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P. Thiago

POSTED: Sat Feb 04, 2017 4:55 pm

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"Hm?" Milos hummed, glancing up from where he carelessly tossed the folded leather wallet. Logan immediately ran after it, relishing the taste and feel of old leather between his needle-point fangs. He looked at Thiago and smiled broadly, flicking his wrist dismissively. "En't no bother, Thiago," he replied cheerfully. "Reckon this's part'a bein' in a pack." He offered the tawny man a wink and gestured for him to follow out of the building and into the next, calling out for Logan to join them.

While Thiago searched one part of the building, Milos and Logan searched another. Logan had brought the leather wallet with him, dropping it every now and then to investigate a nook or cranny before returning to gnaw on it again. Faded plastic cards and a few pictures faded beyond recognition fell and scattered across the room when the puppy shook and tosses it playfully. Milos smiled at his son's antics, glad that at least he was having a good time when he and Thiago seemed to continue to come up empty handed in their efforts at scavenging.

When the new Krokaran lifted his hand and waved an item in his direction, Milos looked up and squinted curiously at it. It looked to Milos like a horse. He grinned and nodded. Logan skittered towards where Thiago stood and lifted his upper body up, paws supporting his balance by resting on a solid vertical surface, in order to get a better view. "What is it? I wanna see it!" But Milos came to Thiago's rescue, shooing his curious son away and taking the toy in his hands. "Seems so," he replied with a laugh. "Thank ya, Thiago. Might be they'll just chew it t' pieces but I reckon they'll have fun doin' it."

Since there wasn't anything else of note that he could find in this building, and light was quickly fading, Milos collected his son and thanked Thiago again for the toy. "Outta be gettin' back t' Fiskebyn now, though," he told the man, waiting a moment for him to either join them or return to scavenging if he chose, before he turned and headed back to the village.

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