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A single thread in a tapestry, though it's color brightly shines
Can never see it's purpose in the pattern of the grand design.

Crucifix tilted her head up, green eyes resting on the golden male just long enough to see the smile along his face. It was the first time a wolf had ever done something like that. It wasn't even natural for this one, one who seemed so intimidating as well as pessimistic. She couldn't help but give him a small one of her own back. He was right. Their faith was their belief. As long as they believed in the words that were true to the holy texts, they would still be strong. She could not allow doubt to cloud her. Silently she thanked the golden man for his help, even if it wasn't his intention. He would probably be happy to be rid of her, but he opened her eyes, more than he knew.

And then the mood changed. Their smiles had faded, and the truth behind it all rang loudly in her ears. The Lord never commanded him to harm another. Any action he committed against another was of his own choice. Then what of her and the rest of her family? All their life they were taught that the Lord gave them the mission of freeing the wolves from their sins. Now she saw it. Their were being led by lies. Their eyes had been clouded, but her's could see the light, and they shined brighter than ever before.

Her ears fell down, but she stepped closer to him, once again trying to bring her gaze up to the one eyed wolf, "Thank you.. for everything.. I know.. you probably.. didn't mean.. to help.. a coyote.. like me.. but you did.." She lowered her head to him. There was no shame in her mind of showing respect to this shared man of faith. She soon raised it back up, turning back towards home, "I know.. you must.. be sick.. of me.. by now.. I will.. return home.. and spread.. a new.. word on.. our faith.. Please.. be safe.."

We can probably end it with one more reply from you Raze. +300 words.

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