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He hummed and nodded, considering what she’d brought up about the possible issues a cave dwelling might have had. Rain, snow, flooding; water in general posed a risk. Though, if the entrance was done right, perhaps such problems could be avoided, to an extent at least. One could only do so much to fight off a flood; living on high ground and away from water to begin with was usually the safest preventive. Still, a cave provided a more sturdy home than, say, a building left over from the time of the humans. Usually, anyway.

Kore was happy to hear there were other viable accommodations to choose from. Shikoba had never been one for fancy things—and a cave probably suited his barbaric tastes anyways—but, there was always a chance that he might decide to upgrade his style of living. The vixen herself had never been pampered with much better during her short life, but, Yama had often spoken quite highly of his living with Daeva in the Mansion, and the fox had been lured by the thought of sophistication.

“That would be lovely,” Kore answered with a nod, her tail flicking contently about her as she looked over her shoulder at Shikoba, who seemed to be in thought. “’Koba,” she yapped, dragging the coymutt out of whatever illusion he might have been in.

His head snapped to the fox, and she pointedly tilted her head towards the Magister. Realizing he was required to speak, Shikoba fumbled, flashing an apologetic smile towards the pretty brunette. “Uh, yes, if it’s not out of your way, we’d appreciate the continued tour.”

The coyote woman showed them the way, taking the route they’d used before. The newcomers were thankful for it, as it helped ingrain the path in their head on how things were laid out in the territory, and where they were in placement to one another. They arrived at the Mansion once more before Crucifix lead them off into a different direction. The journey was a forward as the one she’d taken them on previously, with little twists or turns to the route so that the pair got as clear of a understanding of how they’d come to arrive at their final living destination.

Upon their arrival though, both were a little surprised at what they saw. With the words “great” and “village” put together, the Nizhoni dwellers had thought it to be a place similar to the home they’d left months before. Tents, corrals, something close to the land and spread out. In actuality, there really wasn’t much to it. A barn, a corral, and one lonely building.

Shikoba looked around skeptically. “Ain’t much ‘village’—ow!” He murmured, hissing as the fox nipped his calf. The Tirones gave the vixen a sour look, only to have it returned with a chastising glare. He crouched down, rubbing out the stinging sensation from Kore’s teeth. All the while, he looked between Crucifix and the residential area.

“Is this where the horses will be kept, I guess?” He inquired, nodding to the large, fenced pen nearby. Wind and Thunder would be right terrors if forced to socialize with unfamiliar horses.

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Green eyes moved around their new location as they came to it. The name it held really didn't suit it. Perhaps that was one of the reasons Crucifix did not come out here that often, aside from there was nothing for her to do out here. Her head turned around to the sound of the male's voice before it was interrupted by the fox. She didn't understand why it had gotten upset with the male. Still, she wouldn't want to push it and make the animal more upset than she already was. She let them look around the area on their own, here for them in case they had any other questions.

One happened to come up in regards to the horses. It was not a subject the magister was good at discussing, mostly because she really didn't know that much about them. She at least knew what the corral was from Basilio's only lesson to her as well as the stables, but beyond what he had told her, she knew nothing. Green gaze drifted over the fenced in area before she shook her head gently, "I am.. not sure.. possibly.. I know.. that a.. lot of.. the horses.. are kept.. in the.. stables next.. to the.. mansion.." It was possible some were lead out here to this open area, but the lack of knowledge kept her from making a confident answer.

The brown girl wasn't sure what more there was to show the two of them. These were the only locations she knew that could be claimed for residence. There had to be more there, but she knew not of where they were. She looked over both of them before speaking up again, "We should.. probably head.. back.. or I.. can go.. if you.. two wish.. to continue.. to look.. around.. I will.. be at.. the mansion.. if you.. still have.. more questions.. for me.." She stood, waiting to hear from them before making her way back home.

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Shikoba’s head nodded slowly as the Magister as she admitted her lack of knowledge on the matter, “I see.” He’d figured from her status, she might know, but, if she had little knowledge of the subject of the clan’s horses, there wasn’t much he could fault her for. If she didn’t know, she didn’t know. If nothing else, he could probably ask Daeva--when he found the nerve to approach the Dragon woman--or, he could seek out where Vicira might be and pester her about it.

As he looked over the open fenced area, the assumption he’d made seemed very plausible. There was plenty of room for a few horses to roam and socialize without it being too crowded or suffocating. There also looked to be a few troughs nearby, giving a good indicator that the pen was at least used for livestock at one point or another.

Still, it was good to note that there were stables nearby the mansion as well.

An ear flickered to the pretty coyote woman when she spoke again. She dismissed herself, either because it was the end of the tour or because she felt the need for the two Nizhoni members to deliberate about their housing options. Shikoba inclined his head to her politely, “We’ll probably stick around for a bit and let Miss Priss here nitpick everything.” He thumbed rudely to the fox who sent him a brief glare. He smiled handsomely. “Thanks for showin’ us around though, Miss Crucifix.” He said, offering a wave in goodbye at the woman's retreating back.

The vixen offering the woman a nod of her own, patiently waiting for their guide to leave them before turning and giving Shikoba a piece of her mind. The coymutt merely laughed, eager to start deciding on new place they Nizhoni group would call "home."

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