.. or show.. you around.. Inferni.."

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Re: Show me everything and tell me how

Mon Aug 22, 2016 11:41 pm


Liiiieeesss, apparently I tell lies @____@ I’m so sorry about my reply rate, Salena ;____;

Feel free to PP Shikoba and Kore moving around the territory and such!

He cocked his head slightly to one side. The woman…she talked funny. He’d noticed it before, but, he’d thought that maybe it was just his effect he had on other Luperci. The longer she spoke though, the more he noticed the strangeness in how she talked. There were odd pauses between every few words. Was there something wrong with her? Or was she just…weird?

The Tirones managed to tear his eyes away from their rude staring in their attempt to mentally dissect her strange speech pattern. “A greenhouse, eh?” He mused aloud, gripping his chin in a thoughtful pose as his wasabi eyes looked the strange glass-covered building over. The name for the thing seemed to fit. Everything inside was green, and, in a way, it could be seen as a house.

His brows knitted together as he tried to make sense of her explanation for the building’s purpose though. “How do you keep them alive for the whole year round?” She seemed like she knew a thing or two about the strange structure, perhaps she could elaborate for his ignorance. “Most plants die in the winter. Too cold and all,” he added, waving a dismissive hand. He was hoping that she’d understand why he wasn’t seeing how this magical house the clan had somehow defied the natural cycle of nature.

She introduced herself and her rank, though, the title was given weakly, perhaps bordering on shy or modest. “Miss Crucifix,” he continued from where he had trailed off before. He offered an embarrassed laugh and scratched the back of his neck. “Forgive me, but, the ranks are all still new to me. Should I bow or kiss your hand like a gentleman or something like that? Or is a simply nod of respect okay?” Her rank was important sound-y, and the way she had introduced it only further strengthened that line of thought. Exactly how far up she was though was a mystery to the Tirones. The only thing he did know for sure was that she wasn’t the clan leader; Vicira’s mother held that title.

Hearing that the odd duo were new to Inferni seemed to brighten her spirit a bit, and Shikoba couldn’t help but to grin at her slightly elated expression. He liked this lady so far. She was pretty and nice. She had a calm, sweet aura to her, unlike the spitfire, Vicira, or the dragon-lady, Daeva. “Yeah, I’d be up for a tour. Whad’dya say, Kore? You gonna tag a long too?”

Kore blinked, her long, charcoal-tipped ears twitching as the conversation was suddenly turned to her. Her golden gaze flicked from Shikoba to the Magister and back. “It beats being lost.” The vixen’s eyes narrowed as a smug smile spread along her lips at her verbal jab.

Shikoba made a noise of discontent and sent the fox a glare before returning his attention back to Crucifix. He bowed from the waist, a hand dramatically gesturing for the long-haired woman to go first. “Lead on, Miss Crucifix.”

Re: Show me everything and tell me how

Wed Sep 07, 2016 2:20 pm

Our Faith can move Mountains

It didn't surprise her that the concept of the greenhouse was still new to him. Just telling him what it was wouldn't provide him with the information he was looking for. She gave a small nod, turning her gaze back on the small building, "The greenhouse.. is designed.. to keep.. the plants.. warm all.. year long.. even in.. winter.. but if.. too much.. cold air.. gets in.. then it.. will kill.. the plants.." It was her task to make sure this did not happen during the winter time, and making sure those who wished to take care of the things inside the greenhouse knew how important it was to limit the use of the door when the cold seasons finally came around.

Crucifix wasn't sure how to feel about his comments. There was a chance he was being genuine when he asked them, but there seemed to be a hit of sarcasim. Either way, it would be rude of her not to at least give him some kind of an answer, "Umm.. I guess.. the tilt.. of the.. head is.. enough for.. me.. I suspect.. if you.. tried more.. then my.. mate might.. get upset.." Basilio's anger was no secret to anyone except for newcomers. The more she could deter away from pissing him off, the more progress she would make on correcting this problem.

Still, the topic of the conversation moved away from that and focused on the main point of all this, helping these two get to know their new home better. She gave them another nod as they both agreed to come along with her. She turned away from the greenhouse, turning her attention to the mansion before them, "Well.. no better.. place than.. to start.. around here.. This is.. the mansion.. Many members.. of Inferni.. choose to.. live here.. instead of.. in the.. caves.. Have you.. figured out.. where you.. will be.. living yet..?"

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Re: Show me everything and tell me how

Mon Oct 03, 2016 1:11 pm


I’m such a horrible person for letting this sit for so long ;____; If you want to drop this thread because of how slow I am, I’d understand!<33

He considered her words for a minute, still trying to grasp how it was that the clear-paned house was able to accomplish such a feat. The longer he stared at the structure, the more he was only able to come up with hypotheses rather than any concrete understanding. Its design had an effect somehow; perhaps it was the fact that the sun could be absorbed at all times of the day? He wasn’t sure. In his mind, the lack of anything to insulate from the outside cold meant the inside would surely be cold as well. In the end, he decided that any further investigation would have to wait until the winter months.

The woman’s reply to his question had Shikoba backpedaling. “Oh, my apologies, Miss Crucifix. A nod it is then.” And he gave a nod of respect as if to confirm the gesture he was to give to her.

The last thing he wanted was a confrontation over a silly gesture of politeness. It seemed, whoever her mate was, was likely a possessive individual…either that or an overgrown child. Either way, Shikoba was no homewrecker, and, knowing the Magister before him was taken, would do his best to curve some of his flirting tendencies. Still, that didn’t stop him from putting a compliment where it was due, “He’s a lucky man, your mate, to have a sweet and beautiful woman like you.”

Kore rolled her eyes from her spectator position at the coyotes’ feet.

Crucifix started their tour straight away. The Nizhoni pair were familiar with the mansion, though, only due to Daeva having taken up residence within it. The mention of caves had sparked Shikoba’s interest, and the question that the coyote woman left on allowed for a perfect opportunity to ask about them. “Not yet, no,” Shikoba replied with a shake of his head. I’d prefer somewhere not in the mansion though.” For reasons why, he purposely left out in case the female before him was in league with Daeva.

The fox snickered and flicked her tail, knowing exactly why Shikoba wanted nothing to do with the man-built structure.

There was a curious look in his eyes as he continued, “Where are these caves at, if you wouldn’t mind escorting us?”

“And could you tell us more about them?” Kore piped up. She wanted to make sure the Whiplash wasn’t about to force the Nizhoni group to live it out in some nasty, damp cave for the sake of avoiding Daeva.

Re: Show me everything and tell me how

Tue Oct 18, 2016 11:40 am

Our Faith can move Mountains

Perhaps a bit too modest, but Crucifix didn't see the need for something so over the top when it came to showing respect. Just a nod was enough for her. This also seemed to be the case with Vesper and Cartier, but she didn't dwell on it for too long. There was nothing more to be said on the subject. When state that Basilio was a lucky man to have her, she couldn't help but give a small nod. This wasn't the first time she had heard something like this, though it was a bit worrisome. The gray male was known well for the anger he possessed, and it was her task to try and contain it. Perhaps it was for the best that she be his mate, someone that could understand him and help him through with their faith as guidance.

The brown girl's head moved up to meet with the male's face, noticing the interest when she mentioned the caves, followed up along with his statement of wanting to live somewhere other than the mansion. She couldn't help but let her head tilt slightly. What reason could there have been to just avoid the mansion? Sure there were other places around the area where he could stay that was meant for those who prefered their two-legged form, but it still seemed odd. Even so, she didn't question it. It was not her place to pry for answers he did not feel like giving. Perhaps another time, "Alright.."

Crucifix turned along her feet at his request, giving him another nod, "Of course.. I don't.. mind escorting.. you two.." Green gaze moved down to the smaller of the two, catching the question it provided as well. It seemed better to explain more about them once they arrived. Then they could see for themselves if this was suitable for them or not.

The Magister slowed down her pace a bit as the cave system came into view. Her hand moved up, pointing over to them, "The caves.. are over.. there.. Many of.. our members.. who prefer.. their natural.. forms stay.. here.. but there.. are those.. that prefer.. it even.. to the.. mansion.." She lead them closer to the openings, "Some of.. these are.. already claimed.. by other.. members but.. some of.. them are.. still open.." She knew her brothers to at least be two that lived out here. Their scent was thick around the ones they lived it. It would be best for this tan man to avoid such caves.

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Re: Show me everything and tell me how

Thu Nov 03, 2016 12:10 pm

Let me know if you need faster replies/PM me if you need me to make a post before a certain date to help you make brackets!<3

He tried to ignore how odd his request might have been for the pretty coyote. It was, perhaps, best if she simply thought him a simpleton or superstitious of human-made dwellings. Things were easier that way, and, if she was friends with Daeva, he wouldn’t have to worry about the Dragon Lady having yet another piece of information to riddle him full of holes with when they inevitably saw each other again. So, needless to say, Shikoba was thankful of Crucifix’s politeness to not pry about the matter, and simply accept his answer.

The experienced Infernian led them towards the caves. The Nizhoni pair made an effort to quietly note the route and surrounding features along the way, committing landmarks to memory so that they might be able to find the caves on their own later and do a proper inspection without the awkwardness of wasting someone else’s time. Before long, bits and pieces of rocky formations began to jut out from the ground, and the woods gave way to a more shrub-filled, hilly landscape.

Their escort slowed the tour party, and, as she indicated with a hand, she confirmed Shikoba and Kore’s suspicions that the caves were close. She introduced the neighborhood that had chosen the caves over the mansion, and Shikoba nodded with interest, trying to picture how his friend would like the caves. Dorado was a fair bit more culturized than Shikoba, even if they had come from the same home. Where one Whiplash was happy to roam around au naturel, the other enjoyed dawning himself in clothing and performing tasks that required two hands rather than one’s teeth. It’s probably so he can impress the ladies more… Shikoba considered distractedly as Crucifix took them closer to the various cave openings.

Shikoba placed fisted hands onto his hips as he inspected the housing option, sniffing the air and considering how it would be to return to a cave every night. Kore ventured a little closer than Shikoba, craning her neck as if doing so would allow her a better view of what lied inside the caves’ dark depths. “Any issues you know of with having one of these?” He asked casually over a shoulder. She’s said “many,” so, that left him to think that the caves were decent enough.

“Are there any other places besides the mansion and here?” Kore piped up, her tone indicating that she wasn’t impressed with Shikoba’s decision-making for the Nizhoni group. She sent the coymutt a hard look, as if daring him to keep their tour train stalled where it was. There were other things to see. The caves weren’t going anywhere.

Re: Show me everything and tell me how

Tue Nov 15, 2016 8:08 pm

Our Faith can move Mountains

Crucifix remained quiet while the two newcomers took the time to look over the stone structures. Her own green eyes began to wander around the area, looking for someone in particular. Her brother was know for hanging around here, and any chance she got to see him was a good one. It was a shame that he didn't seem to be around right now. He was probably out taking care of his own things. There would be plenty of other times to see him after all.

The brown girl's head turned back towards the lighter male when he questioned if there were any issues with living here. She paused for a moment, letting her eyes wander around the area in thought. She soon returned to him, offering him a small shrug, "Well.. I suppose.. when it.. rains there.. would be.. a risk.. of flooding.. and a.. risk when.. the snow.. comes.. Other than.. that I.. really can't.. think of.. anything.." There was likely more to it, but her mind could not come up with the answers so quickly.

Then the fox was the next one to prompt her with a question. Crucifix's head turned back in the direction they had come from, "Well.. there is.. also the.. Great Village.. I don't.. know who.. stays there.. but if.. these two.. locations are.. not suitable.. there is.. always that.." Her body began to push forward once again, turning her head back to face the two of them, "I could.. show you.. the village.. if you.. would like.."

More than certain that the man's companion would at least like to see it, she followed along the same path they had traveled before, hoping it would help them to familiarize themselves with the location of the caves and the mansion. Once they came back to the large building, she led them past it, heading along a path to the north west. Once they came to the location, the brown girl paused, gaze forward, "Here we.. are.."

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