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Cesare and Agapito, along with their cows and wares, had been in Saint John a couple of days now, setting up a base amongst the long forgotten markets of the city. They had tidied out one of the shops, creating make-shift beds and storing their perishables in a cool storage room they had found in the back of the store, then got to work building a fence around the grassy areas of the square, using salvaged wood and materials, so the cows could graze freely in their temporary pen.

Credo che sia giunto il momento mi esplorare il nostro ambiente , vedere se posso iniziare a fare i collegamenti per avviare il commercio Cesare remarked, watching the cows mill about as Agapito tied two posts together. The elder Valentinois bastard nodded his understanding, but continued to focus on his work. Cesare did not bother to pay the older Luperci any mind as he was known for his silent, brooding moods, and approached Dena, the more agreeable of his brown and black Rendena Cows. Tieing a rope loosely about her neck he guided her out of the pen, leaving Louise ("fondly" named after his half-sister) in the care of Agapito as his elder third cousin continued to work setting up a temporary stall in the worn down market near King's Square.

The Italian youth enjoyed the long walk out of the city and into the countryside, enjoying the air as it freshened outside of the city limits - although he suspected the air remained claustrophic only around his distant cousin as there was no longer much human pollution left in the cities. A light fall breeze accompanied them on their walk, Cesare absentmindedly tickling Dena beneath her soft chin as she tried to lip at his fingers.

They made it past a river on an old bridge, following the path of what once could have been a road but had been taken over by the nature that surrounded it, headed towards a mountain that was not far off in the distance. Cesare was sure to bring some supplies, knowing he might be gone travelling for a few days, walking for over eight hours without sign of another the Italian settled in for a night, waking up early the next day to continue his trek North, growing nearer to the mountain. Cesare spotted a glint of unnatural green on the side of the path, mostly covered by bushes and trees, and guided Dena towards it, pushing away the overgrowth to a reveal a sign that read "Mount Oromocto". He paused and stretched, they had been walking for another half-day and the sun was at its height, and although the tree cover provided some shade it was growing warmer.

Hai bisogno di una pausa Dena? he asked the cow, guiding her off the path towards a pool of water that was not far off, peeling his cotton shirt off of his back and kneeling before it to splash his face and neck while Dena took a long drink.

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Azolia had begun her rounds early that morning, following a southerly wind down through the packlands and further along from there, until she'd wound somewhere abreast Sapient's southwestern borders.

Noon had fallen since then, and Azolia had retreated into a jungly thicket in order to escape the heat. She picked her way through the underbrush, carefully maneuvering about the roots and shrubbery as she tried to pick up upon the trail once more. As the Novus turned round a bend, a disturbance in the forest-sound caught her attention.

She froze. It was a man's voice, murmuring something incomprehensible from just a little way's off. The Sapien approached with caution, peering out at the pair from her patch of wood. She considered them for a moment; first the merchant, and then his companion.

Ultimately, her curiosity won out, and Azolia stepped out onto the path, cutting the duo a generous swath. A bramble snagged at the wolfdog's wrist as she did this, and she backed full out of the wood with a yelp of surprise.

Hello? Azolia called out, picking away at the tangle of briars along her forearm. She was quite grateful for the distance, then, else the youth might have found herself shamefaced within the ruddy Italian's proximity.

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They have followed the scent trail for days, maybe even weeks, resting only sparingly for food and sleep, in fear of losing their only possible lead to the whereabouts of their parents.

And yet, despite their haste, they have lost the trail entirely after a particularly bad rainstorm washed the scent away, and the freezing rain forced them to take shelter within a small cave.

Now, awakened by the sound of the cackling embers of the dying fire and a bad dream, Argus decided to use the time he had to check over his gear while his brother slept.

Most of his armor held on surprisingly well, thanks to the layer of grease he had remembered to apply before the journey away from his scorched homeland. Still, there were still areas where the rain managed to penetrate the protective layer, leaving dark splotches here and there.

After making sure that everything is in working order, he walked over to his brother, Thaddeus, hoping to wake him up. But no matter what Argus tried, the Secui remained asleep.

Argus sighed. He understood that the journey was tiring, more so to his brother, as he did most of the hunting and heavy work, and not to mention that it is extremely exhausting to stay in Secui form. But they still had to see if they could locate the scent trail, no matter how impossible that could be, and failing that, scout out the area for a relative long term stay until they could figure out where to go next.

After a bit of hesitation, Argus decided to go and search for the trail without his brother, leaving behind a poorly scribbled note for the sleeping wolf explaining his whereabouts. He then donned his attire and stepped out into the early morning sunlight.

It was already midday when Argus finally managed a rudimentary sweep of the area. The scents here are confusing at best- with unfamiliar scents clouding the area, he was unable to find the original trail they were following anymore.

By that time, the sun had already risen and was boring directly down on the poor Luperci, slowly cooking him within his armor. Argus continued the search persistently, trying his best to ignore the heat, but eventually, he too was forced to back down and retreated under the shades of an oak tree.

He was about to take a drink out of his water skin when he heard a voice speaking in the distance, using a dialect he was not familiar with. Without any training in linguistics or etymology, he wasn't able to discern the meaning of what the voice was saying.

Despite that, it was the first sign of intelligent life he had encountered within this new and obscure land. If he manage to conquer the language barrier with the stranger though, he might even find out more about the area, and maybe the stranger would have seen Argus's pack crossing the area as well!

But before he could introduce himself, another Luperci stepped out of the treeline and spoke in perfect English to the stranger.

Argus certainly wasn't expecting so much people, and so, erring on the side of caution, he decided to stay within the treeline to observe the interaction between the two. Maybe he might even obtain useful information this way without having to show himself at all, which might be the best, as he didn't really want to interact with the strangers within this land unless absolutely necessary. Who knows if they were anti-outsiders? Argus's parents would be furious if he found anyone trespassing on the family's grounds.

He checked every aspect that might give himself away to the two Luperci. He was standing upwind to them, so his scent won't be easily noticed. The tree he was standing at was large enough to hide his presence, and the sun isn't in a position to project a shadow that might announce his presence.

Confident that his hiding position was secure, Argus stepped forward and strained his ears to hear the conversation... Only to trip on a tree root, losing his balance and falling forward directly onto the open ground.

Apparently, after considering the more advanced aspects of eavesdropping, he had simply forgotten to check for any obstacles on the ground.

Quickly scampering onto his feet, he looked at the two other, no doubt surprised, Luperci and said.

"Uhh... Hello?"

Trying to salvage whatever respect he had left, he decided to move quickly to another topic.

"How may I address you two?"
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Dena was still drinking her fill, and Cesare was sprawled out next to the water, with his elbow propped on the ground and head resting on it when his attention was grabbed when a yelp rang out in the otherwise quiet and damp afternoon. A feeble "Hello?" was called out which Cesare's cow Dena dutifully ignored. Cesare got up, dusting off his breeches, so he could be more fully in sight of the girl, but before he could call back out in greeting when a series of thumps and the snap of a root behind him caught his attention.

A much larger male had tripped out of hiding and Cesare couldn't help but smile at how ridiculous it was that so many strangers were clumsily being revealed from hiding. Are there any more of you? The Italian asked with a rich chuckle, looking back to see the young girl, upon noticing the other male, scurrying back into the woods and back into hiding or to her home in the distance.

With a shrug Cesare turned back to the other man with a quick bow. Greetings, my name is Cesare dei Cattanei, but Cesare will do just fine. He smiled amiably, getting bumped about softly as his large cow moved out from behind him to start grazing on some nearby grass, pointedly obliviously to the stranger. What may I call you? The reddish wolfdog asked in return, tilting his head questioningly.

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Sorry I took so long to reply. The change of weather has drained my energy and muse. :( Also Azolia has been dropped, so she is no longer an active character. I will do some slight PP to have her leave, hopefully Shiloh is okay with it!
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OOC: Sorry if this sounds off. I think most of my muse is wasted on school essays and compositions, and to add to that, distractions keeps popping up whenever I want to finish this. And so now I'm typing this in about 4 AM around here. I will try to revise it tomorrow and see if I can get it more polished, but for now this would have to do.
Now, please do enjoy seeing how irrationally paranoid Argus could get.
"Ah... I'm sorry if I have startled you. I'm just curious about these lands, and I hope to glean more information from the conversation that you and the missus over there would be having..."

Argus paused mid-sentence as he spoke of the unnamed girl, looking at the bush that the luperci was previously standing at. It was certainly strange that said girl would leave so abruptly, and the faint whiff of dog around the woods just made him more and more suspicious...

Were the two strangers dispatched here, so far from home, just to recapture him and his brother? That would explain the girl's sudden leave. Maybe the stranger in front of him was simply stalling for time, while the girl went to get more reinforcements?

The mere thought of this caused his hand to slide subconsciously towards the hilt of the blade slung on his belt. He had trained this with his parents for countless times already. After drawing the blade, he would immediately step forward, cutting a wide arc and hopefully incapacitating or killing his opponent in the first strike with one clean stroke. If that wouldn't do, he would simply have to use his cloak as a shield. He does have the added bonus of his armor, and his opponent doesn't seems to be armed at all...

Argus shook his head slightly, clearing his mind of the various analyses of the imaginary battle that raged within, just in time in fact, as he was already halfway to drawing the saber that was hidden slightly by his cloak. Immediately, with a quick flick of his hand, Argus turned what was supposed to be a quick draw into an inconspicuous brush, dusting off the dust and mud that managed to cling on his armor after his little fall.

He was absolutely shocked, nay, thunderstruck, at the notion of considering an unarmed individual a threat. That was not like him before. Maybe the days of travelling has indeed taken its toll on him, and he was being more paranoid than usual.

Either way, he might as well play along with the stranger first. Maybe he could give him some information about this new piece of land. And maybe even directions as to where his parents may have gone.

Realizing that he had lost himself in his thoughts and kept the stranger waiting, Argus spoke up once again, extending a hand at the stranger for him to shake, as it was the norm back at his homelands.

"It's an absolute pleasure to meet you, Cesare. My name is Argo Wilks, but my friends likes to calls me Argus." While the stranger seems nice enough, it might be best not to let him know of his family name yet. "As I said, I'm quite new around here. We are planning to stay here for quite a while though, and so I would like to know a bit about these lands. I have picked up quite a lot of unique scents while I'm exploring around here actually, so are there any packs around here? Are you in one?" He asked, genuinely curious.
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