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all around the mulberry bush

Fri Aug 26, 2016 11:35 am

She tried to tiptoe around the belongings of her parents and big, foul-mouthed aunt, but lacked the tiny feet to do such a thing; having such cumbersome puppy feet made being sneaky incredibly hard, which she would later consider "unfair" (since big paws were not an issue that her pops and daddy had to deal with). When something toppled over, she let out a large snuffle, shooting a wayward glance behind her to make sure no one else had heard the commotion. Of course, it was the middle of the day – so the wariness wasn't really necessary.

Sneaking around wasn't fun if it wasn't breaking the rules, though.

Orole! Her brother's name, or nickname as it were, came out garbled. She had to correct it, calling out a louder (much louder), OREO! once she'd passed through the door frame of the room they shared with their parents. Her tail wriggled and she put her nose against her front paws, mimicking the cats that killed the mansion's mice before they pounced. Her eyes darted side to side, seeking the orange fur of her brother in her periphery. Where you? she wondered, voice muffled against the furry toes that she had pressed against the floor.

Midday, D'Neville Mansion! [wc: 210]

Re: all around the mulberry bush

Fri Aug 26, 2016 4:02 pm

Kiki table for Kiki thread <3

The pages smelled like dust and the scent tickled his nose. Even now he twitched his whiskers at it, a mud colored forepaw planted on the opposite page holding the book open. It was old, he thought. And not just older than him. Like, old old, older than Meemaw, even. The pages were all wrinkly and yellow. He thought, at first, that someone had peed on it- and maybe they had. Even so, that was a lot of pee. It wasn't, though. It didn't smell like pee, and his nose was always right.

He stared at the open page, his nose nearly touching as he tried to make sense of all the tiny shapes and weird symbols. He couldn't make them out no matter how hard he tried or how long he looked. He just didn't understand. How could Daddy make sense of them and not him? So, he wasn't a grown-up, big deal. He was smart like one, but still the shapes made no more sense than they had a moment ago. He frowned, and then he heard her...and then everybody heard her. He slumped over the book dramatically. Now he'd never figure it out!

Oriole loved his sister, he did, but she was just so, so loud and destructive and trouble. Most of all she was trouble, either getting into it or causing it. And he, not Papa, not Daddy, not even their new sister Serenity, he- Oriole was her usual target. Go a'way! He said into the spine of the book his voice muffled by the thick weathered pages. He was still slumped over it, or more so splayed. His face was in the book, his legs sticking out from his body, and belly on the floor.

He didn't look up at her, just laid there as if doing so would make her disappear and find someone else to bother. As if... It was a nice thought, though.

Oriole de l'Or
Image © Henry T. McLin; coded by Kiki.

Re: all around the mulberry bush

Tue Aug 30, 2016 7:32 pm

Did it matter to little Magpie that the entire manor could hear her when she screamed so loudly? Not at all. All that mattered was that it helped her to find her brother, who was currently missing from her immediate sight – something that had to be rectified immediately. Still pretending to be a cat, she inched forward, her ears perked up. Listening.


There it was! The voice of Oriole de l'Or, orange littermate to the little Magpie, came muffled to her ears, stating clearly enough that he didn't want to see her. Didn't want to see her? Piffle. With energy, she bounded forward, finding him with his face pressed into the center of an old book with nasty yellow pages. He seemed more interested in it than she could ever be, and she had no idea why. It wasn't pretty, it wasn't fun, it didn't sparkle in the sunlight – those were the best toys, the ones that sparkled. They made fairy dots on the walls that she could chase.

She neared him on her oversized paws, trotting along and then lowering herself once more to his level. Why was he hiding from her? It must be a game; after all, he couldn't really mean he wanted her to go away. She was so much fun!

Going along with this assumption, she reached out her foot and planted it on one of his orange ears. Hidin'! No hidin', demanded the darker of the two, her nose snuffling at his face as if to make sure that he was who she knew he was. He smelled like Oriole. He was soft and orange like Oriole. He was hiding in a book like Oriole might... But it never hurt to be sure; maybe there was another puppy that looked exactly like him!

It'd explain his lacking desire to see her; after all, she was so much fun.

[wc: 323]
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